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Review Dony Mask Sterilized Cloth - Solution for Epidemic, Environmental Pollution

Dony Mask sterile cloth mask - gives you the safest choice!

In this era of environmental pollution and raging epidemics, masks are always considered a human inseparable. Job wear the mask Not only is it a way to protect yourself, but it is also an action that helps prevent the spread of disease. However, how to choose a mask to ensure the safest for health? This article will share the opinion of a reader about Dony brand masks.

As a wife and mother, I always want to take care of the most for my family members. From meals, sleep to daily activities of my husband and children are carefully prepared.

Review Dony Mask Sterilized Face Mask - Solution for Epidemic, Environmental Pollution - - Brand Dony Mask | sterilized cloth mask 3

In particular, since the onset of the epidemic, his health concerns have been increasing. Meals are always designed with various nutrition, sports activities are improved and hygiene is always on top priority. This time, the issue I care about most is which mask to use which is safe?

After many times queuing up to buy medical masks, then realizing the harmful effects of using this type of masks too much will affect the environment, I return to the traditional cloth masks.

However, traditional cloth masks again not anti-bacterial, waterproof and dustproof well. Especially, on the market at that time (in April and April), many lines appeared "Antimicrobial" fabric mask with all kinds of classes and all kinds of prices in the sky. So I have spent a lot of time to learn and filter out the most reputable names on the market. Finally, the sterilized cloth mask of the Dony brand is the choice I am most satisfied with. And I want to review clearly about this product so that many people will have a clearer view of the type of sterilized cloth mask.

About the Dony apparel brand

Dony is a prestigious brand specializing in manufacturing uniforms, fashion and export products in Ho Chi Minh City. However, only after starting producing antibacterial masks during the Covid season, this should be better known to domestic users. I also only understood this brand when I accidentally watched the show Business life of HTV9. This is one of the few exporters that meets the standards of the Middle East market.

Review Dony Mask Sterilized Face Mask - Solution for Epidemic, Environmental Pollution - - Brand Dony Mask | sterilized cloth mask 5Certificate of Dony Mask sterile cloth mask

How is Dony fabric mask made?

Through the process of use and find out, I know Dony's face masks is composed with 3 clear layers:

  • Outer layer: Water resistant 100%. I tried pouring water on this layer and seeing Very good waterproofing.
  • Middle layer: Filter ultrafine dust particles, filter micro-bacteria and other agents enter the nose and mouth.
  • Innermost layer: Antibacterial 99% (prevent bacteria from infiltrating and developing, especially from their own saliva, avoiding the odor when wearing a mask). I myself feel this innermost layer is very soft and airy so it is quite comfortable to wear.

Review Dony Mask Sterilized Face Mask - Solution for Epidemic, Environmental Pollution - - Brand Dony Mask | sterilized cloth mask 7Structure of sterilized Dony Mask masks

In terms of fashion, as far as I know Dony has 2 lines of masks: White and black, But my whole family uses white to limit the absorption of sunlight.

The strap of this mask line has good elasticity and is quite soft so it does not hurt the ear. Especially they come in many different sizes so from children to adults can use.

What are you most satisfied about Dony cloth masks?

I have only known and experienced for nearly 2 months. However, this line of masks gives me a lot of surprises:

  • Price: I bought it online through a reseller, about 115k / 5 pieces. Calculating one is only 23k - compared to the "foreign" masks, I trust Vietnamese goods more.
  • Reputation: Dony brand quite reputable and Dony's antibacterial cloth masks have met many rigorous testing standards (of both Vietnam and Europe). Therefore, in terms of prestige and product quality, I believe absolutely.
  • Safety for health: According to his investigation then Dony's mask In addition to being manufactured according to the standard process, after the packaging stage, the entire mask will be Sterilized by EO gas. bacteria, no need to wash like other cloth masks. So, they are also very convenient to take with you.
  • Reuse: I have used it for about 2 months, I washed it over and over 20 times and still see the mask used very well (the antibacterial level I do not know, but the anti-drop and feeling of use remain the same. First). About this clause, I have to use more times to confirm it (because according to the commitment information, it is used up to 60 times). But the other cloth masks I wash about 10 times have the smell of fabric and the strap is stretched already, so I'm still very satisfied with Dony's face masks.

Review Dony Mask Sterilized Face Mask - Solution for Epidemic, Environmental Pollution - - Brand Dony Mask | sterilized cloth mask 9High resistance to water, antibacterial and washing

In particular, apart Use standard materials, I was also impressed with Dony mask about the packaging. Each mask is contained in a primary plastic bag - this kind of packaging is not very eye-catching, but ensures the safety of the medical standard - very high aseptic standards.

Usage tips: I usually do not wash masks in the washing machine, just wrinkle while washing with clothes. Instead, I wash my hands and dry in the sun to make sure it's dry without wrinkling the mask. This way of washing, I think will keep the durability and aesthetics more for the mask, so you can pay attention.

Hopefully the sharing of your experience can help you feel more secure when choosing Dony cloth mask - a Vietnamese mask brand that is both safe for health, reusable and safe. Extremely affordable!

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