Top 5 Fragrances with Good Fragrances Most Popular Today

In the process of choosing perfumes, in addition to the concern about the brand, the fragrance group, the design as well as the price of the product, the level of fragrance is also one of the factors that make women pay attention to.

Fragrances with good fragrance will help you be comfortable and confident for a long time without having to pay attention to when the scent will fade. Therefore, many women have to be hesitant and confused when buying perfume because they do not know which product to choose for their fragrance well.

The perfume has a good fragrance

So which perfume products will bring the longest aroma to the body of women? Refer to the list of "Top 5 perfume products with good fragrance best popular today" Topnlist Share below to get your own options!

Refer to the list of Top 05 Best Fragrances by the Beauty Community's Favorite This Year.

1. Chanel Chance EDP

The beginning of this list is Chanel Chance EDP perfume products from Chanel brand famous of France. Chanel Chance EDP perfume will definitely make you satisfied with the fragrance up to 6 hours.

Thanks to that, the fresh, fragrant scent of jasmine, orchids combined with the passion of pink pepper, musk and vetiver in the product can wrap tangerine with women for hours.

Because of that reason, when using Chanel Chance EDP perfume, women will make people around you fall in love with the extremely delicate aroma, gently adding a little sexy and seductive.

Top 5 Most Popular Fragrance Fragrance Products Today - perfumes with good fragrance - Chanel Chance EDP | J'adore | Midnight Fantasy 2

Reference price: 4,500,000 VND

In addition to Coco Chanel, French perfumes also have many other favorite fragrances. French fragrances are often directed to romance and sweetness, so the scents from this country are always ready to captivate. How beautiful women's hearts.

So when it comes to French perfume, what will be the top choices of women? Let's find the answer with Top 5 perfumes that make women passionate from France be trusted.

2. Prada Candy Kiss

Prada Candy Kiss perfume is a product owned by Prada brand from Italy. This product attracts the attention of many girls because of its fresh, sweet and slightly passionate aroma from orange blossom, musk combined with vanilla.

And of course, the fragrance of Prada Candy Kiss perfume is also very excellent with retention time up to more than 12 hours on the body.

Therefore, when using this perfume product, women absolutely can be assured and confident to be able to enjoy the attractive fragrance that Prada Candy Kiss remains on their bodies.

Top 5 Most Popular Fragrance Fragrance Products Today - perfumes with good fragrance - Chanel Chance EDP | J'adore | Midnight Fantasy 4

Reference price: 3,000,000 VND

3. J'adore

J'adore is a perfume of French Christian Dior brand, this is probably a product that is no stranger to those who are followers of perfume.

J'adore perfume is aimed at a noble, luxurious and feminine style with the fragrance of magnolia, lily, jasmine and sweet fruits such as peach, pear or tangerine. This soft and sensual fragrance of the product is kept for a long time on the body thanks to the fragrance of up to 12 hours.

So when choosing J'adore perfume, the sisters always feel confident in all activities because this charming scent always accompanies them on every path.

Top 5 Most Popular Fragrance Fragrance Products Today - perfumes with good fragrance - Chanel Chance EDP | J'adore | Midnight Fantasy 6

Reference price: VND 4,200,000

Germany is a country famous for its many unique fragrances which are loved by many users throughout the country in general and Vietnam in particular. Reference a number German perfume brands are popular that you should not ignore.

4. Narciso Rouge

The fragrance of Narciso Rouge perfume of the US Narciso Rodriguez brand will surely make many women happy by the time up to 10 hours. Such remarkable fragrance helps Narciso Rouge fragrances to easily reach and attract women with a new, seductive scent from iris, vetiver, cedar and musk.

Therefore, if you are wondering in search of a fragrance with persistent fragrance among many fragrances on the market, Narciso Rouge will be a good candidate to bring the beauty and beauty. Feminine attract all eyes.

Top 5 Most Popular Fragrance Fragrance Products Today - perfumes with good fragrance - Chanel Chance EDP | J'adore | Midnight Fantasy 8

Reference price: 3,400,000 VND

5. Midnight Fantasy

The American brand Britney Spears is famous for perfumes with good fragrance, and Midnight Fantasy is no exception. With a fragrance up to 12 hours on the body, Midnight Fantasy perfume has brought sweet and seductive scent from plums, cherries and attractive floral notes of orchids, iris makes everyone I have to be bewildered.

Also because of the long-lasting fragrance, Midnight Fantasy perfume has easily helped women to become confident and stand out in their places without having to worry about the fragrance going away quickly.

Top 5 Most Popular Fragrance Fragrance Products Today - perfumes with good fragrance - Chanel Chance EDP | J'adore | Midnight Fantasy 10

Reference price: VND 1,800,000

For women who are working in an office environment, in addition to taking care of their image, it is always neat and polite, the selection of a suitable perfume for her is also very important. .

The scent appropriate for the workplace is usually gentle, not too passionate but still makes women become attractive in the eyes of everyone around. Let Topnlist suggest her Top 5 perfume bottles suitable for office workers.

A fragrance product with good fragrance will be the supreme weapon for women to be comfortable in all activities of life without having to worry about the fragrance being lost in a short time.

Therefore, the degree of incense is always a concern of many women in the process of buying perfume for themselves. Hope The list of perfumes has a good fragrance just presented above will be useful information for women who are looking for a fragrance with persistent fragrance.

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