Top 4 Most Trusted Medical Clinics in Danang

Male diseases include diseases that occur in the male genitals such as infertility, prostatitis, cystitis, impotence ... These conditions affect not only men's health but also Great influence on their sex life.

These are delicate diseases, so patients often prefer to select quality medical facilities, fully equipped, good services and especially private clinics, facilities. So today's article, TopnList Please share the top 4 most prestigious male clinics in Danang.

1. Male - Pasteur General Clinic

Pasteur Da Nang Clinic is a clinic built by a team of quality Inpatients - He has studied in France, Japan and from major hospitals in Vietnam. The clinic has a scale of 6 floors with a capacity of medical examination and treatment up to 500 people / day, receiving health insurance and providing a full range of specialized examination services.

Top 4 Most Trusted Medical Clinics Da Nang - - Huu Nghi General Clinic | Huu Tho Clinic | Pasteur Polyclinic 1

Nam Khoa major at Pasteur polyclinic is a specialist specializing in male examinations and treatment of male reproductive organs.

Come to Pasteur, patients will be examined and treated for common diseases such as:

+ Male sexual disorders (physiological weakness) such as erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders.

+ Treatment of male infertility (infertility), male contraception (sterilization), ejaculation problems.

+ Varicose veins.

+ Sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, genital genital warts, etc.

Why choose a male examination at Pasteur General Clinic?

+ The clinic is fully equipped with equipment for the diagnosis and examination of Nam Khoa such as digital X-ray system, Avius ultrasound machine (high-class ultrasound line of Hitachi), multi-layer tomography machine It is allowed to detect small stones, tumors and other abnormalities of the urinary system.

+ Modern and comprehensive testing system to detect male and female sexually transmitted diseases.

+ The team of doctors at the clinic have good professional knowledge, always updating the modern treatment methods.

+ Clinic has spacious, modern and discreet facilities, bringing the most comfort to patients.

Top 4 Most Trusted Medical Clinics Da Nang - - Huu Nghi General Clinic | Huu Tho Clinic | Pasteur Polyclinic 3

Being a prestigious and quality clinic with a young but highly qualified medical team, always bringing enthusiasm and dedication to work, Pasteur General Clinic always proud to be one of the top choices of Danang people and the Central Region - Central Highlands.

Besides, Pasteur polyclinic It is also the most prestigious and quality health checkup place in Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang, let's find out through the following article: Top 5 Best Quality Clinic Locations in Da Nang


Address: 19 Nguyen Tuong Pho, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City




Hotline: 023.6381.1868

Business hours: 7:00 - 20:00 weekdays

2. Nam Khoa - Huu Nghi General Clinic

The next address TopnList would recommend Huu Nghi Clinic. This is a famous place for curing diseases "Sensitive" With good quality medical care, high quality and bring the most comfort to patients.

Top 4 Most Trusted Medical Clinics Da Nang - - Huu Nghi General Clinic | Huu Tho Clinic | Pasteur General Clinic 5

The main mission is "The health of the sick is our responsibilitySince its inception, the clinic has been constantly improving the quality of medical staff, investing in modern equipment and facilities to bring the best quality of medical examination and treatment for patients.

The Nam Khoa Specialist at Huu Nghi General Clinic has the function of examining and treating diseases:

+ Diseases of the foreskin: circumcision, long foreskin, foreskin stenosis, foreskin inflammation.

+ Penis pathology: impotence, erectile dysfunction, physiological weakness, infertility.

+ Urological pathology: prostatic hypertrophy, cystitis, urinary tract inflammation, prostatitis.

+ Testicular pathology: Testicular pain, varicose veins varicocele, epididymitis, testicular inflammation.

+ Ejaculation disorders: Late ejaculation, reverse ejaculation, ejaculation in the blood, premature ejaculation.

So why choose a male examination at Huu Nghi General Clinic?

+ The location is in the city center, convenient for moving, saving time and effort for patients.

+ A team of doctors with in-depth knowledge, regularly sent to overseas training to update new methods of treatment, to bring the highest therapeutic effect to patients.

+ Medical staff, nurses at the clinic are all trained with professional skills classes, service, care and guidance for the patients wholeheartedly and thoughtfully.

+ Clinic facilities are built according to international clinic standards: spacious, clean, comfortable and sterile - ensuring absolute safety and comfort for patients.

+ The clinic equipment is invested modernly, fully and quality to meet the most advanced treatment methods.

+ The cost of medical examination and treatment is clearly listed, coming to the clinic, the patient is also guided, enthusiastically consulted and absolutely confidential information - bringing the most comfort to the patient.

