Top 6 Most Popular Comedians Showbiz Today

What is your favorite comedian? Let's take a look at Topnlist Showbiz favorite comedians now offline!

The most favorite comedians Topnlist Introduced below is not only the person who brings a lot of laughter to the audience but in real life the comedians, this artist is also very happy to be friendly with the people around him. So make sure they receive a lot of love and affection from the audience. Let's see who they are!

List of Comedies, Comedians Most Popular Showbiz Currently

1. Comedian Hoai Linh

Comedian Hoai Linh is the most favorite comedian

Referring to the comedy and the most favorite comedians in which no one is not aware of the comedy Hoai Linh(1). Although being a celebrity, Hoai Linh comedian is very simple and sociable, funny, and is loved by many audiences. With many talents such as playing many characters both boys and girls, speaking the voices of many different regions.

Not just comedy Hoai Hoai Linh's name also participate in short films, Vietnamese New Year films or as a jury of many programs to create a lot of funny laughter for viewers.

Hoai Linh comedian with the beauty of acting, words and life and for that reason, from the beginning of his career, Hoai Linh is still the most favorite comedian.

2. Artist Chi Tai

Artist Chi Tai is the most favorite comedian

As the name many people mentioned in the comedy skits, artist Chi Tai mainly working overseas and as a co-star with elite artist Hoai Linh. Not only comedian, not only is he the most favorite comedian but he is also the composer of music and participated in nearly 20 different films.

During many years of practicing, Chi Tai coincided(2) - Hoai Linh or Bao Liem - Van Son has become a monument, becoming the most favorite comedian that any audience of any age will love.

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3. Viet Huong artist

Viet Huong the most favorite comedian

As one of the most popular comedians who storm the entertainment industry, Vietnamese artist Huong was nicknamed "Monster master" by his beloved colleagues because he can transform unpredictably to play an excellent role from a 5-year-old child to the role of an old lady, from the sincere and rustic personality to sculpture outrageous, wicked, from students to crazy people.

In addition to being a comedian, Artist Viet Huong(3) also appeared on film with impressive roles in films that brought a lot of laughter to the audience.

Viet Huong artist is one of the most favorite Vietnamese comedians today.

4. Comedian, MC Tran Thanh

Tran Thanh is the most favorite comedian

With the smart and active language, Tran Thanh appeared with a dizzying frequency on television with the roles of comedy, MC, acting, judging, singing and being a Vietnamese furry actor.

Tran Thanh has a talent that very few people have that is imitating other people's voices, he can imitate the voice, fake the voice of many famous singers and artists. Every sentence that every action on stage also made the audience laugh.

Tran Thanh is currently the hottest name showbiz and is the most favorite and most sought after comedian in Vietnam.

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5. Comedian Changjiang

Changjiang the most favorite comedian

Changjiang is now one of the most popular and expensive show comedians currently. In recent years, comedians Long river has received many prestigious awards from his comedic profession.

Not only a comedian, but Truong Giang also participated as an MC, a jury for many shows and caused a lot of laughter for the viewers.

That is why comedian Truong Giang is very much loved and watched the show with his appearance.

6. Miss comedic village Thu Trang

Thu Trang the most favorite comedian

If you have watched the shows present Miss comedic village Thu Trang there's no need to say anything else. Thu Trang from an anonymous person became a powerful woman on the Vietnamese comedy scene, is a favorite comedian today.

Her appearance on shows such as Ai Ai Ai, Thanks to him here and bring joyful and funny atmosphere.

Comedian Thu Trang is no longer a strange name for TV viewers through films, funny comedies that bring lots of fresh and joyful to viewers.

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Each artist has a different style, with his talent the artist comedian This is the most favorite which brings a lot of laughter to us in life and they receive a lot of love and affection from the fans.

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