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Top 8 Where To Buy Fiber Cutters In Hanoi

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is currently very popular and is applied in many fields such as mechanical processing, machinery equipment manufacturing and automotive manufacturing technology, ... This is considered a needle cutting solution. The most modern type available, is a perfect choice for your production or cutting needs.

However, on the current market, the origin of unknown machines appears quite a lot. If you choose to buy these products, not only will your production process be affected, but you will lose a great deal of money on repair and maintenance. So, where to buy Fiber cutters? And TopnList point through top 8 addresses to buy fiber cutters in Hanoi Most prestigious offline.

Summary and Review of Places to Buy Fiber Clippers in Hanoi Are Many Customers Appreciated.

1. Vietnam International Investment Co., Ltd.

The first address TopnList would recommend to you is Vietnam International Investment Co., Ltd. (VinCo). Founded in 2004, VinCo CNC machines occupy the majority of the market and have prestige among professionals. Therefore, this is an address trusted by many customers.

address to buy fiber cutter in Hanoi

With fiber cutting machine line, VinCo provides fiber laser cutting machine lines with machine parts imported from famous brands in the world. Therefore, any model is committed to achieving almost absolute accuracy.

VinCo owns many different types of machines, suitable for each customer / business needs. Each machine has a detailed description of the specifications on the website, so customers can refer to it before coming to see the product directly.

With a team of technicians knowledgeable about laser machines, each customer comes here to be consulted carefully and used a free cutting machine.

In particular, VinCo always commits the following points when customers choose to buy products here:

  • Technical guidance to proficient staff.
  • Technical support via phone, website, email lifetime all the time.
  • Genuine warranty + Maintenance when the warranty expires.


  • Address in Hanoi: No. 2010, CT3A Building, Van Quan Urban Area, Hanoi
  • Phone number: (024) 35666727 - 0912817066

2. Laser Top Import Export Trade Co., Ltd

Laser Top Export Import Trade Co. Ltd. is a company specializing in importing, consulting and providing high quality laser engraving engraving machines in Hanoi. Although only established in 2017, Laser Top is highly appreciated for having cooperated with many large domestic and foreign partners.

Top 8 Where to Buy Fiber Cutters in Hanoi - Where to buy fiber cutters in Hanoi - Babylon Vietnam | Son Vu Technology Joint Stock Company | EMC 2 Technology Investment Joint Stock Company

The Fiber Top marking machines at Laser Top are very diverse, each with a detailed description of the specifications and the origin. Therefore, customers can completely refer and make suitable choices right at home.

With the commitment of 100% machines manufactured from genuine imported parts and components, Laser Top always offers a long-term warranty and maintenance policy, a clear return and refund regime if customers are not satisfied. Kindness about product quality.

In particular, with a team of experienced technical staff, customers will be instructed and trained in how to use the machine skillfully. Laser Top also supports free shipping and installation for all customers. Therefore, the majority of customers who choose to buy fiber cutters here leave a high appreciation.


  • TSC Address: No. 19B, Alley 77/25, Alley 77, D. Xuan La, Tay Ho District
  • Office Address: Km Số 1, Đường Võ Văn Kiệt, Đông Anh District
  • Phone: 024 666 02 887 - 08 6886 03 91

3. Bigcolor Vietnam Company Limited

Bigcolor Vietnam Company Limited is a unit supplying all kinds of high-tech printers, cutters, eyes, high-tech vacuums. Although having the greatest strength is the advertising industry, Bigcolor Laser Fiber Bodor cutting machine has been trusted by many customers. Because this is a line of Laser Fiber cutting machines that integrate the most advanced technology in the world, with genuine imported parts and extremely high precision.

Top 8 Where to Buy Fiber Cutters in Hanoi - Where to buy fiber cutters in Hanoi - Babylon Vietnam | Son Vu Technology Joint Stock Company | EMC 4 Technology Investment Joint Stock Company

Owning a staff of professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable products. Every customer coming here will be consulted carefully about the technical information, how to use and test the cutting machine comfortably.

