Top 5 "Golden Recipes" Helps Grow Child's Height Naturally

For couples who have - are and are about to become parents, the desire for their children to own a good health, a tall body is what all parents want to do for their children. . And this wish is not too "unrealistic" if parents know how to take care of their children properly and scientifically.

Top 5 "Gold Recipes" Helps Grow Child's Height Naturally - the secret to growing height - Increase Height 1

With Top 5 "Golden recipes”Helps to develop a child's height naturally Topnlist will discuss the following day, hoping to help relieve some of the pressure of families in finding ways to raise tall, healthy children. Let's learn about each "secret" with Topnlist!

Recipes Help Grow Child's Height Naturally

1. Providing adequate nutrients for mothers during pregnancy

To help children develop comprehensively, including height, mothers in pregnancy need to have a complete and reasonable diet.

In the body, there comes 90% calcium concentrates in skeletal system and teeth. Therefore, in order to develop a height for your baby right from the womb, you need to supplement yourself with many types of calcium-rich foods every day such as: Milk and dairy products, eggs, beef, fish, loach, and five cups, fruits, greens, ...

Besides, Protein, vitamin D and vitamin K2 are also essential nutrients in the overall height development of the fetus and children. born later.

Providing enough nutrition secrets to help grow height

Depending on the nutritional status of women before pregnancy, the diet during pregnancy will also vary. Therefore, mothers should regularly consult their doctor about their diet, and at the same time regular pregnancy check-ups to know the health status of mother and child.

In addition, breast milk is the child's only food source for the first 6 months, so the daily intake of nutrients before pregnancy, during pregnancy and lactation period is the most necessary job, creating a premise for children to develop the optimal height later.

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2. Nutrition for children

Nutrition accounts for 32% (higher than the genetic factor of only 23%) and is the most important factor in the height development of children.

Din diets good secret tips to develop height

From the 6th month onwards, mothers can start feeding their babies. As the child grows, in each child's diet should be supplemented with the following 4 food groups:

+ Starch (Gluxid / carbohydrate): Supplying energy, having the most important function, accounting for 60 - 65% of total diet energy.

+ Protein (Protid): Is raw material to build body cells, muscles, bones, teeth ... accounting for 10 - 15% total dietary energy.

+ Fat (Lipid): Energy reserves, which are important in the development of children's long bones as a child, while fat also enhances the absorption of oil-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, ...) that help the skeletal system develop good development, accounting for 10% of total energy of diet.

+ Minerals and essential vitamins such as: Calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper, manganese, boron, silicon, chondroitin, DHA, vitamins A, D, C, K2, B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12, PP ...).

At each age, children will have different diets, families need to pay attention and pay attention to this part. If too little, the baby will be malnourished, but too much will cause obesity. Do not eat anything too much, causing imbalance.

In addition, always encourage children to be more close with the Food rich in minerals, protein and calcium. These are important nutrients to ensure the optimal daily nutritional needs of the body, speeding up the development of height each year.

Compared to the familiar vitamins that are frequently released (like vitamins A, B, D, C, ...), there is a vitamin that works to attach calcium to the bones, help bones stay strong, enhance height development in young but often forgotten it is vitamin K2.

Calcium when taken into the body can not go into the bone that needs the "help" of the other two names are vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Only when the full presence of these three nutrients is new Helps the body to get enough calcium and ensures that calcium goes into the bones to help the bones grow and be strong.

In addition, Vitamin K2 also protects blood vessel walls from calcification, prevents calcium deposits into the walls of the arteries, which is also an essential substance for adults to prevent osteoporosis in old age.

Vitamin K2 is found in cheese, tofu, especially Japanese fermented tofu (natto), butter, egg yolks. On the market today there are many vitamin K2 supplements in the form of MK7 such as: Mequib, vipteen, ... You can consult your doctor or dietitian before giving your child these products.

