Top 5 Addresses Cheap Mi Connector Training In Ho Chi Minh City

You have a need to learn and become an artisan with a stable income. However, in Ho Chi Minh City, there are too many centers for eyelash extensions with unqualified quality as well as many different tuition levels. This makes you wonder whether to choose an address that suits your budget.

So let Topnlist Introducing to you the top 5 cheap eyelash extensions teaching addresses in Ho Chi Minh City for your reference.

List of Top Cheap Libraries In Ho Chi Minh City Quality Assurance So Attract A Lot Of Participants.

1. Hoalys Academy

Hoalys Founded in 2009 in Taiwan and until June 2015, Hoalys officially expanded its market in Vietnam with the first cosmetic center located in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. With extensive experience and creativity, cultivating non-stop techniques, Hoalys has invented the "Angel" eyelash extension technique and is also the developer of "Black Rose" eyelash extensions. It is very popular in the world about Vietnam.

center eyelash extensions cheap hcm

Besides being a top quality cosmetic center today, Hoalys is also a center specializing in eyelash extensions training, which has trained thousands of qualified, good technical eyelash extensions. Hoalys is currently a member of INCA Asian Beauty Association (including 8 Asian member countries).

Hoalys is also the leading unit that regularly cooperates with other famous beauty centers to organize annual eyelash extensions competitions to help students have a playground to show their talents as well as train and learn. and cultivate more knowledge for myself. In addition, Hoalys' top lecturers also organize free lessons, eyelash extension seminars for those in need.

Hoalys Academy student commitments:

  • Hoalys' vocational qualifications have been recognized by Vietnamese, Malaysian, Taiwanese and Singaporean countries.
  • Well-trained by international teaching methods.
  • Commit after the course, students will do the right thing and follow the required criteria of each technique
  • Warranty lifetime skills for students


  • Address: 365 Su Van Hanh, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hotline: 0906 767 161 - 028 62 82 2555
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

2. Linh Chi Beauty Training Center

With over 20 years of experience in beauty and training, Linh Chi Academy is one of the most highly esteemed beauty training centers currently providing the beauty market in Vietnam with a large team of highly skilled professionals. In particular, a large number of students have succeeded in opening stores large and small across the country.

Address teaching cheap eyelash extensions in Saigon

Faculty with experienced working and training with at least 7 years of teaching experience. The curriculum is national standard, regularly updated with the most modern and advanced eyelash extensions technology today. The system of facilities, equipment of international standards helps students with space, a favorable learning environment, easy to absorb the taught knowledge.

Join the eyelash extension course at Linh Chi Academy, you will receive commitments from the center such as:

  • Commitment to training until the career is not limited to study time.
  • Graduated vocational certificates are valid nationwide and internationally.
  • Guaranteed job after graduation.
  • After completing the course, students can work immediately or open a business for themselves.


  • Address: 54A - 56 Tran Huy Lieu, Ward 12, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hotline: 01222 986 686
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

3. ANDI Academy

Born in 2016, ANDI Academy It is currently rated as one of the leading cosmetic centers in the nation's eyelash extensions service. Developed in parallel with both professional services and extensions, ANDI is constantly developing and learning to become a prestigious and quality address for those who need beauty as well as become professionals. professional eyelash extensions.

Cheap eyelash extensions school in Ho Chi Minh City

With a team of professional, experienced lecturers and high professional knowledge, putting the word "Mind" at the top of each course not only provides job-related knowledge but also communicates and shares experiences. Experiences and life skills help students gain the most comprehensive knowledge and confidence to develop themselves after each course.

At ANDI Academy, students will be taught on a 1-on-1 route, guaranteed to be guided enthusiastically, to help students acquire the knowledge in the most optimal way, eliminate mistakes in the process learn and improve skills. The curriculum is constantly updated according to the latest technology in the world with equipment, facilities, facilities and modern.


  • Facility 1: 281/6 Le Van Sy F.1 Tan Binh District. Ho Chi Minh City
  • Facility 2: 281/62 / 1A Le Van Sy F.1 Tan Binh District. Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hotline: 0905 304 930
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

4. Flower Beauty Lashes

Flower Beauty Lashes was established by artisan mi - Hoa Duong Ellingsen. This is an address specializing in training professional practitioners, distributing eyelash extensions and eyelash extension services in Vietnam.

