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Top 7 Smart Door Locks For Office

Why is it necessary to choose a smart door lock for the office? Today, smart door locks are not only popular for private homes and hotels, but also used in offices as a high-end security device. Not only ensures safety, the smart lock also provides effective work space, proactive working time and resting space for employees. Therefore, upgrading the key for the office is extremely practical and professional.

To help you make the quickest choice for your workspace, TopnList Introducing the Top 7 key lines currently used by offices today:

Summary of the List of Smart Door Locks for Offices Most Used Today. 

1. Xiaomi Aqara S2 fingerprint door lock

Xiaomi Aqara S2 is a line of quality fingerprint locks from Xiaomi - a brand specializing in Chinese smart home solutions. This lock line is selected by many offices for its ease of use, elegant design and compatibility with many different types of doors.

Smart door lock for office

Besides, Xiaomi Aqara S2 lock also has many highlights such as:

  • The ability to identify fingerprints sensitive, supporting up to 100 different fingerprints.
  • Notify and check on / off status at all times.
  • Safety design with anti-unlock technology of cat eye and C grade core.
  • Easy user management through Mi home application.

In all types of doors, glass doors are considered the most difficult to install. Because the change of lock effect can affect the aesthetics of the door. However, with modern technology, the smart lock manufacturers have launched lines specifically for glass doors: luxurious design, easy mounting, while ensuring safety and security. To help you easily select the most appropriate and satisfied products, TopnList would like to introduce The most intelligent door lock series for glass doors The current.

2. Fingerprint lock A5 IBC

Card fingerprint lock from A5 IBC is the smart door lock line of the world famous Lion Lock brand. This is a high-end door lock series with many unlocking features such as: fingerprint scanner (200 fingerprints), codes and mechanical keys. The highlight that offices use this door lock is smart, easy and complete user management software.

Top 7 Smart Door Locks for Office - Smart lock for office - Door Lock | Card door locks from Unicorn UN 325S-SA | Zivio ZF-307W 2 smart door lock 2

In addition, the lock also features many advantages:

  • Biometric fingerprint technology against forgery.
  • The function automatically locks the door when closed.
  • Control panel made of tempered glass, polished 3d, fireproof, abrasion resistant, impact resistant.

Attendance of the famous door lock brand in Vietnam most today? You can?

3. Zivio ZF-307W smart door lock

Zivio ZF-307W smart door lock is a smart lock product installed by many offices with high security, integrated with many unlocking functions (fingerprint, password, magnetic card, mechanical lock) and quite affordable price. With a memory of up to 300 fingerprints, the Zivio ZF-307W lock can also be suitable for large offices.

Top 7 Smart Door Locks for Office - Smart lock for office - Door Lock | Card door locks from Unicorn UN 325S-SA | Zivio ZF-307W smart door lock 4

In particular, this key line has many highlights such as:

  • Modern fingerprint recognition technology, super sensitive, anti-counterfeiting.
  • Virtual code technology to avoid revealing passwords.
  • Super strong steel alloy, durable, shockproof and electric shock.
  • Luxury touch keyboard.

So wooden doors, how to choose a smart lock? Today's article, TopnList would like to introduce the smart lock line that best suits this common door type. See details HERE

4. Fingerprint door lock Kitos KT-GL12

Kitos KT-GL12 is a line of fingerprintless handle, suitable for glass doors, sliding doors, sliding doors. Featured with affordable price, sophisticated design and maximum memory (1000 fingerprints, 1000 magnetic cards, 1000 codes), this smart lock product is considered an ideal suggestion for offices with Glass window design.

Top 7 Smart Door Locks for Office - Smart lock for office - Door Lock | Card door locks from Unicorn UN 325S-SA | Zivio ZF-307W smart door lock 6

Key parameters of Kitos KT-GL12:

  • Optical fingerprint sensor technology, super fast - super sensitive.
  • Anti-cut rotation lock latch, ensure safety and security.
  • Fire alarm function, alarm when there is a break-in or break the lock.
  • Simple installation, no impact on the glass door.

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5. Kaadas R7 fingerprint door lock

Kaadas R7 fingerprint door lock is one of the most prominent smart lock series of Kaadas lock brand. Possessing the appearance of a stylish smartphone with modern security functions and durability, this lock line is currently preferred by many users for their offices and apartments.

Top 7 Smart Door Locks for Office - Smart lock for office - Door Lock | Card door locks from Unicorn UN 325S-SA | Zivio ZF-307W smart door lock 8

Special points of Kaadas R7:

  • Unlock function: Fingerprint, password, magnetic card, mechanical key and expandable connection with bluetooth.
  • Very sensitive fingerprint and magnetic card recognition technology - only less than 0.5 seconds.
  • Electronic circuit technology and advanced control software, high security - against hacking.

Are you looking for smart door locks for iron doors? With this modern quality of life, smart door locks are a great replacement for traditional mechanical lock series. On the market there are many different types of door locks, suitable for many types of doors. So iron door, gate is suitable with any kind of smart lock? TopnList would recommend these Smart lock line for the best iron door present.

6. Hilux R-500 fingerprint lock

Hilux R-500 Fingerprint lock for many types of tempered glass doors, especially sliding doors, sliding doors. With a simple design, light colors and a luxurious mirror screen, this lock series will enhance the professionalism of your office.

Top 7 Smart Door Locks for Office - Smart lock for office - Door Lock | Card door locks from Unicorn UN 325S-SA | Zivio ZF-307W smart door lock 10

The salient advantages of Hilux R-500:

  • Unlocking method: fingerprint (200 fingerprints), magnetic card (50 magnetic cards), code (20 digits from 4-12 characters).
  • Optical fingerprint sensor technology is super sensitive, safe and modern.
  • The lock is made of super-durable alloy, anti-cut rotation pin, breaking the lock, ensuring safety for the office.

7. Card door lock from Unicorn UN 325S-SA

Card door lock from Unicor UN 325S-SA is a special lock line used for toughened glass doors of the Unicor lock brand. The product has a beautiful and safe design with the features of opening with a magnetic card, credit card, NFC via phone and code. Therefore, Unicor UN 325S-SA is especially suitable for offices, hotels or apartments.

Top 7 Smart Door Locks for Office - Smart lock for office - Door Lock | Card door locks from Unicorn UN 325S-SA | Zivio ZF-307W smart door lock 12

The highlights of this Unicor key family are:

  • Automatic door lock technology.
  • The internal door lock function can be set, ensuring employees' meetings and lunch breaks are not disturbed.
  • Alarm function when signs of break-in or break the lock.
  • Good anti-electric shock ability, ensuring safety when unlocked with high power.

Above are the highlighted key lines that are favored by many offices that TopnList would recommend. You should pay attention to the type of door, the number of employees, interior design and demand (how to unlock) to choose the lock line that best suits your office.

Hopefully the above suggestions of TopnList will be useful to you. Wish you always the most satisfied with your choice!

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