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Top 5 The Best Skincare Spa Training Center in District 1

Today, people pay more attention to the care and beauty of the skin. Besides home-based skincare, going to intensive spa centers is a popular option. Therefore, career opportunities with spa careers are always wide open with high development potential.

However, to choose a quality training center, reputation is still a big challenge for those in need. Understanding this issue, Topnlist Please share some quality centers in District 1 that you can refer to.

Spa Vocational Training Center District 1

1. Miss Tram Academy (Miss Tram Academy)

Top 5 The Best Skincare Spa District 1 - Beauty Salon Zuri | BB Beauty Nails & Spa Academy Miss Tram Academy 1

With over 17 years of experience in training, Miss Tram is now one of the places that attracts a large number of students every year. Put students' work results first, in addition to focusing on professional knowledge of the spa profession, when attending courses at Miss Tram, students still sharing knowledge, practical experience, methods of dealing with situations, crises happening to guests with experience gained through the actual working process of experienced teaching staff where here.

With every course at Miss Tram Academy is a vocational training course, so the lesson plan here is designed science based on professional knowledge and 17-year experience in the profession, giving students the best possible. Not just theoretical teaching, The learning process will be streamlined in time between theoretical and practical study, ensuring that by the end of the course, students will have solid skills, willingness to work and increase their income.

By attending the course at Miss Tram, you will be provided with comprehensive knowledge related to skin care - treatment such as:

  • Knowledge of devices, laser machines.
  • The role and effect of each type of light on the skin (Red light, Purple light, Blue light, Orange light, ...).
  • Distinguish the signs and characteristics of the 9 most common types of acne on the skin.
  • The technique of removing acne cores limits pain and does not leave scars.
  • The treatment course is suitable for each type of acne to help the skin to heal thoroughly.
  • Exclusive formulas in white annealing, whitening baths are safe and effective.
  • Skincare treatments: Detox toxins for the skin, Collagen Therapy, Allergy skin care therapy, C running process, Eye circle removal treatment + Facial puffiness + Wrinkles, ...
  • The intensive process: The lifting process + skin rejuvenation, Coal shot process, CO2 treatment, MELLASMA therapy, Needle roller therapy, ...
  • Permanent hair removal.
  • And many other exclusive skin care methods and techniques.

In addition to the professional knowledge about treatment and skin care, when attending the course at Miss Tram Academy, what do you get?

  • Sponsored free practice models to apply the skills they have learned in practice.
  • Examination for vocational certificates issued by the Vietnam National Administration of Vocational Training is valid throughout the country.
  • Associate & support certification with Legal Training Centers in the United States, Australia to be able to confidently operate in an international environment.
  • Study syllabus in 3 languages (at the request of students): Vietnamese, English, Chinese.
  • If you are about to leave the country; urgently open shops; overseas Vietnamese; want to study in groups, learn by degrees - certificates, ... Miss Tram will support private classes on demand.


Top 5 The Best Skincare Spa District 1 - Beauty Salon Zuri | BB Beauty Nails & Spa Academy Miss Tram Academy 3

2. Spa vocational training center - Cali Spa

Top 5 The Best Skincare Spa District 1 - Beauty Salon Zuri | BB Beauty Nails & Spa Academy Miss Tram Academy 5

As one of the pioneering centers in the field of skin care and spa training services, spa vocational training center - Cali spa It is always desirable to provide students with the most advanced spa techniques in the world with a solid workmanship and broad employment opportunities. With the personnel needs of the beauty industry is scarce,Spa Vocational Training Center - Cali Spa become a prestigious Training Center, on the market for training beauty staff. Since then it has helped thousands of students, become professions and become business owners to run Spa chains at home and abroad.

Affirming the center's brand through awards such as:

- Awards and Honors for companies:

  • VIETNAM POWER brand - April 2018

- Awards and Honors for individuals:

  • QUEEN STAR BUSINESS - December 2017

Besides, there are experienced and enthusiastic teaching staff to help students grasp the knowledge of the profession as well as eliminate errors in the learning process. Here, you will be equipped with in-depth knowledge about the training industry such as facials, body reflexology, whitening, eyelash extensions, waxing, hair removal, mole burning, foot reflexology, personal points, personal feng shui, intensive cosmetics and cosmetic sales, spa management, with many benefits:

+ Is the only center in the city. HCM, you will learn to practice and beautify your skin with high-end cosmetics dermalogica and princess. (effective treatment of melasma 100%, lifelong warranty does not return)

+ Commitment 100 % students have jobs at Cali agent chain after graduation.

With the criterion "Your success is our success", spa vocational training center - Cali spa is constantly updating the latest technology in the curriculum, improving the equipment system, facilities for students' learning process is the best.

Each year, thousands of students graduate and succeed in the path they have chosen to show the excellent teaching quality of the center, do you want to be one of those successful people?


