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Top 7 Delicious Dishes Of Hue Country Should Not Be Ignored

Come to Hue, people not only want to explore beautiful landscapes but also want to enjoy the irresistible delicacies. In this article, go along with Topnlist honoring 7 delicious dishes of Hue should not be missed when visiting the peaceful, dreaming capital!

The list of delicious dishes of Hue you should try once if you have an opportunity to visit this ancient land.

1. Bun bo Hue

Top 7 Delicious Dishes Of Hue Should Not Be Missed - Hue's Delicacies - Hue Specialty | Hue 15

Bun bo Hue is a long-standing traditional food of Hue people. Features of Hue beef noodle soup and the richness of fresh beef, the sourness of fresh lemon and chili. 

Bun Bo Hue is a perfect combination of spring rolls, meatballs, sliced beef and green vegetables. Therefore, bun bo Hue is not only a famous specialty but also a pride of the hometown of Hue people.

2. Mussel rice, mussels noodle

Top 7 Delicious Dishes Of Hue Should Not Be Missed - Hue's Delicacies - Hue Specialty | Hue 17

Mussel rice and mussels vermicelli are a popular, delicious and cool dish, so many people love it. The freshest mussels are carefully filtered and processed to make the sweet, cool, hard-to-resist mussel juice.

The mussel meat is also mixed into the dish with the fleshy taste of roasted peanuts, the sweetness of banana, the spicy of chili pepper. The perfect blend of food that has made mussel rice, mussels noodle is unforgettable

3. Hue soup

Top 7 Delicious Dishes Of Hue Should Not Be Missed - Hue's Delicacies - Hue Specialty | Hue 19

Hue Banh Canh is also a specialty of Hue land with wild ingredients such as snakehead fish, cow, spring rolls, crab rolls, crab, shrimp. The typical broth of Hue soup cake is also different from other places. The broth has a rich fish, flesh and aroma of non-spice ingredients. 

Besides, the rice flour is also made from the delicious rice grains in Hue. Therefore, Hue soup cake has always made the diners in the far region fall in love.

4. Hue tea

Top 7 Delicious Dishes Of Hue Should Not Be Missed - Hue's Delicacies - Hue Specialties | Hue 21

Hue Tea is a specialty refreshment that visitors to Hue can't miss. Hue colorful tea dish, eye-catching and attractive always makes natives, foreign provinces and foreigners are passionate.

Hue tea with all kinds of flavors from red bean, black bean, bean bean, green bean, tea powder, taro, lotus seed, corn, grapefruit, etc. always makes a memorable memory with many attractive colors, medium sweetness right. Especially to mention the dish of freshly roasted pork powder tea. A delicious cup of Hue tea will be a refreshing and refreshing choice for a hot summer day.

5. Duckweed - nam - filter.

Top 7 Delicious Dishes Of Hue Should Not Be Missed - Hue's Delicacies - Hue Specialty | Hue 23

Banheo - nam - filter cake are all famous folk foods in Hue. Although many places in the Central region have these cakes, but Hue always makes people remember because the delicious taste is Bui, not fat and not bored. Therefore, it is very suitable for many people from old to young. These are also the cakes commonly used by Hue people to worship during the holidays, the full moon or the beginning of the month. 

Cake dish duckweed - year - filter Hue is considered as one of the cakes representing friendship, because it is always close to the cultural life of the beloved Hue people. Therefore, come to Hue do not forget to enjoy these simple but profound cakes!

6. Hue vegetarian rice

Top 7 Delicious Dishes Of Hue That Should Not Be Missed - Hue's Delicacies - Hue Specialty | Hue 25

Come to Hue, do not forget to enjoy the delicious vegetarian dishes here! Hue is the seat of Buddhism with a large number of vegetarians or vegans. So Hue vegetarian rice is also very diverse, rich and possesses an extremely impressive flavor.

Hue's vegetarian dish with attractive typical flavors from vegetables, tubers, fruits is processed according to traditional recipe to become attractive delicacies. Hue vegetarian rice with lotus root, tofu, green vegetables, etc. with just enough seasoning will surely make you remember forever.

7. Nem Lui Hue

Top 7 Delicious Dishes Of Hue Should Not Be Missed - Hue's Delicacies - Hue Specialty | Hue 27

Nem Lui is also one of the delicious and popular specialties of Hue. In fact, spring rolls are not unique to Hue, but only in Hue is the taste of this dish really different, especially to make people feel so attached to it.

Spring rolls are made of finely ground pork, thinly sliced, marinated with salt, pepper, hearing and mixed well. Then put the long meat skewers skewered into the bamboo and then grilled over charcoal until cooked.

Soup used for spring rolls is made from dozens of different ingredients according to a secret to create a unique taste that is both fat and hard to resist. 

If you come to Hue, you definitely have to try the delicious food Specialties have just been introduced on Topnlist! Each dish will surely appeal to you by its unique characteristics.  Any special dishes of Hue that you know? Help Topnlist supplement this list!

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