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3. Exercise daily

Physical activity is a factor that accounts for 20% affecting the height development in children. In addition to providing adequate nutrients for children, daily physical training is the best method for healthy bone growth, ensuring optimal height for children. Opposite, sedentary lifestyles will inhibit the growth of muscles and bones, thereby reducing the height of children that could otherwise be achieved.

strength training tips to develop height

Depending on the age to let children exercise the most reasonable way. Following instructions from the UK Department of Health, children under 5 years old should be active for at least 3 hours a day, children 5 - 18 years old need at least 1 hour a day to exercise., do not let your baby play sports that are too heavy for their age.

For children over 5 years, families should choose for children from light to heavy exercises such as: Go for a brisk walk, ride a bike or have fun, run and do organized sports.

Note, there is no need to perform exercise exercises for 60 minutes in a row, but parents should split the amount of regular exercise time in a day to make the baby stronger, avoiding fatigue due to overexertion.

The most noticeable benefit when children play and exercise is a refreshing and cheerful spirit. Physically, regular exercise will help the muscular system, bones in the stage of completion of children have good development opportunities. Exercise also helps increase blood circulation and metabolism, metabolism in the body so that the child's resistance will improve, the child can better fight disease.

For children who are underweight, rickets, in addition to supplementing nutrients from the milk, functional foods for babies to gain weight, develop height, to achieve those benefits, families must also let children exercise. physical activity every day. By campaigning will help children be able to absorb nutrients from those products better. In addition, the physical activities during the day also help your baby can sleep better at night.

Encourage children to exercise outdoors from 15 to 20 minutes in the morning (before 9am), in order to supplement enough vitamin D (absorbed through the skin) for children, help bone development, height growth, in addition also prevents jaundice in children.

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4. Get enough sleep

For children, sleep is also a very important part because the process of developing bone length mainly takes place at night.

Depending on the age, children also have different appropriate hours of sleep, as follows:

+ Newborns usually sleep 22 hours

+ From 2 to 6 months, children need to sleep 15-18 hours

+ From 6 to 18 months, children need 13 - 15 hours of sleep

+ From 18 months to 3 years of age, children should sleep 12-13 hours

+ Children aged 3 to 7 years should sleep 11-12 hours a day

Get enough sleep secrets help develop height

Most to achieve optimal growth, children need to be facilitated get enough sleep at night and nap during the day. If children have a good night's sleep, they sleep well, this will help their body secrete growth hormone, help increase calcium absorption, stimulate long bones and comprehensive physical development.

Accordingly, children need to sleep at least 8 hours a night and have deep sleep. Make sure your baby's sleep is not bothered by anything, the child doesn't have nightmares or is uncomfortable sleeping. Because if your baby's sleep is often disturbed, it can adversely affect the baby's height growth rate. 

Children should go to bed before 10 pm, a deep sleep from 10 pm to 3 am is the time when the body releases the highest growth hormone.

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5. Healthy living environment

Accompanying sleep is an environmental factor, two of which make up the remaining 25%, which have a strong impact on the height development in children.

Healthy living environment helps to develop height

An environment that is called healthy for a well-developed child must include all of the following:

+ Fresh environment, clean, no pollution

+ Clean water

+ Food to ensure safety and hygiene

+ Good quality child care, ...

If the above factors are met, children will be able to develop physically as well as height and spirit optimally. In contrast, if the child lives in an environment where socio-economic conditions are underdeveloped, pollution environment, inadequate clean water, unsafe food and poor quality of care, here These are the indirect causes that greatly affect the health, the ability to develop the physical as well as the formation of personality and way of thinking later. 

Therefore, parents should give children a healthy living environment so that they have the opportunity to grow up to be confident and perfect.

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Looking forward to growing up with a tall, healthy body is the desire of all parents. Hope for top 5 “Golden recipes"Helps children to develop a natural height above, can" part "of the burden in the care of children of all families today.

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