  • Address: 315 Pham Ngu Lao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 090 870 11 11
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

Top 5 The Best Skincare Spa District 1 - Beauty Salon Zuri | BB Beauty Nails & Spa Academy Miss Tram Academy 7

3. Thuy Tien Beauty Salon

Top 5 The Best Skincare Spa District 1 - Beauty Salon Zuri | BB Beauty Nails & Spa Academy Miss Tram Academy 9

As one of the most reputable addresses today, Thuy Tien beauty salon set vocational training criteria with the mind of the educator, giving students the best quality. Constantly updating the latest beauty trends in the world as well as improving the knowledge of the teaching staff to help convey the best way to students. Ensuring that every trainee, after finishing the course, has strong skills and is ready to accept new career opportunities.

Referring to Thuy Tien Beauty Salon, it is impossible not to mention the awards and titles that the center has obtained, this is the most specific evidence for the quality that Thuy Tien Beauty Salon brings:

  • Many years achieved the Golden Hand Cup (2010, 2012, 2015, 2017)
  • Top 10 Innovative Entrepreneurs - Prestigious Safety - Quality Products / Services in 2015
  • Certification of brand "Beauty training" (January 12, 2017 to January 12, 2018)
  • Voted as a 2016 gold brand customer
  • Received Prestige Gold Table 2017 - developed for the company's quality reputation


  • Address: 82-84 Le Thi Rieng, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, TP. HCM
  • Phone: 19006878
  • Website:
  • Facebook: https://www.

Top 5 The Best Skincare Spa District 1 - Beauty Salon Zuri | BB Beauty Nails & Spa Academy Miss Tram Academy 11

4. BB Beauty Nails & Spa Academy

Top 5 The Best Skincare Spa District 1 - Beauty Salon Zuri | BB Beauty Nails & Spa Academy Miss Tram Academy 13

If you are looking for a professional spa training address, quality should not be missed BB Beauty Nails & Spa Academy hey. There are many courses for you to choose from such as professional spa specialist, nail care, eyelash extensions, .. with a team of experienced instructors in teaching. The curriculum is updated regularly according to international standards so that students can work at home and abroad, ensuring 100% students are satisfied after the end of the course.


  • Learning is coupled with real sample practice in the center.
  • Highly professional teachers dedicated guide
  • The short study period of only 1-2 months ensures that a graduate will have a job immediately earning no less than 7 million VND / month
  • Support set up + provide tools for students who want to start a business.
  • 100% students after graduation will master the professional knowledge and solid skills.


  • Facility 1: 133E Hoa Lan, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Facility 2: 150/40 Nguyen Trai, P. Ben Thanh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 093 884 26 01
  • Facebook:

Top 5 The Best Skincare Spa District 1 - Beauty Salon Zuri | BB Beauty Nails & Spa Academy Miss Tram Academy 15

5. Zuri cosmetology training

Top 5 The Best Skincare Spa District 1 - Beauty Salon Zuri | BB Beauty Nails & Spa Academy Miss Tram Academy 17

As one of the investment addresses to develop intensive spa training courses and spa management. Besides that, Zuri also carries out spa up-set projects and provides high-quality human resources for the spa field. With the motto of Zuri is "Faith, good job, good management" Therefore, the center is committed to helping students after graduating from the course "Strict workmanship, strategic ability" to be able to work, effectively manage her spa.

In order to get the best training, the center has been constantly learning, updating the optimal methods of teaching and performing spa services, to help students grasp and practice the knowledge learned. into practice in the most optimal way.

What is the reason to choose a vocational training course at Zuri?

  • Professional teaching staff.
  • The latest updated training curriculum.
  • Commit 100% to get a job right after the course.
  • Diverse course suitable for all students.
  • Students often practice on real people.
  • Use the latest technology in practice.
  • There are always incentives to study for disadvantaged students.
  • Special: Get cooperation training staff for spas, skin care institutes wishing to send skilled staff.


  • Address: 97 Dang Dung, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 0968 684 682 - 0902 91 69 11
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

Top 5 The Best Skincare Spa District 1 - Beauty Salon Zuri | BB Beauty Nails & Spa Academy Miss Tram Academy 19

Above is some information about the best skincare spa training facilities in District 1 which, according to the evaluation and summary of Topnlist. Hoping to provide you with suggestions on choosing a suitable and quality training institution. If you have any comments, don't hesitate to share them Topnlist Please.

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    1. Mình học bên Miss Tram có chia sẽ setup spa nè bạn ơi, bên này chất lượng dạy cũng nổi tiếng lắm đó.

        1. Hoài Trúc: Vô tư bạn nhé. Bên này dạy theo kiểu cập nhật công nghệ vs kiến thức mới liên tục à.

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    1. Mình học bên Miss Tram có tặng bộ dụng cụ nè bạn, toàn đồ xịn thôi nhé

  3. If Miss Tram teaches skin care, quality is undisputed. Especially acne treatment, extremely professional. After finishing school, if I have capital, I am confident to open spa

      1. Mình học rồi xứng đáng đồng tiền lắm. Thời gian thì còn tùy vào khả năng lên tay nghề của bạn á. Nhưng thường sẽ tầm 3-5 tháng thôi.

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  4. This review review fully updates the information of each location. Thank you so much, I am looking for information on this skincare course. lucky to find this article all the time.

  5. I have studied Miss Tram before, there are some massage classes that are not very well taught but very skin-intensive. From simple acne procedures to the use of machine technology, or every step of the procedure is well taught. There are 2 basic and advanced courses, study time is also very active so you can refer

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