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Top 5 Establishments for Sewing Uniforms, Embroidery Embroidery T-shirts In Bac Lieu

Uniforms are considered the brand image of an enterprise, organization, company ... because it not only brings beauty and professionalism but also a cultural characteristic for businesses and companies. there. Therefore, the sewing of uniforms should be focused, so that they are both aesthetic and reach the best quality of use.

With the article below Topnlist would like to introduce to you Address sewing uniforms, printed T-shirt embroidery Bac Lieu Along with the note to own the best uniform pattern offline.

Facility Sewing, Embroidery, Printing T-shirts In Bac Lieu

1. Vinh Thinh Textile workshop

Vinh Thinh Textile Workshop is a unit specializing in making uniforms for students, students, offices, ... with designs, uniform styles, Good quality and affordable price.

garment factory, printing and printing T-shirtsVinh Thinh sewing factory

The products of this unit are always highly appreciated by the carefully selected fabric, each extremely delicate, fashionable seam that makes the product different in quality. From there, bring comfort and convenience to customers. If you need to make uniforms, this will be a good suggestion that you should not ignore.

Contact information:

  • Address: 75 Trần Huỳnh, Khóm 7, Phường 1, Bắc Liêu
  • Phone: 0913.631.059

2. Dony garment processing workshop: More than 30 years of experience specializing in sewing, printing, embroidery uniform clothes, T-shirts, workwear

For those who hope to own the uniform, the T-shirt is comfortable, cool, and also unique, creating a special feature for their business or organization, contact immediately. Dony Please. This is one of the units specializing in sewing and printing quality T-shirts, Low price and fast delivery in Bac Lieu trusted by customers.

garment factory, printing and printing T-shirtsDony T-shirt printing workshop

Dony specializes in producing uniforms for companies, enterprises, teams such as offices, spas, hotels, restaurants, PGs, supermarkets, cafes, gyms, protective gear, security, students, ...

Quality, reputation, professionalism Dony's is evidenced by the large partners such as Honda Vietnam, Toyota, Cho Lon electrical system nationwide ... trusting to choose.

Top 5 Apparel Sewing, T-shirt Print and Embroidery In Bac Lieu - - Bac Lieu | Dony International Joint Stock Company | Vinh Thinh Textile and Garment Factory 10Price list for sewing uniforms, printing T-shirts in Dony

The reason Dony is appreciated by many customers:

  • Original price from the factory save 20% cost.
  • Guaranteed quality products about sweat absorbency, fabric durability, color, hypoallergenic, ...
  • Can meet the stringent requirements from customers such as color mixing or mixing a variety of fabrics together, ...
  • Free design, make samples (many sizes) and send free samples nationwide.
  • Commitment to the real product on the beautiful standard form as the sample, the new quality products to pay
  • Get uniform sewing, embroidery package printing from raw materials to finished embroidery printing products to Delivery quickly.
  • Transparent and clear quotes.
  • There is a commitment regime 100% refund Quality assurance and on time
  • Reviewed appreciated for service attitude and product quality.

garment factory, printing and printing T-shirtsQuality certificate at Dony

However, when ordering at this unit you should note, Dony only takes orders with quantities over 30 units. If interested, please contact the way below for advice and see more impressive designs offline.

Contact information:

  • Sample workshop & Office: 142/4 Bau Cat 2, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, HCM
  • Sewing workshop: 355/23 Tân Hóa canal, Tân Phú, HCM
  • Embroidery workshop: 8 New Steel, Tan Binh, HCM
  • Phone: 1900.9449 - 0985.310.123
  • Website: -
  • Email:


The note needed to own the beautiful, quality uniform pattern:

Model, color

You can depending on the characteristics of the industry, the work of the business, your organization to choose the appropriate uniform pattern and color.

For example, young and dynamic working environments can choose outstanding colors such as red, yellow, orange, ... The environment needs to be serious, polite and professional, you can choose white gamut, black and white, red white, blue, ... Each color has its own symbolic meaning, so find out before you choose.

Top 5 Apparel Sewing, T-shirt Print and Embroidery In Bac Lieu - - Bac Lieu | Dony International Joint Stock Company | Vinh Thinh Textile and Garment Factory 13

Logo printing on uniform company shirt

Logo printing can be a bit costly, but it will be a great advertising and branding tool.

Suitable for all company employees

A beautiful uniform, first of all, must match the entire company staff. It is impossible for one person but not for the other. Because this is the image of the company, both to promote and to increase solidarity among employees. So it is necessary to create a unity for the whole.

Airy and comfortable

Attention should be paid to the choice of uniform material to bring the Airy, confident and most comfortable for the wearer. As a result, productivity and quality of work will also be greatly improved.

Choose a reputable uniform tailor

Choosing a reputable uniform sewing unit will help your business ensure the above factors and ownership Quality products, with high aesthetic Best. Besides, reputable units with many years of experience will advise you on the best solutions for your business. Especially the price of these units is also very affordable.

To own a uniform pattern, a quality T-shirt, a cultural or monopoly of the business, the organization depends a lot on design. So please consider when choosing the unit sewing uniforms, embroidered T-shirts for your company. Hopefully the information that Topnlist provided above will be useful for readers.

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  1. Luckily, is Dony ordering online or why? If so, then choose some vs design requirements? Is it all online?

  2. Those who want to make shirt or vest uniforms can consult Trong Sy garment shop in Bac Lieu city. This place I have sewed once and then are very beautiful

    1. You can refer to these parties, I see good quality sewing dony, the public price is clearly worth a try.

  3. I need to order spa uniforms, which side should I sew? Everyone who has experience can give me an opinion

    1. I ordered Dony Spa uniforms, but they have to receive 30 or more of them> if you want to order less, you must look elsewhere.

      1. If the sample is not too detailed, then Dony may be ok. And if there are many details about this pattern, I think to choose some famous garment shops.

  4. Bac Lieu has a lot of places to receive ok uniforms. But it's small, so you probably don't have much information. Those who are lucky with small quantity and want to be cheap, ask a few small shops

  5. Whoever sews clothes at Dony then let me comment. I find the information is quite professional, but the order is too large to dare to order online

    1. This side sewn exports so it's very reputable, you can feel secure. Durable fabric quality, no color or ruffled feathers, the form is also very respectful. Even though they order online, they still have a clear contract. If you sew more than 500 items, they can tailor your sample. If there is a wrong or late appointment, they guarantee the payment so you do not have to worry. I have sewed here a few times, each time is ok

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