Top 3 Training Schools with the Most Concerned Mi Students in District 1

Eyes are considered "windows of the soul" and a thick, curved lashes is the most important point that helps the "window" that attracts the eyes of the opposite person as well as makes your face more beautiful. , have more highlights. However, not everyone owns a beautiful natural eyebrow and makeup, putting on fake eyelashes every day is too time-consuming. That's why eyelash extensions was born to meet the beauty needs of women.

The Top 3 Eyelash Training Schools That Attract The Most Students In District 1 - The Eyelash Extension Training School in District 1 - Jennie Brows Academy | Miss Tram Academy | Wings Lashes Center 1

Eyelash extensions is the beauty need of many women

As the demand is increasing, the manpower needed for this industry is increasing, many people have chosen eyelash extensions as their main job for their income. However, not everyone can become a professional eyelash extensions technician when choosing the wrong apprenticeship locations. Because, too many training centers are opened with uncontrolled quality.

Today, Topnlist will recommend to you - those who want to become a professional eyelash extension technician in the top 3 eyelash extensions training school which attracts the most students in District 1 for you to consult and choose the most appropriate one.


Refer to the List of Top Quality Training School in Mi 1 in District 1, which attracts the most students today.

1. Miss Tram Academy (Miss Tram Academy)

With over 17 years of experience in the training industry, Miss Tram Academy with the knowledge, love and enthusiasm in teaching will help students build a solid knowledge base, develop their career through the natural beauty techniques, professional aesthetics. In addition to professional skills, students are also trained in practical practice through the teacher's extensive work experience that is not available anywhere.

Training school teaches eyelashes in District 1 hcm quality reputationTrainees are practicing at Miss Tram Miss Eyelash Academy

Join the Eyelash extensions - Eyelash Extensions course at Miss Tram Academy, you will be trained by experienced professionals in the industry who directly train, guide and share knowledge and experience in work progress.

Coming to the course at Miss Tram, what will you get?

  • Understand the growth principles and characteristics of eyelashes.
  • How to analyze, shape the eyelashes in accordance with each person's face,
  • The knowledge about artificial eyelashes: curl, thickness, length of eyelashes so that it is suitable and safe for eyes
  • The most modern eyelash extensions technique: Classic, eyelash extension, eyelash extension, eyelash extensions one by one, .. Especially you will be fluent in 3D eyelash extensions (angel), eyelash extensions. Sexy black rose (sexy) is currently the most popular,
  • Master the techniques of eyelash extensions 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, ...
  • Proficient in eyelash dyeing, eyelash extension, eyelash extension,
  • Know how to remove eyelashes.
  • Know how to coordinate mi color and care the most standard mi.
  • Having knowledge of customer advice before and after eyelash extensions, crisis handling skills with customers during the operation.
  • Usage and storage of equipment, materials used in eyelash extensions.

The Top 3 Eyelash Training Schools That Attract The Most Students In District 1 - The Eyelash Extension Training School in District 1 - Jennie Brows Academy | Miss Tram Academy | Wings Lashes Center 4

Master Dong Bao Tram (CEO of Miss Tram) is taking the exam

In addition to the basic to advanced knowledge base, we will serve well in the practice process as well as develop more with the profession. When attending the course at Miss Tram Academy, the benefits that you receive as:

  • Sponsored all machinery and equipment throughout the course
    Trained according to an international standard curriculum with the participation of famous experts in Spa and Beauty industry
  • Sponsored model practice for free
  • Examination for vocational certificates issued by the Vietnam National Administration of Vocational Training is valid throughout the country
  • Miss Tram Academy organizes classes on demand for students preparing to exit, urgently need to open shops, overseas Vietnamese to return home, study in groups, tutoring, online learning, studying for degrees - certificates, ...
  • You can request to teach in a variety of languages in Vietnamese, English and Chinese
  • Classes at Miss Tram Academy regularly open, diverse schedules

The Top 3 Eyelash Training Schools That Attract The Most Students In District 1 - The Eyelash Extension Training School in District 1 - Jennie Brows Academy | Miss Tram Academy | Wings Lashes Center 6

Graduates at Miss Tram Academy

Eyelash Extensions - Curling Lashes at Miss Tram Academy Are committed to many jobs, as well as ensure teaching until you are proficient and confident with your skills. This is the commitment that Miss Tram Academy sends you showing the quality of teaching here.


2. Shadow Eyelash Academy - Wings Academy

Known as the first eyelash extensions center in Ho Chi Minh City by Australian technology. Wings Lashes bring customers unique eyelash extensions experience with excellent quality. And the Academy of eyelash extensions - Wings Academy was born to meet the needs of learning, pursuing a passion for eyelash extensions in general and students who want to become shadow eyelash artists in particular.

The Top 3 Eyelash Training Schools That Attract The Most Students In District 1 - The Eyelash Extension Training School in District 1 - Jennie Brows Academy | Miss Tram Academy | Wings Lashes Center 8

Photos of the Academy Wings eyelash extensions

Wings Academy always attracts a large number of students because of the following outstanding advantages:

  • To learn to try before registering for a real study.
  • Sponsored all tools & practice samples throughout the learning process.
  • Classes 6-8 students, teachers closely "1 to 1", ensuring hard workmanship.
  • Method of learning 20% Theory, Practice directly on real sample 80% helps to quickly and effectively acquire and graduate immediately.
  • In addition to technology, students learn the process of counseling, how to communicate, take care of, establish loyal customers.
  • "Lifetime professional warranty": updated knowledge, techniques, new trends & answers to questions throughout the career process.
  • Australian Standard Training Program of the Wings Lashes Dark Eyelash System.
  • Have the opportunity to practice & work at Wings Lashes / partners.
  • Modern, professional facilities, designed specifically for Wings.
  • Enthusiastic, experienced, exclusive teachers are trained at Wings Academy.

