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Top 8 Shop to Sell Quality Sneaker TP. Ho Chi Minh

Sneaker - the name we have heard with countless frequency in recent years. It is the common name of the shoes designed primarily for athletes, the sole of the rubber shoe so when moving almost no sound.

Today, the Sneaker pair is known as a great fashion accessory by the youthful, stylish and comfortable that it brings. It has almost become a movement among young people - a movement is blooming, booming vigorously.

If in HCM and are looking for a good pair of sneaker, then this article of Topnlist will not be easily overlooked already.

1. More Than Basis

Founded in late 2014, More Than Basis shaping yourself a youthful, dynamic but unique fashion brand. The word 2016 marked an important shift of More Than Basis when it launched its own line of products designed at leading prestigious factories in Vietnam. Each product is meticulously tested and prepared before reaching the customers and the price is quite affordable.

On the Fanpage, owning more than 240k followers from sneaker followers, regularly updating new shoe models and new trends among young people. You can unleash your choice of shoes from simple textured sneaker for Street Style set to "pit" shoes, sparkling with reflective light so you can stand out any night or day.

More Than Basis also regularly organizes events, deals, so if you want to own a nice bargain shoes, remember to follow the Fanpage regularly to update the news as quickly as possible. Or visit directly to the address of More Than Basis Let me see and try out the best shoes!

Top 8 Shop to Sell Quality Sneaker TP. Ho Chi Minh - - G- LAB | Kickzspot | More Than Basis 1

Contact information:

Address: 24 Dang Thi Nhu, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Address: 73 Tran Huy Lieu, Q. Phu Nhuan, HCM


Hotline: 091 995 19 94

Opening hours: 9:30 - 21:30

2. G- LAB

Young people, especially those who love basketball will not be strange G - Lab because most of the shoes on the shelves are basketball shoes, especially Oldschool basketball. But not for that reason that you ignore G-Lab because there are still many choices for Lifestyle shoes from other brands: Nike, Adidas, Jordan ...

Come to G-Lab, You can choose the right shoes for you, or if you are uncertain about which model to choose, do not worry, professional and dedicated staff will accompany you immediately. They can help you figure out exactly what you want or what you need.

Besides, the Fanpage page of nearly 200k likes will give you quite detailed information for each shoe model, so if you do not have time to take place, you can still buy online and receive goods in place.

And there is an interesting point here, if you do not buy anything, you can still go there to chat, to share your sneaker stories with G-LAB in the warmest welcome. This is really awesome, isn't it?

Top 8 Shop to Sell Quality Sneaker TP. Ho Chi Minh - - G- LAB | Kickzspot | More Than Basis 3

Contact information:

Address: 135/58 Tran Hung Dao, District 1

Hotline: 094 537 88 09


Opening hours: 9:00 - 21:00

3. Sole Station

Few know that Sole Station was founded by 2 International University students (are 2 guests of Boheme). This is currently one of the "heart" addresses of Saigon sneaker connoisseurs. Because the number of goods here is always available and diverse brands such as Saucony, Adidas, Asics, ... with many categories such as running shoes, basketball, fashion, style and stable prices. And you are completely assured because the shoes sold and introduced are GENUINE PRODUCT.

On the Fanpage page over 200k likes, Sole Station also do not forget to constantly update new models with a detailed description "more quality than distilled water" so that those who cannot afford to visit can still win for themselves the most satisfactory shoes.

Top 8 Shop to Sell Quality Sneaker TP. Ho Chi Minh - - G- LAB | Kickzspot | More Than Basis 5

Contact information: 

Address: 140/30 Dang Van Ngu, Ward 14, Phu Nhuan District

Hotline: 090 376 95 45


Facebook: https //

Opening hours: 10: 00 - 21: 30

4. Simple4What

Surely you will be surprised about the longevity of Simple4What. Because they first appeared in 1997, in the heart of Saigon. Simple4What At that time, it was just a store specializing in supplying genuine sports equipment, including the latest products from big brands in the world such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok ... but luckily, many people loved it. thao known. It is also one of the first sneaker shops in Vietnam. On December 20, 2015, the store officially named it SIMPLE4WHAT.

Nowadays, Simple4what Still a place loved by sports lovers, especially young sneaker enthusiasts because it is easy to find shoes that are your favorite here.

Genuine shoes are sold in the fullbox, and the information and product warranty is covered within 3 months.

In addition, Fanpage also regularly updates the situation of goods with images, designs so that remote customers who wish to choose a pair of shoes that are right for them.

Top 8 Shop to Sell Quality Sneaker TP. Ho Chi Minh - - G- LAB | Kickzspot | More Than Basis 7

Contact information:

Address: 246 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 6, District 3

Hotline: 090 650 80 48


Opening hours: 9:00 - 22:00

5. Online Sneaker Store

As one of the first Sneaker stores in Vietnam in general and Saigon in particular, Online Sneaker Store has long become a familiar destination for devotees with a passionate sneaker heart.

