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Top 07 Engine Maintenance Timelines For Cars To Always Work With The Best Efficiency

Car Engine Maintenance Timeline You already know? To have a "hard drive" was difficult, how to maintain it always works well over time, especially the internal engine always operates stably is an even more difficult thing. Surely there will be many people who do not know the timing of maintenance of automobile engines, and maybe you are one of those unknown. So let's find out through the article Topnlist Want to share to let you know about the milestones should maintain the engine for your pet driver.

Top 07 Timeline Of Maintenance Of Important Automotive Engines Forced To Forget

1. Maintenance of engines for new cars: 3,000km / time

Typically, manufacturers always have a milestone for maintenance of new car engines in a certain period of 3-5 months to use or can operate from 3,000 - 5,000km. However, to best protect your car engine, you should maintain the car when it has been operating about 3,000km.

Please pay attention to car engine maintenance milestones

Please pay attention to car engine maintenance milestones

On the other hand, maintenance during this period is always recommended by experts. Because it is a new engine, it needs to be cared for carefully, when over time, dust and metal debris are mixed into the oil system, maintenance and maintenance are essential. Your car is always in good working order. So it is good to remember the timing of maintenance of automobile engines, but besides that, it needs "abnormal maintenance".

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2. Clean cooling system every 2-3 years

10 milestones of regular maintenance - keeping & #039; driving a box & #039; Always in good condition

Do not leave the motor vehicle maintenance timeline as it will cost you more money

The cooling system is always an important part of the car that you need to pay attention to. It helps to reduce the heat of the engine while it is operating and exhausts some toxic substances that can corrode the vehicle's components. Therefore, you need to thoroughly clean this part to protect the battery as well as improve the performance of the cooling system. 

So, the best time to maintain a specific automobile engine is the cooling system, then after 2 to 3 years of operation, you should clean this system.

3. Changing oil and oil filter system when the vehicle operates from 5,000 - 10,000km / time

The replacement of oil and the refinery system is something that many people are wondering and want to know exactly when the best new oil change. Depending on the model and the car manufacturer, there are regulations on the maintenance period of automobile engines in changing lubricants. But you don't always change the best, safest oil. Therefore, to avoid poor oil condition can damage your car engine. Ideally, you should change the oil and oil filter system from 5,000 - 10,000 km because this is the milestone for maintenance of car engines through oil change so the car can work most effectively offline.

10 landmarks to remember for car engine maintenance

Need to change the lubricating oil at the recommended timeline for each model and engine

However, there are some things to keep in mind. If the car runs on lubricant made from turpentine, the oil should be changed when operating from 7,000 - 8,000km for vehicles running from 20 - 30km / day. But if the car is less active or operates with high intensity, it should change operation from 4,000 - 5,000km. The reason is because the car is inactive, causing the oil to be stagnant and not warmed, resulting in a clumping condition, which is extremely harmful to the engine.

In addition, the milestones of maintenance of automobile engines by changing the lubricant, with synthetic lubricants, can run from 10,000 - 12,000km for vehicles running about 20 - 30km / day. For vehicles operating at high intensity or inactive, should change in the range of 8,000 - 9,000km offline.

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4. Replace the brake fluid every 2 years

Items which need to be replaced or maintained according to Km number

Should pay attention to the problem of brake fluid

Brake fluid is just as important as the vehicle's braking system. It has a lubricating effect, avoids jamming and increases the usability of the brakes. Therefore, this is an extremely important component forcing you to check regularly to see if the oil is still available or not? Is it mixed with impurities or dirt? So, after 2 years of operation, it is best to change the oil once to ensure that your brakes always work effectively to avoid unexpected situations. Be mindful of these small car engine maintenance milestones that will keep you safe on the road, the car works better and is much more durable.

5. Changing oil for gearboxes from 50,000 to 70,000 km / time

Gearbox oils are often very important and are often complicated to replace because they are part of the engine structure. Therefore, when changing the oil, you need to bring the car to the big and reputable brands because there are only quality oils suitable for each vehicle.

5 levels of routine maintenance according to the number of kilometers for cars

Do not let the gearbox oil be too dirty

Changing gearbox oil is also a milestone for car engine maintenance. Oil change markers for gearboxes are always estimated by experts and manufacturers in the range of 50,000 - 70,000km with your vehicle operating normally. But if your car often has to work a lot, about 50,000km should change the oil to ensure the car is always running well and has a long life.

6. Replace spark plugs with car engines in the range of 60,000 - 80,000 km


When should we replace spark plugs for automotive engines?

Most of you know that the use of spark plugs is to increase the ability to spark electricity to ignite the mixture of air and fuel, helping the engine of the car can operate. In addition, spark plugs must dissipate quickly to reduce the pressure in the combustion chamber. So become the most quickly broken part in the ignition system and you must have yourself a certain milestone to replace new spark plugs to increase the engine's ability to ignite.

Avoid using spark plugs for too long will cause damage, resulting in reduced engine power and unstable operation, even not operating anymore.

7. Replace fuel filter of automobile engine about 50,000 - 100,000km

10 landmarks to remember for car engine maintenance | Technology

Don't spend time cleaning the fuel filter for your pet

This is an important part, but you rarely pay attention. Over a long period of work, dirt and debris in the fuel will accumulate more and more. Can cause the filter to get clogged and not work as well as it used to. So you need to replace it during the above period to protect your car engine. Remember that this is a milestone for maintenance of automobile engine to help the car work well, do not forget.

One thing you should also know, the common engine damage is partly related if the filter is broken or not working properly.

Above are 07 automotive engine maintenance milestones you should know Topnlist Want to share to you. So, why do you not keep for yourself these valuable experiences. Please do everything you can to protect your pet in the best way, and always give yourself the absolute safe journey on all roads. And when you take the automotive maintenance milestones, your car will work better, more efficiently and more durable. In addition to the specified time frames, you can share your car maintenance milestones with the experience from the driving experience by commenting below.

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