Top 4 Most Trusted Medical Clinics Da Nang - - Huu Nghi General Clinic | Huu Tho Clinic | Pasteur General Clinic 7

With the outstanding advantages and quality medical services, Huu Nghi Clinic is one of those addresses you need to pocket.


Address: 291 Dien Bien Phu, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City

Phone number: 023.6628.5666



Business hours: 7:30 - 19:30 on weekdays

Besides that, you can refer to the prestigious maternity hospital in Da Nang: Top 6 Prestigious Maternity Hospital - The Best Quality In Da Nang

3. Nam Khoa - Huu Tho General Clinic

Huu Tho Clinic was established in 2017. From the beginning, the Clinic has been invested with spacious facilities and modern imported equipment.

Besides that, The team of doctors in the clinic are highly qualified doctors who have worked at major hospitals around the world. This is one of the top choices of people in Da Nang as well as surrounding areas.

Top 4 Most Trusted Medical Clinics Da Nang - - Huu Nghi General Clinic | Huu Tho Clinic | Pasteur General Clinic 9

Nam Khoa is a key specialty at Huu Tho General Clinic, here, you can examine and treat diseases of:

+ Foreskin

+ Testicles

+ Urinary tract disease

+ Prostate Disease

+ Ejaculation Disorder

+ Erectile Dysfunction

+ Male Infertility

+ Penis Orthopedic

+ Weak physiology

So, what makes this clinic one of the patients' top choices?

+ Modern medical equipment, fully invested to meet the needs of medical examination and treatment.

+ Team of doctors with many years of experience with high expertise and kindness, enthusiasm and understanding of patients.

+ Clinic facilities comfortable, discreet and clean to bring the most comfort to patients.

+ Flexible examination time and attentive service, patients will save the maximum waiting time.

Top 4 Most Trusted Medical Clinics Da Nang - - Huu Nghi General Clinic | Huu Tho Clinic | Pasteur Polyclinic 11

With the above advantages, Huu Tho Clinic is a reliable address for patients to choose.


Address: 280 - 282 Nguyen Huu Tho, District Cam Le, Da Nang City

Phone number: 023.6730.7888


Business hours: 8:00 - 20:00 weekdays

4. Phnephrology and urology examination - Doctor Cao Van Tri

The last address TopnList would recommend Kidney, Urology Clinic - Doctor Cao Van Tri - This is a specialist doctor II, specialized in Urology - Male medicine. He has studied in Australia and is currently the Deputy Head of Department of Urology, Da Nang Hospital.

This is a clinic trusted by many city dwellers not only because of its reputation and quality, but because of their dedication, love and empathy for patients, especially poor patients.

Top 4 Most Trusted Medical Clinics Da Nang - - Huu Nghi General Clinic | Huu Tho Clinic | Pasteur General Clinic 13

So, what medical services does the Clinic have to offer?

+ Conditions such as: Erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation, Rarely in men

+ Sexually transmitted diseases

+ Congenital malformations such as penile curvature, hidden testes

+ Consulting male test on site, especially semen test

+ Surgery foreskin stenosis, external genital malformation, soft tumors.

What makes Dr. Cao Van Tri's clinic one of the preferred addresses of city residents?

+ The clinic is fully invested with medical equipment, meeting all medical examination and treatment needs.

+ Dr. Cao Van Tri is a doctor who is highly specialized, specialized in Urology, Kidney, Male Medicine - is one of the most famous doctors in Danang in this specialty, so he is very trusted by the disease. multiply.

+ One plus point is that Doctors are always dedicated, attentive to patients, especially free examination and counseling for poor patients.

Top 4 Most Trusted Medical Clinics Da Nang - - Huu Nghi General Clinic | Huu Tho Clinic | Pasteur Polyclinic 15

With the above advantages, Kidney, Urology Clinic - Doctor Cao Van Tri Da Nang people always love and trust to choose.


Address: 88 Hai Phong, Da Nang City

Phone number: 023.6388.76880914.076.666

Facebook: Kidney Examination, Urology in Da Nang - 88 Hai Phong

Business hours:

+ Monday - Friday: After 17:00

+ Saturday, Sunday: From 8:00 to 17:00

The pathology of men is often delicate and sensitive, so besides requiring good doctors, adequate medical equipment, the clinic needs to be discreet and comfortable. Above are the top 4 male medical clinics that fully meet those requirements. Hopefully this article will help you choose the best one. TopnList Wish you and your family always healthy!

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