Over 6 years of development, you can find here each shoe with its own application such as running shoes, training, trekking or simply for daily use. Besides the genuine and reputable sales during the past time, Online Sneaker Store has invested in facilities as well as improving the quality of service each day. The space here is spacious and beautifully decorated with the desire to contribute a small part to change the footwear shopping habits of young people today, improving the practical experience and objectivity.

Online Sneaker Store It is also understood that approaching a genuine pair of sneakers for many people is still quite new. Therefore, the store has launched an extremely competitive product price range, most of which ranges from VND 1,000,000 to VND 3,000,000, which is also the most remarkable point to Online Sneaker Store That's why I am different from other sneakers stores on the market today.

Top 8 Shop to Sell Quality Sneaker TP. Ho Chi Minh - - G- LAB | Kickzspot | More Than Basis 9

Contact information:

Address: 131D Hoa Lan, Phường 2, Q. Phú Nhuận, TP.HCM

Hotline: 0169.439.3939



Opening hours: 10: 00 - 21: 30

6. Smate Store

As expected of a "Shoe Paradise" lurking in the alley. The first time came to Smate Store, you will definitely admire it because there are so many choices.

These shoes have excellent designs that cover the whole foot, simple colors with durable material, waterproof, easy to clean. Shoes are processed and made exactly the same as famous brands, each glue line, solid thread and eye-catching designs.

Another plus point is that the staff here are very enthusiastic and happy. Even if you want to try the whole store, they are still smiling, as long as the customer is satisfied.

About the price, each pair of shoes at Smate Store sold at prices not too high, only from 500 to more than 1 million for a pair.

And like other shoe shops, Fanpage of Smate Store also regularly updates new goods so that your favorite young people can turn right away or order online conveniently and quickly.

Top 8 Shop to Sell Quality Sneaker TP. Ho Chi Minh - - G- LAB | Kickzspot | More Than Basis 11

Contact information:

Address: 198/5 Ho Van Hue, Ward 9, Profit Department

Hotline: 093 826 39 89


Opening hours: 9:00 - 22:00

7. Sly 1994

Are you a Sneaker fan? Are you looking for a good pair of Sneaker but still have to meet the criteria for the money? So you definitely have to be "naked" NOW Sly 1994 and that.

Sly 1994 - The name makes us feel like this is a true sneaker shoe paradise for young people. And it is true, Sly 1994 Own famous brand shoes with beautiful, impressive and trendy designs: Adidas, Nike, Converse, Asics, Jordan ... and the price is not too high, only from 650k or more for a pair.

Not only that, once you become a customer of Sly 1994, you will receive the following incentives:

• Lifetime warranty for the product

• Free ship COD nationwide

• Earn points with discounts up to 20%

In addition, if you are in SG but do not have conditions to visit the store directly, do not worry because all the information, designs, product images are Sly 1994 Clear and detailed updates on Fanpage page over 200k likes. Your job is only to exchange the necessary information with the Admin and within 60 minutes after closing the order, the product will be available on your hand right away. Really fast and professional, right?

Top 8 Shop to Sell Quality Sneaker TP. Ho Chi Minh - - G- LAB | Kickzspot | More Than Basis 13

Contact information:

Address: 140/2 Đặng Văn Ngữ Phường 14, Phú Nhuận District

Hotline: 090 278 89 94


Opening hours: 9:00 - 22:00

8. Kickzspot

If the name Kickzspot Shop It seems a bit strange, maybe the Louislicious Store will be more popular, because it is the predecessor of Kickzspot.

After a long time of branding and operating online with countless delicious deals for the community, on July 10, 2016, Kickzspot Opened the first store at 267 To Hien Thanh, Ward 13, District 10.

The store took Michael Jordan as well as the Air Jordan shoe line as the main design theme. So when you come here, you will have the opportunity to touch the hands of historic goods such as the Air Jordan VII "J2K", the Air Jordan VII "Golden Moment", as well as other mainstream goods such as Yeezy 350 Boost, Yeezy 750 Boost.

Besides that, Kickzspot There are also a huge number of different styles of shoes, from backstage lines like LeBron and Kobe to spotlights like NMD Boost. That is why whether you are looking for a pair of shoes for sports or fashion purposes Kickzspot There is always enough choice for your reference.

Kickzspot deserving to be called the "lair" of those who want to own a quick genuine shoe in Ho Chi Minh.

Top 8 Shop to Sell Quality Sneaker TP. Ho Chi Minh - - G- LAB | Kickzspot | More Than Basis 15

Contact information:

Address: 267 To Hien Thanh, Ward 13, District 10

Hotline: 093 830 10 89


Opening hours: 9:00 - 20:00

Read up to here, maybe many of you also have chosen a suitable address to "take" for yourself Sneaker TOXIC - QUALITY, right? Topnlist also hopes that this article will help the shoe collection of Sneaker “junkies” become more diverse and richer!


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