Top 5 Fragrances Of Versace Brand Are Favorite Women

What did you know about Versace perfume? Italy is known as a famous perfume power in the world, it is not natural that it has received such enthusiastic support from women. With extensive experience in the study of scents, Italian perfume brands always produce quality products with extremely attractive scents to the world market.

And in many fragrances currently on the Italian market, it is necessary to mention the attraction of products from Versace brand. This brand is currently attracting a lot of attention from women, so here is the same Topnlist research Top 5 perfumes by Versace brand be your favorite sister!

Introducing The List of Top 5 Versace Fragrances For Women

1. Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue

When it comes to the scent that is currently loved by many of Versace perfume brands, it is necessary to mention the product Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue this.

This is a perfume that is suitable for women with a charming style, confident because the scent of this product always gives users a fresh, sweet and energetic feeling. The presence of roses, rosehip, jasmine in the composition of fragrance has created a sweet fragrance around you all day.

Besides, the freshness hidden in the Bodhi fragrance, the fragrance of white wood also gives Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue a lovely scent, attractive but no less youthful, energetic so that you can self Believe more in the attractiveness of your body.

Top 5 Fragrances Of Versace Brand Most Favorite Sisters - Versace's Fragrances - Versace Brand | Versace Eros Pour Femme | Versace Pour Femme 9

Reference price: 3,310,000 VND

2. Versace Pour Femme

From the launch until now, fragrances Versace Pour Femme Never make women disappointed or make any complaints. Because Versace Pour Femme always brings the fragrance to satisfy the user's sense of smell with great charm and sensuality.

One of the factors that makes this product special fragrance is the sweetness, romance and sophistication that come from fragrant flowers such as purple wisteria, clove, jasmine and lotus.

In addition, the fragrance will not be complete without the presence of pure cedar wood and warm, elegant musk. Thanks to the combination of ingenious and ingenious ingredients, Versace Pour Femme perfume always brings joyful feeling, full of vitality to please all women.

Top 5 Fragrances Of Versace Brand Most Favorite Sisters - Versace's Fragrances - Versace Brand | Versace Eros Pour Femme | Versace Pour Femme 11

Reference price: 1,500,000 VND

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3. Versace Eros Pour Femme

Versace Eros Pour Femme is a perfume that carries in itself a fragrance reminiscent of a captivating, captivating image of a beautiful woman that many people fall in love with.

The scent of the product always makes people remember the freshness of lemon yellow and Bergamot, the gentle sweetness of jasmine and peony.

In addition, the wrapper of musk merges with the warm Ambroxan flavor that pats your emotions in the most comfortable and natural way.

Top 5 Fragrances Of Versace Brand Most Favorite Sisters - Versace's Fragrances - Versace Brand | Versace Eros Pour Femme | Versace Pour Femme 13

Reference price: 3,310,000 VND

4. Yellow Diamond Intense

Perfume Yellow Diamond Intense is also one of the extremely outstanding products of the Versace brand with a scent filled with pure, fresh and extremely attractive floral scent.

Attractive scent of Yellow Diamond Intense is evoked thanks to the presence of saddles, sweet pears interwoven with the freshness, pristine of Bergamot and Neroli oranges.

And certainly can not forget the warm, comforting feeling brought by precious species of wood. It is the conspicuous combination that has brought Yellow Diamond Intense an undeniable charm to girls who love sexy and feminine beauty.

versace brand perfume

Reference price: VND 2,200,000

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5. Versace Vanitas

Perfume Versace Vanitas is the product is very popular of the women working in the office environment by the fresh fragrance in the early morning spring. This is the product that brings the freshest and most youthful fragrance of Versace brand.

The elements that make up this feature of Versace Vanitas perfume are the fresh, fresh lemon flavor combined with gentle, pure tiare flowers and freesia.

There is also the addition of Virginia cedar and Tonka beans to bring warmth and comfort. Therefore, this product is very suitable for young office ladies.

versace brand perfume

Reference price: 2,390,000 VND

Fragrance has always been an indispensable part of the lives of women, so the selection of a suitable perfume product from a reputable brand and quality is also essential. With the product of Versace perfume brand The most favorite has just mentioned above, hope that every woman can own a fragrance for her is very satisfied.

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