Top 6 Types of Super Strong Lipstick To Make The Girls Love Me

These lipsticks are known as each small girl's powerful weapon. Pretty lips with a little smooth lipstick will make you become more attractive, attractive and confident because that is the highlight of the face.

On the market today there are many different lipstick lines and to find yourself a super-matte lipstick to be able to enjoy eating all day without worrying about drifting but being safe is not easy. If you are wondering whether to choose a hard lipstick to suit you, please refer to the top 6 favorite lipsticks below.

1. Son BbiA last Lipstick

BbiA last Lipstick is a matte lipstick that won the hearts of many young people by: 

+ Very smooth matte lipstick so easy to glide on

+ Maintain good color no matter what you eat or drink. 

+ Besides, the extremely simple design has created a gentle charm.

+ Product includes two lines of lipstick: red and pink shell with two different color palettes. The main color of this lipstick is also red and pink.  

+ Attractive design, fresh colors and good color grip should BbiA last Lipstick Always get the favor of the beauty believers.

+ Interested in the most expensive lipsticks in the world today: Top 10 World's Most Expensive Lipstick

Top 6 Types of Super Lipstick to Make Me Melons - - 3CE Cosmetics | BBIA Cosmetics | Bourjois Cosmetics 1

Reference price: VND 180,000

2. Son Miracle Apo Lipstick Matte

+ Son Miracle Apo Lipstick Matte Designed quite simply with a black cylinder block, plastic cover. 

+ The lipstick is extremely evenly colored, making the lips soft, smooth and does not look patchy. 

+ The color is quite good, keeping the color for about 3 hours after applying. 

+ Miracle Apo Lipstick Matte is a matte lipstick that is quite successful with deep tones, matching Western European style. 

+ Son smells of rose and silver roses create a pleasant feeling, cool lips when used.

+ Although the color palette has only 4 shades of lipstick (crimson, earth brown, ash pink, peach brown), each color is luxurious and has a different style.

Top 6 Types of Super Lipstick to Make Me Melons - - 3CE Cosmetics | BBIA Cosmetics | Bourjois Cosmetics 3

Reference price: VND 90,000

3. Velvet cream 3ce Velvet Lip Tint

Velvet Lip Tint is a line of matte cream suitable for Western style makeup of 3CE. The introduction of the product Velvet Lip Tint has created a strong wave across the lipstick market.

Top 6 Types of Super Lipstick to Make Me Melons - - 3CE Cosmetics | BBIA Cosmetics | Bourjois Cosmetics 5

Reference price: 300,000 - 350,000 VND

+ The quality of lipstick is nothing to dispute: very smooth, soft and silky on the lips. So lips don't always dry out and don't show lips. The grip is good so the lipstick does not fade during eating.

+ Velvet Lip Tint There are outstanding lipstick colors that are reddish brown, earth red, rose orange, rose pink.

+ The girls can learn more about the most sought-after lipsticks with the "HOT" price: Top 05 List Of Hunters At Affordable Prices

4. Matte Bourjois Velvet cream

This is a cult product from France. Son cream Bourjois Velvet cThere are many plus points from lipstick, ingredients to the palette to easily cut every girl's heart from the first use.

+ Quality lipstick after applying to the lips will feel immediately soft and smooth

+ Son has the ability to quickly penetrate into the lips immediately after application

+ Long gone after many hours

+ Also helps conceal lips' imperfections

+ The palette of 19 lipstick colors with many different styles, spoiled for her to choose from.

Therefore, the above reasons have made this lipstick line hotter than ever.

Top 6 Types of Super Lipstick to Make Me Melons - - 3CE Cosmetics | BBIA Cosmetics | Bourjois Cosmetics 7

Reference price: 195,000 dong

5. Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink matte cream

Innisfree is a popular Korean cosmetic brand belonging to AmorePacific group. Not only in Asia, Innisfree is now one of the famous cosmetic brands all over the world with high quality and effective products.

Innisfree manufactures a wide range of cosmetic products for facials, body care, hair care and makeup products. In 2018, Innisfree launched a new line of lip cream Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink Booming with great quality.

Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink matte cream of Korean Innisfree brand has a simple design but does not lose its sophistication. 

+ The lipstick body and lip cap are the same color as the inner lip color, convenient for choosing your favorite lipstick color.

+ Quality lipstick when smooth and light lips like cotton

+ One of the longest lasting cream lipsticks (keep color 5-7 hours) and does not cause lip gloss.

Innisfree matte cream now 10 colors with all colors from red, orange to earth, suitable for many different styles.

Top 6 Types of Super Lipstick to Make Me Melons - - 3CE Cosmetics | BBIA Cosmetics | Bourjois Cosmetics 9

Reference price: 130,000 VND

6. Mac matte cream

Mac is one of the lipstick brands that are very familiar to the beauty believers with the familiar bullet shape and always looks luxurious.

