Top 5 Essential Nutrients to Help Develop Natural Height For Children

Taking care of your child's skeleton from an early age is the best way to help children grow up to develop healthy, especially to help them have a balanced body and superior height. In addition to strengthening your children's daily activity, families should have a reasonable and adequate diet, to provide energy for their daily activities, and to help their children develop in the healthiest way. .

Top 5 Essential Nutrients that Help to Grow Child's Natural Height - Nutrients that help grow height - Calcium | Ice cream | Protein 1

With Top 5 nutrients to help develop the natural height for children but Topnlist will analyze below, hoping to help families hear what the "heart language" of a child's body needs.

1. Calcium

Calcium is a mineral that plays a very important role in the body, is the main ingredient for bone formation and development, helping bones stay strong. Therefore, calcium is the first nutritional factor that determines the height of the child.

Calcium nutrients help develop height

Calcium is the nutrient that helps to grow the most important height

The adequate supply of calcium every day will help children grow taller, in addition to increasing immunity, helping children protect themselves against the invasion of harmful bacteria. 

For children who are deficient in calcium, they will grow slowly, have small bones and are weak, easily leading to rickets, the height will grow much slower than their peers. In addition, calcium deficiency also causes other dental diseases such as: Teething slowly, poor quality teeth, easy decay or uneven teeth, ...

Therefore, families should supplement their children with adequate calcium daily by using foods that are high in calcium, easily absorbed such as:

+ Fresh milk, dairy products (yogurt, cheese, butter, whey, etc.), eggs, sardines, kale, tofu, cereals, oats, orange juice, dark green leafy vegetables, etc.

+ In addition, children can be able to use more calcium supplements or support the body to use calcium appropriately to build strong bones such as: Mequib, vipteen, Tall nubest, ... In case, if the child has a severe deficiency of calcium, he should consult a doctor before giving the child to use calcium rich products.

Top 5 Essential Nutrients that Help to Grow Child's Natural Height - Nutrients that help grow height - Calcium | Ice cream | Protein 4

Calcium is essential for maintaining strong bones for children of all ages. Therefore, do not forget to add calcium-rich foods to the menu every day to help children grow to their maximum height.

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2. Protein

According to research, protein is also an indispensable component in the process of height growth in children.

Nutrients protein helps to grow taller

In the first 2 months of life, 50% protein in a child's diet is used for body development, the remaining 50% maintains life for tissues and muscles. By the age of 3 years, 11% of protein intake is used for growth height and weight, for strong musculoskeletal system.

In addition, in the diet, protein helps replaces and regenerates cells, cartilage, regenerates bone cells, muscles and organs in the body, helps wounds heal quickly, balances fluid and acid in the body. This substance is especially important for young children because at this age, children are in a period of continuous development.

Top 5 Essential Nutrients that Help to Grow Child's Natural Height - Nutrients that help grow height - Calcium | Ice cream | Protein 7

Foods rich in protein nutrients help to grow taller

Therefore, families should choose to provide the necessary amount of protein each day These foods are naturally rich in protein to be processed into nutritious delicacies for children such as: Egg white, fish, poultry, dairy products, filet mignon, soy, legumes ...

Foods that help increase the body's resistance, avoid the risk of problems such as acne, diarrhea or heat stroke in the summer: Top 10 Super Good Foods To Add To The Hot Summer Day

3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a nutrient that plays a particularly important role in the development of height in children, helps the body absorb calcium and regulates the activity of bone metabolism hormones, Helps with bone regeneration and skeletal system development. If the body is deficient in this vitamin, the calcium intake will be difficult to enter the bone, causing calcium deficiency in children.

Vitamin D is synthesized primarily through the skin by absorbing sunlight, so families should make it easier for children to exercise outdoors in the mornings.

Top 5 Essential Nutrients that Help to Grow Child's Natural Height - Nutrients that help grow height - Calcium | Ice cream | Protein 9

The sun is fortified with vitamin D nutrients that help to grow taller

In addition, Vitamin D is also available in some foods including carp, salmon, tuna, dairy products such as milk, cheese, eggs and soy milk, etc.. According to research, in 100g of carp has 24.7 mcg of vitamin D, 100g of salmon contains 10.88 mcg of vitamin D and egg yolks have 2.88 mcg of vitamin D per 100g.