At Beauty Beauty Lashes, the teaching staff are all skilled artisans, masters, with many years of experience and dedication in teaching, helping students master techniques from simple to advanced as well as hands. Proficiency after finishing the course. Among them are lecturers who have participated in the world's eyelash extensions contests, won countless prestigious awards and are recognized by the world's eyelash extensions experts.

good eyelash extension training institute

After graduating from the courses at Hoa Beauty Lashes, you can confidently work in major beauty centers, open your own salon as well as participate in both large and small contests in the country and internationally. .

Besides direct courses, Hoa Beauty Lashes also has online courses for those who need to study but cannot come directly to the center. In particular, students attending two Classic and Volume extensions courses will be supported for life and be updated with the latest knowledge in the world.


  • Address: 232 / 1a Cao Thắng extended, ward 12, district 10, TP.HCM
  • Hotline: 01264017408
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

5. Miss Tram Academy (Miss Tram Academy)

Operating in beauty industry with over 17 years of experience, Miss Tram Academy prides itself as one of the esthetic training centers that attract thousands of students every year, providing the beauty market with highly-skilled estheticians, a number of excellent students who have opened stores on a large scale Small across the country.

The lecturers here with extensive work and training experience not only provide students with a solid foundation of knowledge, but also train and guide practical skills and knowledge accumulated in the main process. lecturer work process.

Top 5 places to teach cheap extensions in Ho Chi Minh City - a place to teach cheap extensions - ANDI Academy | Flower Beauty Lashes | Hoalys Academy 15

Coming to the course at Miss Tram, what will you get?

  • Understand the growth principles and characteristics of eyelashes.
  • How to analyze, shape the eyelashes in accordance with each person's face,
  • The knowledge about artificial eyelashes: curl, thickness, length of eyelashes so that it is suitable and safe for eyes
  • The most modern eyelash extensions technique: Classic, eyelash extension, eyelash extension, eyelash extensions one by one, .. Especially you will be fluent in 3D eyelash extensions (angel), eyelash extensions. Sexy black rose (sexy) is currently the most popular,
  • Master the techniques of eyelash extensions 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, ...
  • Proficient in eyelash dyeing, eyelash extension, eyelash extension,
  • Know how to remove eyelashes.
  • Know how to coordinate mi color and care the most standard mi.
  • Having knowledge of customer advice before and after eyelash extensions, crisis handling skills with customers during the operation.
  • Usage and storage of equipment, materials used in eyelash extensions.

Top 5 places to teach cheap extensions in Ho Chi Minh City - a place to teach cheap extensions - ANDI Academy | Flower Beauty Lashes | Hoalys Academy 17

In addition to the basic to advanced knowledge base, we will serve well in the practice process as well as develop more with the profession. When attending the course at Miss Tram Academy, the benefits that you receive as:

  • Sponsored all machinery and equipment throughout the course
  • Trained according to an international standard curriculum with the participation of famous experts in Spa and Beauty industry
  • Sponsored model practice for free
  • Examination for vocational certificates issued by the Vietnam National Administration of Vocational Training is valid throughout the country
  • Miss Tram Academy organizes classes on demand for students preparing to exit, urgently need to open shops, overseas Vietnamese to return home, study in groups, tutoring, online learning, studying for degrees - certificates, ...
  • You can request to teach in a variety of languages in Vietnamese, English and Chinese
  • Classes at Miss Tram Academy regularly open, diverse schedules
  • There are spacious facilities, modern classrooms and beautiful dormitories for students in remote areas

Eyelash Extensions - Curling Lashes at Miss Tram Academy Are committed to many jobs, as well as ensure teaching until you are proficient and confident with your skills. This is the commitment that Miss Tram Academy sends you showing the quality of teaching here.

Top 5 places to teach cheap extensions in Ho Chi Minh City - a place to teach cheap extensions - ANDI Academy | Flower Beauty Lashes | Hoalys Academy 19


The addresses that Topnlist introduced above hope to be suggestions for your choice. Wish you find a quality eyelash training center, suitable for you. In addition, these are not the only addresses on this list, if you have other ideas can contribute to us in the comment section below.

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