Top 5 The Most Effective Body Scrub of All Time

The majority of women often take good care of their skin care but do not pay much attention to the protection of the whole body. That is the cause of the rough, dark as well as folliculitis in this skin area. So what to do to improve the skin body condition?

The first thing to do immediately and always is to exfoliate regularly 2 times a week to clean the skin because the accumulation of long-term dead skin cells on the skin is the main cause of rough, poorly colored skin. Exfoliating will help the skin absorb nutrients from creams to improve the skin.

If you are wondering in choosing a body exfoliator that suits you, please refer to the list of body scrubs below.

1. The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub

Top 5 The Best Body Scrub of All Time - - Evoluderm Cosmetics | Innisfree Cosmetics | Organic Shop 1 Cosmetics

Reference price: 580,000 VND

The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub is one of The Body shop's best-selling exfoliating products.Thanks to the skin's nourishing effect Organic olive oil extract Retain moisture to skin that product The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub Favorite than ever.

Besides, Olive fruit and Crushed walnuts still Gentle skin exfoliation. The skin will be softened and moisturized, restoring suppleness with sunflower seed oil. Smooth cream and small particles should Does not cause discomfort when rubbed on the skin. The gentle scent is also an attraction for beauty followers of The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub.

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2. Organic Shop Organic Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub

Top 5 The Best Body Scrub of All Time - - Evoluderm Cosmetics | Innisfree Cosmetics | Organic Shop 3

Reference price: VND 250,000

Organic Shop Organic Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub is a perfect version from Russia's Organic Shop brand. This is a brand specializing in these organic products should always be preferred because no detergent and preservatives are used.

Products are likely It effectively removes dead cells thanks Recipe contains coffee Accompanied by skin lightening effect and Sucrose (a type of sugar made from sugar cane or beets). The grain texture is smooth enough for easy massage. Organic Shop Organic Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub It is also very easy to use because the fragrance is attractive.

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3. Innisfree Green Tea Pure Body Gel Scrub

Top 5 The Best Body Scrub of All Time - - Evoluderm Cosmetics | Innisfree Cosmetics | Organic Shop 5

Reference price: 210,000 VND

Innisfree Green Tea Pure Body Gel Scrub Innisfree's brand has received a lot of love from people because of its easy-to-use, gentle massage gel No fear of burning or scratching. Extract 93% green tea Produced in a field on Jeju Island packed with antioxidants.

In addition, the Polyphenols in green tea Effective against the negative effects of the environment on the skin. The presence of the massage nut from crushed walnut nut shell Smooth skin immediately after washing, very suitable for all skin types.

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4. St. Ives Aprico Body Scrub

Top 5 The Best Body Scrub of All Time - - Evoluderm Cosmetics | Innisfree Cosmetics | Organic Shop 7

Reference price: 150,000 VND

Exfoliating cream St.Ives Apricot Body Scrub Originating from USA, currently being sold widely in the world. Products won the favor of many people by ingredients completely from nature.

With the main extract is from apricots High in carotenoid content and contain effective antioxidants, the skin will be looked after and brightened very gently. Products are also known by Natural exfoliating ability very good thanks for the ingredient cornstarch in the product.

In addition to the above ingredients, exfoliating cream St.Ives Apricot Body Scrub also Walnut extract help tExfoliate to make your skin healthier. The harmonious combination of ingredients has helped St.Ives Apricot Body Scrub Cleansing away dead skin cells

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5. Evoluderm Exfoliant Corps

Top 5 The Best Body Scrub of All Time - - Evoluderm Cosmetics | Innisfree Cosmetics | Organic Shop 9

Reference price: 160,000 VND

Evoluderm Exfoliant Corps famous throughout the French market for its effect Exfoliating and comprehensive skin care. Smooth and creamy texture contains scrub particles gently massage skin to Removes dead cells without damaging the skin, to leave skin smoother and absorb nutrients well.

Evoluderm Exfoliant corps would be the perfect choice for the lanes dull, rough, or acne-prone skin. The natural ingredients in the cream help to soothe and soften skin Can be used on sensitive skin in which Glycerin is the main ingredient along with vitamins A and E.

Exfoliation is a very important step in every girl's body care process. Choosing the right exfoliating product will make your skin brighter and more even, while also absorbing the nutrients from skincare cosmetics. If the dead cells are not removed regularly, they will accumulate thicker, which will affect the regeneration of new skin cells. The result is wrinkled, dull and lifeless skin. Hopefully the above list of 5 body scrubs will help you in choosing an effective product.

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