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Top 6 Dishes For Pregnant Women You Should Know

Choosing nutrition for pregnant women is often not easy. This makes many women wonder, worrying about what foods to choose for the health of the fetus. Here are some good dishes that provide enough nutrients for pregnant mothers and fetuses, let's find out together.

1. Nuts

Top 6 Foods For Pregnant Women That You Should Know - Pregnant Mothers | Corn Maize | Fruit 1

Nuts and seeds are a good source of vitamins E and B: The essential minerals like phosphorus, potassium, zinc, selenium, copper are also present in large amounts needed for proper fetal development. The nuts are very popular for mothers because it is often easy to eat, many nutrients suitable for pregnant women during pregnancy. Especially walnuts are very good to help promote the brain development of the fetus and young children. If you consistently eat walnuts during pregnancy, the baby is born very smart and healthy. However, these nuts must be stored in an airtight container or in a refrigerator to ensure they are not rancid mothers.

2. Oats

Top 6 Foods For Pregnant Women That You Should Know - Pregnant Mothers | Corn Maize | Fruit 3

In order for the fetus to develop perfectly, the mother's body must be absolutely healthy and oats have an anti-acidic effect and stimulate the appetite for pregnant women. Nutritionists have proven that, during pregnancy, if women eat a lot of fat, oatmeal will play a balancing role between fat and fiber, helping pregnant women have a diet. Healthy for both mother and fetus. Mothers can combine oatmeal with vegetables to cook porridge, or simply put a small amount of oats, add some fresh milk without sugar and put in the microwave for 1 minute. Take it out and use it, so you can have an abundant energy source for a nutritious breakfast.

3. Corn

Top 6 Foods For Pregnant Women That You Should Know - Pregnant Mothers | Corn Maize | Fruit 5

Corn is one of the familiar foods for us, given the fact that there are many scientific evidences showing that corn is beneficial for the health of pregnant women and their unborn babies, so moms should not ignore it. . Corn is rich in fiber, which helps pregnant women reduce constipation and pregnancy-related problems. And yet, corn contains thiamine, the substance needed for brain cells and cognitive function in the fetus. Thiamine also helps produce acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter), enhances the baby's memory ability after birth, prevents fetal defects, benefits pregnant women with diabetes, protects the heart and reduces postpartum weight. However, it is not always good to eat, pregnant women should not eat corn in the first 3 months.

4. Fruit

Top 6 Foods For Pregnant Women That You Should Know - Pregnant Mothers | Corn Maize | Fruit 7

Fruit is considered by many people to be a panacea because it is not only cool, juicy, easy to eat, but also has a good beauty effect and added nutrients. In addition, there is a lot of fiber in fruits - a substance that helps prevent constipation effectively, good for mothers during pregnancy. Fruits are high in natural vitamins and minerals. Some fruits are good for pregnant women such as bananas, oranges, apples, cherries, kiwis, butter ... Fruits are very good, but before eating, you should find out how to balance them accordingly. status and purpose yourself.

5. Yogurt

Top 6 Foods For Pregnant Women That You Should Know - Pregnant Mothers | Corn Maize | Fruit 9

For pregnant women, the diet needs to be extremely careful, yogurt makes many mothers worried because fermented microorganisms in this food can be dangerous for the fetus. Fortunately, the yogurt is fermented from pasteurized milk, so mothers can feel secure when eating yogurt during pregnancy. The pregnant women often do not drink milk elected mothers can replace yogurt offline. Yogurt not only helps mothers digest easily but also has many benefits such as providing calcium for the development of mother and fetus, balancing blood pressure, good for the heart, beautifying the skin, helping to boost immunity. for the body and prevent many common diseases during pregnancy such as high blood pressure, constipation ... However, for pregnant women with a history of diabetes or cardiovascular disease, choose low-fat, low-sugar yogurt and The right time to eat yogurt is about 2 hours after the main meal. Because this is the time to help the good bacteria in yogurt work best.

6. Coconut Water

Top 6 Foods For Pregnant Women That You Should Know - Pregnant Mothers | Corn Maize | Fruit 11

When pregnant, it is extremely important to get enough water for the body and coconut water is considered a "golden" drink for pregnant women because it is a natural drink that brings many wonderful effects for women. pregnant. Besides, drinking coconut water helps prevent pregnancy symptoms such as constipation and belching. At the same time, coconut water also enhances the body's immunity, preventing inflammatory diseases during pregnancy. In particular, coconut water is completely natural and pregnant women do not have to worry too much about preservatives that can harm the unborn baby.

With the knowledge and experience Topnlist It is hoped that mothers will make the right food choices to ensure good health for themselves and the fetus.

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