Top 05 Vietnam's Best Natural Cosmetics Brands

The current cosmetic market of Vietnam is dominated by big brands from abroad. Because most women believe that foreign brands are safer and more quality than their domestic counterparts. However, with these list Top Vietnamese natural cosmetic brands Topnlist introduced below believes that will give you a different view on the current cosmetic market of our country.

1. NauNau Natural Cosmetics

Founded 5 years ago by perfumer Huynh Hai Yen, NauNau is the first natural cosmetic brand that Topnlist wants to share with you. Inspired by the “Life scent”, NauNau is a 100% natural and body care beauty product line with natural ingredients such as olive oil, beeswax, peanut butter and rose like roses. Turkey, waterlily, lavender from Provence. This source of raw materials is imported from abroad or purchased domestically from manufacturing companies and registered factories. In addition, the outstanding line is the Zodiac perfume line - each of the scents represents a zodiac sign - including essential oils and a collection of lip balm.

NauNau Vietnam Natural Cosmetics Brand

NauNau Vietnam Natural Cosmetics Brand

One thing that makes NauNau unique is that the packaging design is unique and limited to each collection, each product line has a unique drawing for each story behind it, which is the source of inspiration. inspired for many people.

In addition, NauNau also opened for itself a DIY studio where you can create your own skincare and perfumes by your own formula. Therefore, NauNau can be said to be one of the most popular natural cosmetic brands in Vietnam.

Some Basic Information of NauNau Cosmetics:

Address: 5th floor, apartment 42 Nguyễn Huệ, Quận 1, Tp. Ho Chi Minh

Phone: 028.6281.3056

Hotline: 093.842.7834 - 093.894.6681



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2. Moc An - Vietnam Natural Cosmetics

Moc An is a Vietnamese natural cosmetic brand founded by a team of pharmacists with deep professional knowledge in the field of cosmetics with over 10 years of experience. Moc An is a natural cosmetic brand which is produced from domestic raw materials suitable for Vietnamese people.

Vietnam natural cosmetics Moc An for Vietnamese people

Vietnam natural cosmetics Moc An for Vietnamese people

Realizing the great effect of our country's natural ingredients, Moc An has created products for care and treatment for skin, hair, and makeup, you can easily find for yourself. a most suitable product from lipstick, skin care, shower gel, shampoo, scrubs, masks, ... In which, natural soap is a prominent product line that many people prefer. Moc An's products are all natural ingredients so they are safe for pregnant women and infants.

Contact Information to buy Vietnamese natural cosmetics Moc An:

CocoCherry Vietnam Pharmaceutical Cosmetics Company Limited

Address 1: Số 6 - Liền Kề 12 - General Department 5 Yên Xá Street (Distance from 171 Yen Xá 30m) - Hà Nôi.

Hotline: 0915.85.85.81



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3. The Herbal Cup

Founded in 2013, The Herbal Cup, with a mission to bring products from the best natural ingredients to customers, has created beauty and skin care products made from 100% local ingredients such as oil Gac, green tea leaves, pennywort, tomatoes, and sesame seeds. You can find many product lines of this Vietnamese natural cosmetic brand such as body lotion, exfoliant, mask and lipstick. This is the first brand in Vietnam to have a warranty not only for product quality but also for the efficiency after use. This is one thing The Herbal Cup wants to assure customers about the quality of the product.

The Herbal Cup is a Vietnamese natural cosmetic brand

The Herbal Cup is a Vietnamese natural cosmetic brand

In addition, a major plus point of Vietnam natural cosmetic brand The Herbal Cup is the free skin care consultancy service for customers, to ensure that customers have chosen a suitable product. most with his skin.

Contact Information The Herbal Cup buys Vietnam natural cosmetics:

Company Limited THE HERBAL CUP

Business license number: 0313390742

Hotline: 090.979.1200 - 0907.460.910


Facebook Pape:


4. Vedette

A fairly popular brand today in the market that you can easily find at the supermarket is Vedette. With a key product line of clay masks and paper masks, Vedette wins the hearts of users with its effective quality and price. Based on natural ingredients, Vedette was created to help care for and nourish the skin in the most natural way.

Vietnam natural cosmetics comes from Vedette

Vietnam natural cosmetics comes from Vedette

In addition to natural masks, Vedette now diversifies beauty products such as makeup, body care, hair care and men's products.


5. Green Garden

Green Garden founded in 2013, is a handmade soap factory with special system of 100% cold pressing imported from Marseille, France. Green Garden makes soothing and soft soaps with ingredients such as olive oil, palm oil, and soda, all rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. Sourcing from local ingredients such as coffee, cocoa, turmeric, and tea helped the company create exclusive natural products. From the initial product of soap, Green Garden gradually developed other product lines such as lotion, lipstick, eyelash lotion with all-natural ingredients.

Natural cosmetic products from coconut oil

Natural cosmetic products from coconut oil

Some basic information of Green Garden:

Consulting and direct purchase: 0947,633,787 Kim Ngan (Ms)

Contact for wholesale purchases: 0947,633,787 Kim Ngan (Ms)

Contact for cooperation: 0901.321.391 Hai Dang (Mr)



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Through this article then TopnList Please affirm to everyone that Vietnam also has a lot of cosmetic brands that are made from nature, not to mention that Vietnamese cosmetics are mixed cream. As Vietnamese people should trust and prioritize the use of high quality Vietnamese goods. You can explore more skin-friendly natural products of all brands from Vietnam.

There are many famous Vietnamese cosmetic products and brands on the market, the community of sisters that you know, and have been using, please share immediately with everyone with the comment below.

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Ps: For those of you who don't like regular cosmetics at home. The irony is that if you want beautiful, healthy skin, you must use cosmetics and skin care by impact, with internal or external therapies at the spa. You can go to major centers, spas, reputations for treatment and skin care for advice. One suggestion of you here is Miss Tram - Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center - Website:

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