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Top 4 Prestigious Lip Tattooing Salon in Binh Thanh District

Do you know these The most reputable lip tattoo spray salon in Binh Thanh District? With the growing aesthetic industry, lip tattoo spray is now not far from women. Not only bring a fresh lips, lip tattoo spray can also improve a lot of defects such as disproportionate lips, lips too thick, too thin or scars, less on the lips.

Roll the list of the most prestigious and top quality lip tattoo salons in Binh Thanh District

To have the most perfect beautiful lips, choosing a reputable tattoo spraying establishment is very important. Today's article, TopnList Introducing the top 4 most prestigious and best quality lip tattoo salons in Binh Thanh District.

1. Ngoc Dung Beauty Salon - reputable lip tattoo salon 

Ngoc Dung Beauty Salon was established in 1998 and up to now and is one of the most prestigious lip tattoo salons today. This beauty brand has become famous not only in the city but also throughout the country 17 branches.

With mission making Vietnam market become an Asian beauty paradise ”, Ngoc Dung Beauty Salon Always strive to improve each day in order to bring absolute satisfaction to all customers who come here to experience the service.

reputable lip tattoo spray salon

Baby lips charm service in Ngoc Dung Beauty Salon to be considered state-of-the-art technology in the field of aesthetic embroidery spray, bring lips the standard color, durable and beautiful in the most natural way - this is one of the methods of beauty lips that many customers choose.

What makes customers appreciate Ngoc Dung is The most prestigious lip tattoo salon?

+ Baby lips charm technology is a great combination of modern spray techniques with 100% herbal extract material produced according to a standard process in the United States., bring beautiful lips true tone, color standard and most durable.

+ With a team of technicians who have strong and professional skills, customers coming here will have a clear, balanced lip shape and the process will also take place quickly, without causing pain - providing the most safe and satisfied feeling for customers.

+ TMV Ngọc DungThe most reputable lip tattoo spray salon Always pioneering Application of the latest beauty technology, 100% equipment used here are exclusively imported in the United States and renewed every year.

+ TMV Ngọc Dung is the only Vietnamese representative to win an international award "Business has the best customer service in 2019”By Council of Actioncoach (Australia).

With the above advantages, TMV Ngọc Dung - The most prestigious lip tattoo salon, confidently committed to bringing the sharpest, freshest and most harmonious lips to customers.

Therefore, TMV Ngoc Dung deserves to be one of the most prestigious lip tattoo salons in Ho Chi Minh.

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Beauty salon reputable lip tattoo spray Ngoc Dung also has other outstanding services such as:

+ High-tech skin treatment: Treatment of melasma, Treatment of freckles, Treatment of pitted scars, Treatment of dark circles, Treatment of buttock, Treatment of inguinal, Oily skin & large pores.

+ Comprehensive skin rejuvenation: Skin rejuvenation with Super Hifu technology, Skin rejuvenation & toxin removal with activated carbon laser technology.

+ American fat reduction technology.

+ Spray embroidery aesthetic: Charm eyebrow powder spread, Charm Baby lips.

+ Other beauty services: Hair Removal, White Bath.

Contact information for reputable lip tattoo salon - TMV Ngoc Dung


+ Facility 1: 212C Tran Hung Dao, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1

+ Facility 2: 219 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1

+ Facility 3: 392A Nguyen Thi Thap Street, Tan Quy Ward, District 7

+ Facility 4: 32 - 34 - 36 Street 3/2, Ward 12, District 10

+ Facility 5: 63 Dinh Tien Hoang, Ward 3, Binh Thanh District

Phone: 1800 6377

Work time:

+ Monday - Saturday: From 9:00 AM - 19:00 PM

+ Sunday: From 9:00 - 16:00



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2. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center - reputable lip tattoo salon 

Referring to the care - skin treatment and tattoo spray, cosmetic sculpture in the city. HCM can not ignore the name Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center; Because this is a name that many beauty believers choose to trust and recommend. Miss Tram is one of the most prestigious lip tattoo salons and is trusted by customers in Ho Chi Minh City in general and Binh Thanh District in particular.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and a team of professional technicians, Miss Tram Always bring absolute satisfaction to each customer when experiencing the services here.

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Besides, Miss Tram Always updated with the latest modern technology trends in the World to best meet the beauty needs of all customers. Therefore, this address is always rated well on beauty forums. 

Spraying lip service Miss Tramreputable lip tattoo spray salon are used techniques: Collagen Lip Spray - Stem Cell Spray, Korean Technology Crystal Spray, Queen Lip Spray, Micro Lip Sculpture... Each method has different advantages and offers different options for customers.

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What makes customers choose tattooing, lip sculpting services at Miss Tram?

+ For each lip case, Experts are always ready to listen and advise the most appropriate methods and procedures for customers - Therefore, customers can completely improve their lip defects such as: dark lips, dry lips, asymmetrical lip lines or lips too thick or too thin.