Besides, when choosing to buy, customers will be trained until they are proficient in using the machine. After-sales services such as transportation support, installation or the warranty-maintenance regime attached are also done very well by Bigcolor. In particular, the price of cutting machines at Bigcolor is also very competitive, so this is also an ideal suggestion for you.


  • Address in Hanoi: Số 84 Giáp Bát, Q. Hoàng Mai, Hanoi
  • Phone number: 0246.668.0246 - 0949 58 11 58

4. Ho Gia Phat Service Company Limited

Service Company Limited Ho Gia Phat is an enterprise specializing in importing and supplying all kinds of components, tools, machineries and equipment used in industry in Vietnam market. Founded in 2006, Ho Gia Phat has built itself a prestigious brand and is favored by many customers.

Top 8 Where to Buy Fiber Cutters in Hanoi - Where to buy fiber cutters in Hanoi - Babylon Vietnam | Son Vu Technology Joint Stock Company | EMC 6 Technology Investment Joint Stock Company

Laser Fiber cutting machines in Ho Gia Phat are mainly imported from Turkey. With attractive specifications such as products manufactured according to European quality, German IPG cutting source, automatic cutter, warranty for up to 3 years. Therefore, the products of Laser Fiber cutting machine here are the most modern tools for you.

In particular, possessing enthusiastic staff, deep knowledge and proficient use of the cutting machine. Each customer is consulted enthusiastically, in detail and thoroughly to make the most appropriate choices.
In addition, customer service in Ho Gia Phat is also highly appreciated, typically the shipping policies, installation support and after-sales policies are very good. Therefore, Ho Gia Phat always satisfies the fastidious customers.


  • Address in Hanoi: Hamlet Mai Hien, Commune Mai Lam, Dong Anh District, Hanoi City
  • Phone: 091 2333 774

5. Son Vu Technology Joint Stock Company

Son Vu Technology Joint Stock Company is a unit specializing in manufacturing CNC Plasma cutting machines, CNC Laser cutting machines and providing metal cutting services according to drawings by CNC Plasma and CNC Laser technology.

Established in 2010, Son Vu keeps on learning to bring quality products - the most affordable price to the customers. Up to now, this brand has received the trust of many large domestic and foreign customers.

Top 8 Where to Buy Fiber Cutters in Hanoi - Where to buy fiber cutters in Hanoi - Babylon Vietnam | Son Vu Technology Joint Stock Company | EMC 8 Technology Investment Joint Stock Company

The Fiber Laser cutting line in Son Vu stands out with the following products: Double Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Single Table and High Quality Table. Owning IPG's fiber laser source, Raytool's auto focus laser cutting torch and genuine imported equipment from famous brands in the world. Son Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Son Vu is warranted for 2 years with the commitment of not being deformed over time when running at high speed.

In addition, with a team of highly skilled, professional and dedicated employees, customers will be consulted and guided to use the cutting machine in the most dedicated way.


  • Address in Hanoi: 1323 Giai Phong, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi
  • Phone: 0965108339

6. EMC Technology Investment Joint Stock Company

EMC Technology Investment Joint Stock Company is an address specializing in providing CNC Laser, CNC Gas / Plasma automatic cutting machines, EMC branded high quality plasma cutting sources. As one of the pioneers in bringing automatic cutting technology to Vietnam, EMC is a well-known name and is trusted by a large number of customers.

CNC cutting machines at EMC are very diverse with many modern technologies. In particular, the Laser Fiber line is widely chosen by customers as the most advanced technology line currently.

Top 8 Where to Buy Fiber Cutters in Hanoi - Where to buy fiber cutters in Hanoi - Babylon Vietnam | Son Vu Technology Joint Stock Company | EMC Technology Investment Joint Stock Company 10

EMC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine uses high-reliability equipment from famous brands:

  • Gear bar, pinion of Atlanta, Germany.
  • Slider of Bosch Rexroth, Germany.
  • Yaskawa Servo motor
  • RayTools AG laser cutting heads are made in Switzerland.