Besides, the Academy always organizes free trial sessions for those who need it and want to experience the learning and teaching process here. This is a special point which is also a huge plus for students to evaluate the training quality of the center.

With the reasons introduced above, you must have seen the quality of training that Wings Academy brings to your students. This will be one of the addresses you should save immediately to your list if you need to learn about eyelash extensions!


  • Facility 1: 159-159A De Tham, P. Co Giang, Q. 1, Tp. Ho Chi Minh
  • Facility 2: 309 Phan Xich Long, Ward 1, Q. Phú Nhuận, Tp. Ho Chi Minh
  • Mobile: 0907 010 755
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

3. Jennie Brows Academy

With many years of establishment and development, Jennie Brows is proud to be a successful training center for hundreds of proficient students as well as career development from everywhere. With the curriculum from simple to intensive to meet the needs and aspirations of students.

The Top 3 Eyelash Training Schools That Attract The Most Students In District 1 - The Eyelash Extension Training School in District 1 - Jennie Brows Academy | Miss Tram Academy | Wings Lashes Center 10

Instructor team at Jennie Browsing

Here, each class only accepts a maximum of 10 - 12 students, ensuring students get enthusiastic guidance from lecturers. The learning time between theory and practice is divided equally, so that students have just grasped the theoretical knowledge as well as practice to help master their skills. In addition, students are also guided to use high-tech machinery, equipment, ... to serve the needs of working after graduation.

Prestige, quality and reasonable price are the goals and criteria set by the center and this is also a great plus that attracts students. Although not a large-scale training center with many branches, but, with your own professional knowledge and work experience, Jennie Brows is confident to be the address for you with a knowledge base. This is a solid way to work and develop with this extension service.


  • Address: 18Bis./10A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1, HCMC
  • Mobile: 094.676.3379
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

So if you are a lover of beauty and want to become an artisan in this industry, then do not hesitate to register yourself for a course. Above are the addresses for eyelash extensions based on our objective assessment. If you have any other comments, please share with us!

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  1. Có trung tâm nào dạy nghề bằng tiếng anh ko nhỉ? Bạn mình là người nc ngoài muốn học nghề mà chưa tìm được chỗ học à

    1. đa phần chỗ trung tâm nào giờ cũng có khóa dạy bằng tiếng anh cả bạn ơi. Mình thấy mấy chỗ như miss tram, thanh huyền, lali,hajwon,… đều có á

        1. Bạn cứ hỏi trực tiếp xem. Mà mẫy chỗ uy tín, có dạy bằng tiếng anh thì ko có chuyên rẻ đâu nhé

    1. Bên trung tâm mình 1 khóa nối mi chuyên sâu 12tr cho trả góp bạn nhé, nếu quan tâm thì liên hệ qua SDT: 0968565123 để được tư vấn thêm.

  2. May I ask, do these centers have an expedited course? I live in other provinces, so I want to learn quickly, this disease does not want to stay long in SG

    1. Every center has an express course, most of them will be flexible according to the student's schedule

    2. Mình mới học khóa cấp tốc bên Miss Tram 7 ngày xong nè. Thấy cũng ok lắm, kiến thức được tóm gọn, chủ yếu được kèm thực hành nên học được hết các kỹ thuật luôn á

      1. Ban ơi, bạn học nâng cao hay học từ đầu vậy, chưa biết gì có học được ko z?

        1. Bạn ơi khóa cấp tốc này hợp cho mấy bạn có nền rồi muốn nâng cao kiến thức á. chứ chưa biết gì học sợ k theo kịp đâu. Bạn cân nhắc nhé.

  3. Miss Tram so good then the cost is high, isn't it? I am looking for a place to study eyelash extensions but I still need a tuition fee.

    1. The tuition is a bit high too, but compared to the quality of training you will receive when studying here, it is very reasonable. I have studied, feel very worthy

      1. My friend, studying at Miss Tram 1 class is about you, right? I am afraid that winter study does not have that quality.

          1. bạn ơi, vậy mình có được kèm thực hành không nhỉ? Mình cứ sợ làm sai với không theo kịp á.

  4. I studied an intensive tattooing course at Miss Tram to work abroad. At first, I was afraid of accelerated study, I couldn't teach it through the speakers. I did not expect anyone to teach me very carefully. In general, I am quite satisfied because when I graduated, my skills were strong so I did not worry about anything. I came here to work and everyone said I was not good at studying. You guys just boldly registered offline.

  5. I studied at Miss Tram, the curriculum is compact, methodical and accompanied by very good practice. The girls here also convey a lot of experience and soft skills in the service industry, so the atmosphere is always comfortable. I have spent more than 2 months studying and now confidently working as the main eyeliner of my sister's spa. If you are wondering about Miss Tram because the tuition is high, I think it's worth it.

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