+ The process is quick, non-invasive, painless, requires no downtime, long-term effect and leaves no side effects - Help customers have beautiful lips easily.

+ The technician team at Miss Tram is well-trained and skilled, ensure the color is evenly spread to the corners of the lips, up to the most standard and natural color.

+ Miss Tram always Commit to using high-class ink colors, sterile medical instruments and a commitment to quality service 100% for customers. In addition, with each method of lip spray, Miss Tram is There is an operating mode and support to change lip color after spraying for free.

+ In addition to service quality, Miss Tram Always appreciated by the attitude of dedicated, professional service, always bringing the most satisfaction to customers. That's why this is Today's most prestigious lip tattoo salon. 

With the knowledgeable knowledge of a team of experienced professionals, with modern tattoo and sculpture technology, Miss Tram - The most reputable lip tattoo spray salon committed to bringing plump lips, up to the standard color and maximizing the imperfections on your lips. 

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Other outstanding services at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center - the most prestigious lip tattoo salon include:

- Spraying aesthetic sculpture tattoos:

+ Making eyebrows (shaping natural beauty)

+ Sharp eyelid spray

+ Sculpture of lips full of vitality (+ Treatment of intensive lips)

+ Delete, correct, repeat old or damaged lips.

+ Bright skin care:

+ Acne treatment thoroughly

+ Treatment of pitted scars, pitted acne perennial

+ Delete melasma to the root

+ Natural rejuvenation (Lift muscles, eliminate wrinkles).

+ There are also:

+ Remove tattoos without scars

+ Remove aesthetic moles

+ Safe hair removal

+ Eyelash extensions curled, reared naturally beautiful.

Contact information for the most prestigious lip tattoo salon - Miss Tram


+ Facility 1: 30 Dang Thi Nhu, P. Nguyen Thai Binh, District 1, Tp. HCM

+ Facility 2: 126/6 Phan Xich Long, Ward 3, Bình Thạnh District, Tp. HCM

Phone: 1900 7018 – 0909 783 289 – 093 718 6060

Working time: 9:00 - 20:00 (All days of the week)

Miss Tram Website Natural Beauty Center:

Miss Tram Academy Website:



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3. Opal Beauty Spa Salon - the most prestigious lip tattoo salon

Opal Beauty Spa Not only is the most prestigious lip tattoo salon, but it is also rated as a well-known beauty salon with skin care and treatment services, which are crowded by customers in Binh Thanh District as well as in the city. First choice.

With the mission is preserve youth and bring confidence in life for women ”, team Opal Beauty Spa Always strive to improve the quality and efficiency of services, bringing the most satisfaction to customers.

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Spraying lip service Opal Beauty Spa Although it is not a key service, it always receives high appreciation from customers because of its professional working style and always brings the most expected results. So, Opal Beauty Spa rated as one of the most prestigious lip tattoo salons in Ho Chi Minh today.

What makes customers choose lip tattoo service at Opal Beauty Spa - the most prestigious lip tattoo salon

+ Opal Beauty Spa utilizes Collagen Lip Spray and Lip Stem Cell Technology - These are two modern lip-spraying technologies, helping lips to be glossy, sexy and remove defects such as dark lips, dry lips thoroughly.

+ Spraying process is carried out in a closed manner, quickly, ensuring painless, non-invasive and no harm to lips - Bring the most safety and satisfaction to customers.

+ Opal Beauty Spa committed to using herbal ink cartridges with a wide range of lip colors for customers to choose from. In addition, the experts will advise customers the lip color that best suits the skin, personality so that customers have the best standard choices.

+ Opal- The most reputable lip tattoo spray salon Having a team of highly qualified doctors and experts, undergoing a well-trained process and having many years of professional experience., bring peace of mind as well as optimal efficiency for customers.

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In addition, what are the outstanding services that Opal Beauty Spa - the most prestigious lip tattoo salons?

+ Lifting muscles, wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation.

+ Ending Melasma - Freckles.

+ Treating intensive scars - Acne - Pitted scars.

+ Remove tattoos without scars.

+ Slimming.

+ Hair removal.

+ Spray tattoo aesthetic.

+ White bath, treatment intensive areas of the body.

+ Massage services.

Contact information for the most prestigious lip tattoo salon - Opal Beauty Spa

Address: 334 Phan Van Tri, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District, Tp. HCM

Phone: 0909 737 869

Working time: 8:00 - 20:00 (All days of the week)



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4. Vy Nguyen Beauty Salon - the most prestigious tattoo salon

The most prestigious name for lip tattoo salon in the end TopnList want to mention is Vy Nguyen Beauty Salon - This is a well-known facility with quality service as well as gentle and thoughtful customer care specifications. At this point, every customer is consulted wholeheartedly to perfect the beautiful painting on his face.

