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Top 5 Delicious Dishes Made From Shrimp Should Not Be Ignored

Shrimp is a very familiar food in the family's daily tray of rice, dishes made from shrimp are easy and delicious. In the shrimp meat contains a lot of nutrients: have the effect of supplementing proteins, protecting blood vessels and preventing cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, ... Therefore, pocket immediately Top 5 delicious dishes made from shrimp below of Topnlist to include in the family meal.

Collection of Top 5 Delicious Dishes Made From Shrimp

1. Seaweed shrimp soup

Top 5 Delicious Dishes Made From Shrimp Should Not Be Ignored - - Shrimp 1

Strange mouth with shrimp soup seaweed

Seaweed shrimp soup is a famous dish in Korea. This dish brings a cool seaweed flavor, a rich sweet shrimp taste that makes it hard to eat. Currently, seaweed shrimp soup has become very popular in Vietnam because of its delicious and easy-to-find ingredients.

The recipe is simple but very delicious. Just boil water, add marinated shrimp, seaweed, young tofu into slices, wait for boiling again and season to taste.

2. Shrimp with coconut water rim

Coconut water rim shrimp is a familiar dish of Westerners. This is a family dish suitable for all spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Top 5 Delicious Dishes Made From Shrimp Should Not Be Ignored - - Shrimp 3

Shrimp simmered coconut water - indispensable dish of the western people

The dish scored in the hearts of many people because the way to do it is not too complicated, the taste is rich and attractive. When enjoying, you will feel the natural sweetness of shrimp mingled with the greasy taste of coconut milk. Therefore, the shrimp with coconut water rim captivated many people not to eat even though they only enjoyed it once.

This is a rustic dish, easy to find raw materials, simple implementation so it is very popular in the Southwestern region. Just fry a little spice oil and then put the shrimp on the island to turn red, then add the coconut water and cook it to dry.

3. Deep-fried shrimp

Top 5 Delicious Dishes Made From Shrimp Should Not Be Ignored - - Shrimp 5

Fried shrimp - an indispensable dish for the family

Fried shrimp is a familiar dish in the tray of rice, and is also an attractive banquet indispensable in the party. The dish of fried shrimp has a luxurious, beautiful appearance, delicious taste, so it is loved by many people.

The shrimp are covered with flour flour fried outside when enjoying it will see delicious crunchy crust, sweet and juicy shrimp flesh. From the fresh shrimps, people peel off the shells and dip them with eggs, roll them into deep-fried dough, and then deep fry them until golden brown. Enjoy while hot will be fragrant, both crispy and sweet.

4. Shrimp with garlic butter

Top 5 Delicious Dishes Made From Shrimp Should Not Be Ignored - - Shrimp 7

Obese with garlic butter shrimp dish

Shrimp simmered butter garlic Attractive delicious, simple processing but very popular with most family members. Dishes cause "grinding" by the aroma of garlic butter and natural sweetness of shrimp.

Shrimp after preparation will put in a pan to non-fragrant with garlic and butter. Add the seasoning oil and simmer until the water runs out. With this extremely simple way of processing, you will have a nutritious and delicious food for your beloved family.

5. Salad of shrimp butter

Top 5 Delicious Dishes Made From Shrimp Should Not Be Ignored - - Shrimp 9

Shrimp Salad - simple dish, easy to make

The shrimp butter salad is made from a combination of shrimp and a sweet, aromatic butter. Moreover, sauces from olive oil, wine, coriander and spices also help this dish to score in the hearts of everyone.

How to make shrimp butter salad is also very quick and simple. Mix shrimp, butter, onions with olive oil, red wine, garlic powder, chopped parsley, mustard, salt and pepper together and enjoy the delicious dish in the right way. Finally just put the salad on a plate, decorate as you like and enjoy.

Above are Top 5 delicious dishes made from shrimp that Topnlist has introduced to you. Take hold of this list to bring delicious and nutritious meals to the family.

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