Top 6 Habits After a Diet Harm Your Health

There are seemingly innocuous habits that are often done daily after meals. But few people know that it is the cause of serious health effects for us. And Topnlist Check out the top 6 post-meal habits that are slowly destroying health below.

1. Eat fruit after a meal

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Many families still use fruit as a dessert right after a meal without even knowing that this is a habit that is harmful to our digestive system.

After a meal, the stomach is stretching so that it can accommodate the amount of food we have eaten. And it takes from one to two hours for this amount of food to be fully digested.However, this time you continue to provide food for the stomach means that you are putting more pressure on the stomach.

Besides, the fruit contains a large amount of acids, sugars, glucose, fructose, starch, ... increasing the retention in the digestive tract.

2. Drink tea

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Drinking tea after a meal is not a bad idea to help clean the oral area. However, do not rush to drink immediately but drink after meals 10-15 minutes. Because the tannin in tea enters the stomach, it combines with proteins, vitamin B1 and iron in foods to form compounds that are difficult to absorb.

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In addition, the tannin and theocin in teas also inhibit the secretion of gastric juice and intestinal juice, which is really bad for digestion. Therefore, drinking tea immediately after eating will cause bloating, indigestion due to the acidity that has hardened the protein just tolerated by the body.

3. Take a shower

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With the thought that bathing will help digestion as well as blood circulation better, many people immediately rush to the bathroom after eating. But this is a habit that impairs digestive system function. Because, after bathing after eating causes the capillaries in the limbs to expand, blood flow to the body surface.

Meanwhile, intestinal blood flow is significantly reduced, gastrointestinal secretions are less excreted making digestive function seriously affected.

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Therefore, bathing after a meal will cause the body to suffer from intestinal and stomach problems. Even people with high blood pressure, heart disease, high blood fat ... can experience complications.

4. Lying to sleep

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After eating, often we will feel sleepy, accompanied by a feeling of drowsiness. Because at this time, the body's blood volume is mobilized largely to focus on the digestive system, the amount of blood supply to the brain is significantly reduced, causing the brain system and other organs to fall into drowsiness.

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However, if after eating you go to bed immediately, the brain will fall into a state of inhibition, which is followed by the rest of the whole body, including the digestive system. And so, the amount of food that has just been taken into the body will not be digested in time, thoroughly and the worst consequence that can be encountered is the amount of leftover food that is attacked by bacteria causing stomach illness. thick, intestinal.

5. Smoking

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We all know the harmful effects of smoking on health, but not everyone knows that smoking after eating causes the harms to multiply. Because after eating rice, the activity of intestines and stomach is enhanced, blood circulation in the digestive tract increases rapidly.

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Therefore, smoking now will make the body absorb the toxin into the body much larger than at other times. Especially those who are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, gastric ulcer or colitis.

6. Brush your teeth

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After eating, the amount of acid in food will weaken tooth enamel. If immediately after eating you brush your teeth immediately can make the tamarind protective layer eroded, losing the protective layer causing tooth erosion and tooth diseases such as sensitivity, ...

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So wait about 30 minutes after eating to balance the pH in the oral cavity and then proceed to brush your teeth.

*** So what should we do after eating?

+ Gently rub your abdomen: This seemed like quite funny and useless. But health experts said that after eating, gently rubbing your abdomen in a clockwise direction will promote blood circulation to help strengthen the digestive system.

+ Gentle exercise: Light activities after hunting, such as walking slowly for 20 - 30 minutes, will help the stomach contract more easily, thereby digesting food faster.

+ Listen to music: According to experts in stress health will be very harmful to the stomach. Listening to music after eating will help you relax the nervous system thereby reducing pressure on the digestive system, helping the stomach digest food better.

+ Gargle after eating: Although you should not brush your teeth after eating, but you can rinse your mouth with clean water, which will help remove plaque on the teeth, Experts also recommend drinking a little milk to restore enamel.

With the above sharing, we hope that you know how to take care of your health as well as family members with just small daily habits. Please note a bit can bring good health everyone. I wish you good health and happiness.

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