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With Formula "Keep forever youth, Vy Nguyen reputable lip tattoo salon Always try every day to bring the perfect quality service to customers.

Spraying lip service Vy Nguyen Beauty Salon using European Lip Spray technology - This is a modern and safe cosmetic lip balm technique, bringing a fresh, naturally plump lips without lipstick.

What are the advantages that make customer service to evaluate Vy Nguyen as one of the most prestigious and beloved lip tattoo salons?

+ Spray lips European technology Technology is cosmetic spraying extremely safe and does not cause irritation to the lips as well as the surrounding skin.

+ Vy Nguyen Beauty Salon committed to using ink materials imported from the US, with natural extracts should not discolor, do not cause side effects.

+ With a team of technicians who are well trained and have many years of experience in the profession, in addition to overcoming dark lips, customers will be shaped more lip contour and can "cheat" the thickness of the lips to make the face most harmonious.

+ The process of tattoo spraying is done in a closed, safe and sterilized medical equipment standards of the Ministry of Health, bring beautiful lips the fastest standard time without relaxation.

+ Facilities at Vy Nguyen are also invested and upgraded often piercing, Bring the most comfort to customers.

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Beauty salon spray lips reputation Vy Nguyen also has the following outstanding services:

+ Eyelid cutting service: Cut the eyelid, Press the eyelid, Peel off the fat, Stretch the lower eyelid.

+ Cosmetic surgery: Lifting the bow of the eyebrows, Cutting the lip of the heart, Narrow the nose, SUN technology.

+ Cosmetic tattoo spray: Eyebrow tattoo, European technology lip spray.

 + Eyelash extensions service.

Contact information for the most prestigious tattoo salon - Vy Nguyen

Address: 466/7 Le Quang Dinh, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District, Tp. HCM

Phone: 0949 2000 94 – 0968 2300 86

Working time: 07:00 - 21:00 (Weekdays)



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For any beauty needs, you need to choose reputable and quality cosmetic facilities to bring the highest efficiency. Above are the top 4 most prestigious lip tattoo salons in Binh Thanh TopnList would like to introduce to you. Hopefully this article will help you choose your best address. Wish you always have a smooth, fresh and harmonious lips!

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  2. mọi người cho em hỏi môi mỏng xăm môi là làm cho viền môi dày lên được ạ? em định phẫu thuật mà nghe nói phun môi cũng ăn gian được nên muốn tìm hiểu thêm ạ

    1. Được nhé bạn,môi mình cũng bị mỏng mà bữa điêu khắc bên Miss Tram bạn nhân viên có bảo ăn gian thêm 0.5mm đó. Giờ trông nó dày dặn hơn nhiều à

    2. nếu dáng môi ok thì phun thôi. nghe nói đến phẫu thuật là cứ sợ sợ kìa. vì bữa nay nhiều spa nhỏ nhỏ đều có làm môi trái tam nâng mũi độn cằm – đi đâu cũng có

    3. Nên phun hoặc điêu khắc nhé. Tập thêm makeup ok nữa là môi dày lên nhiều à. Bà chị mình bữa có bơm môi mà mấy năm sau nhìn nó bèo nhèo kém sức sống lắm. Nên cứ nâng cấp thường xuyên mới đẹp lại được. phiền.

  3. About a few days will stop swelling, right? Because I often go out at work, I can't cover my mask or stay at home forever.

    1. more or less swelling depending on the location vs the skills of the KTV. If I had a meal at Miss Tram, the swelling would be gone during the day. 4 days later is peeling ink layer. But at home you also have to take care and care for more

  4. Do these places spray lips with warranty? During the meal, I did not find out carefully, so that I did not level up evenly, but when I came back, I would be charged an additional fee :( Now I have to ask for beauty in every place.

    1. As far as I know, every mile is free, but the warranty depends on the technique and the service you choose. It is safest that you require a clear commitment contract before spraying

  5. miss tram is beautiful but naturally everyone, I'm a male so I'm quite afraid of beauty but my lips are too deep so I just want to suck it deep. Who knew that the staff members made a lot of commitment so I decided to spray my lips. and now very satisfied. Naturally beautiful lips.
    If you are shy, inbox set the schedule first, it is time to come in, always help: v

    1. Can I ask if the result is natural as usual? Or are there still signs of lip spray? How long will it take results?

      1. My boyfriend also sculpted his lips in Miss Tram, is a male so they will use natural lip color - rest assured, hi. About 4 days the peeling color layer, at first a bit bold but after 2 weeks, the color stabilized, very natural

      2. @Virtue Naturally, the lips are light and soft, but not glossy like girls. I was only afraid for the first few days because my lips were a little swollen and had not peeled off the color, but about 10 days was beautiful

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