Therefore, EMC confidently commits to providing customers with quality products with the longest maintenance service. Besides, owning more than 10 years in the field of CNC automation in Vietnam, with a staff of experienced, dynamic and enthusiastic. EMC is confident to bring customers a complete CNC cutting solution.


  • Address in Hanoi: Số 02, Lô 1 KCN Lai Xá, Kim Chung, Hoài Đức, Hà Nội
  • Phone number: 024 3224 2552 - 024 3224 2552

7. Welding Technology And Equipment Joint Stock Company

Welding Technology and Equipment Joint Stock Company (Weldtec) is a unit specialized in providing technology, equipment, supplies and technical services specialized in cutting, welding and mechanical processing.

With a team of highly trained professionals with extensive knowledge of equipment and technology as well as long experience in the profession, Weldtec is committed to providing the most advanced CNC cutting solutions at a reasonable cost. Best.

Top 8 Where to Buy Fiber Cutters in Hanoi - Where to buy fiber cutters in Hanoi - Babylon Vietnam | Son Vu Technology Joint Stock Company | EMC Technology Investment Joint Stock Company 12

The Filler line at Weldtec is quite diverse, imported genuine from Klasy with a long-term warranty. Besides, customers can choose IPG Laser source - Germany or Racus - China to suit the most cost (both brands are quality).

When customers choose to buy products, Weldtec will support customers to install and test in the early days. At the same time, the engineering team will train all the technicians for the most competent machine operators.
Especially after the warranty period, Weldtec also support the maximum upgrade and provide spare parts and accessories in the most enthusiastic way. Therefore, customers always feel secure when choosing to buy products here.


  • Headquarters: 108 D5C Building, Tran Thai Tong Street, Cau Giay District
  • Showroom: 435 Giai Phong, Thanh Xuan District
  • Technological center: Trieu Khuc trade village cluster, Tan Trieu, Thanh Tri district
  • Automatic technology and Robot: Lot S5 - 11 Industrial Park, Tan Trieu, Trieu Khuc
  • Phone number: 0904.282.282 - 0912.633.668

8. The Babylon Company of Vietnam

The last address TopnList would recommend is Babylon Vietnam. This is a supplier of CNC machines, Laser machines, technology solutions and professional sales systems throughout the territory of Vietnam.

Considered one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industry, Babylon has constantly changed to develop the quality of products as well as the operation scale of factories and branches. From there, bring the best quality products to all customers.

Top 8 Where to Buy Fiber Cutters in Hanoi - Where to buy fiber cutters in Hanoi - Babylon Vietnam | Son Vu Technology Joint Stock Company | EMC 14 Technology Investment Joint Stock Company

The line of Laser Fiber cutting machines here is quite diverse and specializes in mini series, each product is described in great detail on the website. Besides, with a staff of professional, enthusiastic, customers will be consulted most carefully about each product line, helping customers easily refer and make the most appropriate choice.

A special feature is that Babylon's products are strictly tested for quality before shipping, so Babylon is confident to offer a 12-month warranty and lifetime maintenance policy for each Laser Fiber machine line.

The price of breakers in Babylon is also very competitive. So this is also an ideal choice for you.


  • Address 1: 346 Đường Láng, Đống Đa District
  • Address 2: P.2828, Apartment VP5, Linh Đàm, Hoàng Mai District
  • Address 3: Số 35 Ngõ 100 Hoàng Quốc Việt, Cầu Giấy District
  • Address 4: Số 16 ngõ 60 Định Công Hạ, Hoàng Mai
  • Address 5: Số 23 Ngõ 131 Thái Hà, Đống Đa District
  • Address 6: Villa A2.3-BT03 Lot 11, Urban Area Thanh Ha
  • Address 7: Nhi Nhi Khe Commune, Thuong Tin District
  • Hotline: 0932225678 - 0972226336

Above is the share of TopnList about where to buy quality Fiber breakers in Hanoi. These sand machines often have great value, not only that, the quality of the cutter will affect the finished products of your company. Therefore, choosing the quality cutting machines, the assembly process is done carefully and accurately is extremely important.

Hope this article will be helpful to you. Wish you quickly find the most satisfactory product!

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