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Top 7 Criteria To Choose To Buy The Best Electric Rice Cooker

How To Choose To Buy A Good Rice Cooker? Whether or not the Rice Tasty depends on the Good Rice Cooker

[Review and reveal The criteria to buy a good rice cooker] Having a good rice cooker will give your family a delicious meal every day. However, how to own a good pot is what many people care about.

Because currently on the market there are many different types of rice cookers, which makes it harder for users to choose which is best and suits them best. With the article below Topnlist would like to introduce to you the criteria necessary to buy the best rice cooker.

Find Out 07 Criteria Choose To Buy The Best Electric Rice Cooker

1. Understand your family's needs for using rice cookers

This is definitely the criteria to buy the best rice cooker that TopnList mentioned first for you. When choosing to buy a rice cooker you need to think of factors that suit your family's conditions such as:

Criteria for choosing the best rice cooker

  • Kitchen space
  • Economic conditions
  • Number of family members
  • Also if more careful can list out other factors such as color, style, manufacturer, size, ...

2. The price of electric cooker

Many people have a headache about choosing a rice cooker with the price that suits them, but it has to be quality, fully functional to use. Currently on the market is classified into 3 different price scales namely cheap rice cookers, midrange rice cookers and premium rice cookers.

What is the criteria to buy a good rice cooker and how

Prices range from VND 200k to VND 5 million, depending on the built-in features of each pot:

  • Cheap rice cookers There are prices from 200k to 500k. Products of this type are mainly electric rice cookers, suitable for the economic conditions of almost every family, with low prices, it means the product is quite limited in terms of functionality.
  • Mid-range rice cooker: The product has a price range from 500k to 1.2 million. This type of rice cooker is quality, quite complete in terms of function and has an eye-catching design compared to a cheap rice cooker.
  • High-class rice cooker are priced products over 1.2 million. This type incorporates the most advanced technology with many different cooking modes, diverse designs, high-quality materials suitable for families with high economic conditions.

So closing in on that price is one of the criteria to buy a good rice cooker you need to pay the most attention and attention.

The rice cooker is a companion of housewives, to bring delicious meals for each day. So TopnList recommends you to read and learn right away 09 tips for using a rice cooker For you to use safe and durable.


3. Capacity of the rice cooker

Criteria for choosing good rice cookers that is we must pay attention to the volume of the pot to buy is how much, how to use is reasonable?

Choosing the right rice cooker capacity for the number of family members will bring high efficiency during the special use process, which will help us reduce cooking time and save energy. You can refer to some of our suggestions for the capacity of each pot that will be suitable for the number of users to easily choose to buy:

Specifically, the criteria to buy a good rice cooker

  • Choose a pot with a capacity of 0.6-0.8 liters for families with about 1-2 people
  • Choose a pot with a capacity of 1-1.5 liters for families with about 2-4 people
  • Choose a pot with a capacity of 1.8-2 liters for families with about 4-6 people
  • Choose a pot with a capacity of 2.2-2.5 liters for families with about 6-8 people

In addition, we recommend that you can buy a rice cooker with a larger capacity than the needs of your family because sometimes when guests come to the house to play, it is more convenient to cook a meal for guests than it is to cook a pot. Small and have to cook many times very expensive.

Every day we cook rice with water ie white rice. So why not try and exchange another type of rice that is extremely unique, delicious and highly nutritious? That is saffron pistil rice? Click Subject learn how to cook saffron pistil rice cooking instructions

4. Regarding material of electric rice cooker parts

To be able to choose to buy yourself a rice cooker with ingredients that are good for your health, you need to meet the following two factors:

Should choose to buy a rice cooker is the most suitable

Shell material: With genuine products, the exterior will be very smooth with sharpness as well as high gloss, with letters and patterns, clear brand name. Carefully check the outside parts of the pot, such as screws, soles, handles, plugs, for rust or not.

Material Electric rice cooker hearts: This is the inner part that directly touches the body of the rice cooker, so that the rice is more delicious and ensures the health and safety for your family should carefully check the smooth non-stick enamel layers inside the pot. buy scratched or peeled pots.

Evaluate the criteria for buying a good rice cooker

To choose a type of rice cooker with the criteria to buy a good rice cooker, you should choose the inner pot made from high quality materials such as aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy with non-stick enamel, non-stick enameled cast iron, Stamping aluminum, diamond-enamelled enamel are all recommended products. However, the inner pot of aluminum alloy is good but it does not help prevent sticking so the rice may be burnt and stick around the pot, which is also more difficult to clean.

Currently on the market there are 4 types of popular rice cookers that many consumers believe in, including: rice cooker lid, removable rice cooker, electronic rice cooker, rice cooker high frequency. Check out the pros and cons of each pot with Topnlist review To help you choose the right rice cooker.

5. Regarding the purpose, function and technology

  • Purpose:

When buying a rice cooker you need to consider your commonly used purpose to choose the right product. As usual purpose: cooking soup, porridge, chicken stew, making cakes, ...

  • The function of the rice cooker:

The high-end range of rice cookers will be equipped with many of the most technologically advanced functions for use. Often will expand more functions such as fast cooking, slow, reheating, cooking timer, ...

criteria to buy a good rice cooker to note what the most

  • Cooking technology of electric rice cooker:

Currently, with the development of science and technology, many modern technologies are integrated to support the maximum cooking process such as the popular Fuzzy Logic cooking technology, 2D or 3D cooking technology. , ... Also when choosing to buy pots you should also pay attention to the accessories included.

6. Warranty period of electric cooker

One criterion for buying a good rice cooker should not be overlooked is the regime and the period of product warranty.

Various types of electric rice cookers on the market today


To own a good electric cooker you should pay attention to the warranty period of the product. Usually electric rice cookers will have an average warranty period of about 12 months to 2 years. It is recommended not to buy products with a short warranty period of less than 12 months.

Refer 04 common problems encountered when using the rice cooker and how to overcome, help housewives easier when preparing meals for the family.

7. Origin, brand of electric rice cooker

Origin, origin is the criteria to buy a good electric cooker that is interested by many people when shopping for electrical appliances in general and rice cookers in particular. By now on the market appears a lot of fake, counterfeit, poor quality goods are sold everywhere with colors, eye-catching designs, hitting the mind like cheap, beautiful consumers.

Review updated criteria to choose to buy a good rice cooker

So to buy the best products, you should prioritize choosing famous and reputable brands in the market from Japan or South Korea such as Sharp, Cuckoo or Toshiba ...

With the criteria to buy a good rice cooker, we have given above hope to help readers in choosing to buy a good rice cooker and suits your conditions best. Please consider carefully before buying because if you buy quality ekms products will affect the health of you and your family.

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