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Top 5 Prestige Quality Spas In Da Nang

After a tiring week, many women often choose to go to Spas to relax and beauty. Today's article, TopnList would like to introduce 5 prestigious and quality Spa addresses that are highly appreciated by customers in Da Nang.

1. Salem Spa Danang

Salem Spa Danang Founded in 2012, with years of experience in providing spa services, this beauty spot has become a familiar destination for Danang residents as well as tourists both at home and abroad.

Top 5 Prestigious Quality Spas in Da Nang - - Adella Spa | Cham Spa | D & #039; ORO Spa 1

Space Salem Spa Extremely modern, airy and close to nature, with professional massage services will help you relax after stressful working hours.

Top 5 Prestigious Quality Spas in Da Nang - - Adella Spa | Cham Spa | D & #039; ORO Spa 3

With Formula "Customer is the center, the satisfaction of our target customer strives". All employees Salem Spa Always cultivate expertise and continuous efforts to take care of customers with the best services.

Top 5 Prestigious Quality Spas in Da Nang - - Adella Spa | Cham Spa | D & #039; ORO Spa 5

Besides, Salem Spa also regularly update customer images, skin care treatments or new masks, ... on the fanpage, create high interaction with customers.

Salem Spa provides the following services:

• Steam.

• Massage therapy.

• Skin care, skin care.

• Treatment of dark circles and puffiness.

• Exfoliate and condition the body.

• Types of skincare masks and intensive care masks.

• Waxing and Paraffin.

• Acne treatment.

• White bath.

Why choose Salem Spa?

• Modern facilities, equipment and safety.

• Extremely beautiful space, cool and close to nature.

• Beauty treatments and treatments are subjected to the most stringent tests and censorship processes.

• Employees are always trained to improve their skills periodically and have good customer care skills.

Contact information:

Address 1: 528 Street 2/9, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Phone: 0236 363 8888

Address 2: 06 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Phone: 0236 383 2036




2. D'ORO Spa

Top 5 Prestigious Quality Spas in Da Nang - - Adella Spa | Cham Spa | D & #039; ORO Spa 7

D'ORO Spa is one of the leading units in the field of skin care and relaxation in Da Nang. Launched in 2012 with the aim of bringing absolute relaxation as well as meeting the beauty and health needs of customers. After 7 years of operation, D'ORO Spa Danang has gradually step up and develop more in the field of providing rehabilitation and beauty treatments for customers.

Top 5 Prestigious Quality Spas in Da Nang - - Adella Spa | Cham Spa | D & #039; ORO Spa 9

D'ORO Spa Danang Always committed to providing customers with prestigious products and services - quality - perfect, affordable price.

Services, promotions, care products, or beauty procedures are fine D'ORO Regularly updated on fanpage.

D'ORO's main services include:

• Skin Care.

• Rehabilitation.

• Safe white bath - shower.

• Reduce belly fat - arms - thighs.

• Relaxing massage.

• Waxing.

Why choose D'ORO Spa Danang?

• Prestige and long experience in the field of beauty and health care.

• The space is comfortable, luxurious but also very cozy; Modern facilities and clean, safe medical equipment.

• Abundant, diverse services with different care therapies, giving customers a lot of experiences.

• Use products with reputable brand name and clear origin.

• A team of professional experts, attentive and caring service.

Contact information:

Address: 88 Hoang Van Thu, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Phone: 0236 3565 610 09055 212 88



3. Adella Spa (Adella Skincare & Luxury Spa)

With maxim "Towards perfect beauty", Adella Skincare & Luxury Spa Commit to bring the latest beauty methods, the most advanced to give customers a more perfect beauty.

Top 5 Prestigious Quality Spas in Da Nang - - Adella Spa | Cham Spa | D & #039; ORO Spa 11

Adella Spa always offer incentive programs, update new services, beauty combos and beauty results of customers on the fanpage so customers can capture information and easily interact with Spa.

In particular, customers can search online by inbox to get advice on skin condition and offer appropriate care methods - completely free of charge.

Featured services at Adella Spa:

• Intensive skin nourishing care.

• Specialized high-tech acne treatment.

• Skin rejuvenation, lifting, toning, tightening of pores.

• Relaxation therapies - reduce fatigue.

• Incubation of paraffin.

• Waxing.

• High speed white bath.

Why come to Adella Spa?

• Modern equipment, clean medical equipment to ensure sterilization.

• Special treatment products with well-known brands and clear origins.

• Advanced care technology and follow a strict implementation process to ensure quality and absolute safety for customers.

• The team of skin care professionals here is experienced and the staff is always dedicated, thoughtful.

• Frequently offering treatment and beauty packages to customers.

Contact information:

Address: 176/10 Ly Tu Trong, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Phone: 02363 532368

Hotline: 0905 767697




4. Da Nang Cham Spa

Top 5 Prestigious Quality Spas in Da Nang - - Adella Spa | Cham Spa | D & #039; ORO Spa 13

Located in Hoa Xuan ecological urban area, Cham Spa Danang famous for its luxurious space, unique architecture, classic and excellent care services make it the most favorite spa when traveling to Danang.

Top 5 Prestigious Quality Spas in Da Nang - - Adella Spa | Cham Spa | D & #039; ORO Spa 15

Come to Cham Spa, you will experience the following services:

• Spa & Massage, healthcare by traditional medicine method.

• Soaking, bathing in Po Mu precious wooden crates with traditional Dao Do tobacco leaves.

• Sauna Chinese medicine.

• Steambath, Sauna, Jacuzzi pool heated.

Why choose Cham Spa?

• As a luxurious Spa, all services bring positive feedback from customers.

• A team of experienced professionals, customer care in the most thoughtful and considerate way.

• The traditional care services, bringing new experiences to customers.

Contact information:

Address: 05 Le Quang Hoa, SunGroup - Hoa Xuan Bridge, Da Nang

Phone: 0236 6 563 563 0236 221 7777

Hotline: 098 777 3 777




5. May Spa

Originated from the ideas of health care and beauty passion, May Spa was established with two branches in Da Nang with the desire to bring quiet space, health care and beauty services for everyone.

Top 5 Prestigious Quality Spas in Da Nang - - Adella Spa | Cham Spa | D & #039; ORO Spa 17

Come to May Spa, surely you will be eliminated fatigue, energy recovery after experiencing the methodical treatment from the experts at this place. Guaranteed, May Spa will make you happy and become their loyal customers.

Top 5 Prestigious Quality Spas in Da Nang - - Adella Spa | Cham Spa | D & #039; ORO Spa 19There are many types of rich and diverse services such as:

• Relaxing massage

• Eyelid extensions

• Waxing

• Facial care

• Body and nail care

Why choose May Spa?

• Professional service, modern facilities.

• Skilled staff, considerate service attitude.

• Using the best products, quality assurance

• Reasonable price.

• The space is solemn, cozy and comfortable.

Contact information:


- 12 Pham Phu Thu, Hai Chau and Da Nang

- 1B Le Duan, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Phone: 00935 688 803 0236 3538 778




So, TopnList shared with you 5 prestigious spa addresses in Danang. In the most livable city in Vietnam, there are many reputable spas trusted by women TopnList not to mention all, hope that you share more quality addresses for this article to be more complete. Wish you always have the most relaxing experience!

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