Basically, calcium functions as a building block structure while, Vitamin D facilitates the absorption of calcium in the body. Therefore, to help children develop height naturally and effectively, families should supplement the two essential vitamins in parallel to the child every day.

Vitamin D nutrients help develop height

On the market today, there are many types of vitamin D supplements for children, however, families should not arbitrarily buy for their children to use, but consult your doctor.

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4. Zinc

Zinc is a trace mineral that has been shown to play a particularly important role develop children's height, muscles, nerves and immunity in the first years of life. Zinc works to increase the effectiveness of vitamin D on bone metabolism by stimulating DNA synthesis in bone cells, in addition to interacting with important hormones involved in bone growth.

In other words, if a child is deficient in zinc, he or she will slow growth in height, bone development disorder, delayed puberty, anorexia due to taste disorders. Long-term anorexia will lead to malnutrition, which in turn will affect growth and development.

Zinc nutrients help develop height

Foods that contain Zinc nutrients help to grow height

Families should supplement foods with high zinc content such as: Red meat, some seafood (lobster, crab, oysters, shellfish, ...), whole grains and some cereals instant, ... According to the study, the zinc content in 100g of oysters is 13.4 mg, 100g of pork is 5.76 mg of zinc, 100g of beef is 4.05 mg of zinc, ... 

So, Zinc is an important trace element for the development of the body, especially the skeletal system of children. NApart from zinc, there are also other important micronutrients such as magnesium, iodine, lysine, vitamin F, iron, vitamin C, etc.They also contribute significantly to healthy development as well as help with good growth. about the height of the child.

Children in the development stage need to be provided with sufficient nutrients to help develop the brain and fitness in the best way. The following are good foods for brain development: Top 9 Foods to Help Brain a Smart Child

5. Vitamin K2 

Finally Vitamin K2 - Essential vitamins for adults as well as young children, but often forgotten and misunderstood.

Top 5 Essential Nutrients that Help to Grow Child's Natural Height - Nutrients that help grow height - Calcium | Ice cream | Protein 13

Foods rich in vitamin k2 nutrients help to grow taller

Vitamin K2 is a nutrient with important effects Bone health and height development of young children. Many people often think that vitamin K is only one type and they are very much in leafy greens, so giving children a variety of these foods is considered to have adequate vitamin K intake for children.

In fact, the "Family" of vitamin K consists of three different types: Vitamin K1 - phylloquinone, Vitamin K2- menaquinones and Vitamin K3. In particular, only Vitamin K2 can help strengthen bones and develop, while the "brothers" of K2 are vitamins K1 and K3 do not have this effect.

Although vitamin K1 is found in many green leafy vegetables, vitamin K2 is not found in many vegetables. In the human body it is possible to convert Vitamin K1 to K2 thanks to the bacteria in the intestinal tract, but the conversion rate is very low and does not meet the needs of the body.

*** A core point that families should remember is: When the amount of calcium in the body, if there is no vitamin K2 and vitamin D, then calcium will go into any place, easily disordering the operation of the body's parts. Therefore, Calcium needs to be accompanied by vitamin D and vitamin K2 to become a trio that helps the body to get enough calcium and ensure that calcium will go into the bones to help bones grow and strong.

Vitamin k2 nutrients help in height development

In addition, Vitamin K2 also protects blood vessel walls from calcification, prevents calcium deposits into the walls of the arteries, which is also an essential substance for adults to prevent osteoporosis in old age.

Therefore, if you want to supplement vitamin K2 to increase the height of children, in addition to vegetables, families need to add other foods rich in vitamin K2 such as: Meat, eggs, and fermented foods like cheese, yogurt and natto - a traditional Japanese dish fermented from soy, ..

Top 5 Essential Nutrients that Help to Grow Child's Natural Height - Nutrients that help grow height - Calcium | Ice cream | Protein 16

Mequid provides vitamin K2 nutrients that help to grow taller

There are many types of vitamin K2 supplements for children on the market today, you should consult with doctors before giving your child these types of products.

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Through the Top 5 nutrients to help develop the natural height for children above, Topnlist Believing that helping families, especially mothers, understand the importance of the essential nutrients for the young body, thereby providing children with the most nutritious food and food. , help children grow and stay healthy optimally.

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