Top 6 Types of Super Lipstick to Make Me Melons - - 3CE Cosmetics | BBIA Cosmetics | Bourjois Cosmetics 11

Reference price: VND 550,000

+ Mac Retro Matte Liquid matte cream when brushed on the lips for an extremely standard color 

+ Ability to keep the color of lipstick well

+ Can beat many layers of lipstick without causing clots on the lips.

+ This lipstick line includes 15 colors with different tones so that she can choose and choose the style for her lips.

+ Note the "hot" matte lipstick models: Top 10 My Favorite Lips Son "All Time"

Lipsticks are the separated weapons of beauty lovers, a lips with beautiful lipstick color will be extremely prominent highlight on the face. But not everyone finds it easy to choose for themselves a lipstick that looks like it but must be super hard and always safe. Hopefully the above suggestions can help you in choosing lipstick to be more confident and comfortable in life.

Super High Quality Lipsticks Son BbiA last Lipstick
Son Miracle Apo Lipstick Matte
3ce Velvet Lip Tint matte cream
Velvet lipstick Bourjois Velvet
Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink matte cream
Mac matte cream

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  1. Evaluate some of the more specific lipsticks? Kind of the review with but now I need that much more

  2. I want to wholesale these types of sales, how the whole family? Can the whole house give information?

  3. Cream lipstick: cream lipstick
    Pearly / frost lipstick: lip gloss
    Sheer / Stain lipstick: wind lipstick
    Lip gloss = Glossy lipstick: lip gloss
    Matte lipstick: matte lipstick
    Tint lipstick: Water lipstick
    Long lasting lipstick: long lasting lipstick
    Moisturizing lipsticks: moisturizer
    Milky lipstick: milk lipstick
    Ink lipstick: ink lipstick
    Jelly lipstick: jelly lipstick

  4. What is matte lipstick?

    Matte lipstick means matte lipstick, when applied to the lips, gives a matte, smooth, flat lip base. This is the beauty of the world trend lipstick for several years. The biggest advantage of matte lipstick is that it lasts a long time, can be up to 12 hours depending on the lipstick manufacturer and gives the color very honest, especially the bold colors.

    What is Son Sheer?

    Sheer is a line of discolored lipsticks, also called wind lip. This is considered a "witch" for shiny and moist lips thanks to its high moisturizing ingredient. The lipstick is transparent, the prescription is very natural, suitable for teenagers and young people. However, the downside of this lipstick line is that it drifts quickly after about 1-2 hours, so it will have to be applied again. In addition, most lipstick sheer series are also quite "modest" in color palette.

    What is lip gloss?

    Lip gloss is the lip gloss that has fascinated her for a while. Referring to the favorite lip line of the girls with thin lips must mention lip gloss. Thanks to the average moisture level and silky shine, lip gloss has the ability to bring a plump, sexy lips. You can use only lip gloss to apply or combine them with other normal lipsticks to increase the seductive effect. In particular, thanks to the ability to color lips naturally so lip gloss suitable for all ages. It is believed that lip gloss makes the face look younger!

    What is Son Shimmer?

    Shimmer lipstick is a light emulsion. It is a combination of lip gloss and luster, but darker colors. Shimmer lipstick with sparkling emulsion effect, even some lipstick lines also have glitter, very respectful and create an impression when "dressed" to the night party. Son shimmer has many strange tones, for masquerade as silver, copper, purple ...

    What is Son Satin?

    Satin lipstick is a matte lipstick. When applied to the lips, the coating still gives a smooth, beautiful color, but thanks to the nutrients, you will feel a smooth, lightweight lips very pleasant. Satin lipstick also has good color adhesion, usually from 5-6 hours. Those who are fascinated with Korean style makeup certainly can't help but be in this magical lipstick bag. Especially with the young, lovely, extremely active girls with "smooth" lip gloss, smooth, long lasting color and high moisturizing as satin.

  5. How to distinguish between matte lipstick and cream lipstick

    Choose cream lipstick or lipstick, how to distinguish it?

    The simplest way to help her distinguish the two types of beauty masterpieces is based on the characteristics of the lipstick. Surely she knew what a lipstick is. Blogdepkhe will briefly introduce matte lipstick.

    Lip cream is a liquid lipstick. Incorporated in a jar, use a lip cream properly using a brush to apply lipstick to the lips. Lather on the lips will feel wet for 1 to 2 minutes and then quickly dry.
    The advantage of cream lipstick is for beautiful, very standard color too. Besides, it has the ability to moisturize the lips.
    The downside of cream lipstick is quite lipstick and easy to float.

  6. matte lipstick is always concerned about the world, except for men: D and if the direction is kaka rolls

  7. Where are the address of this famous cosmetic store in Saigon? Can anyone know, please let me consult with you

  8. Why does lipstick make you so fascinated? But I do not have a lover, I do not know how to kiss my son, but I really think that kissing and eating lipstick now is scary ...
    Ps: the opinion of a single person

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