Top 4 Places To Train The Best Yoga Trainer In Tp. HCM

Want to go to school as a teacher, Yoga coach Where should I go? Which are the addresses and centers of Yoga Trainer Training in Saigon? Life is full of chaos and worries, people are always looking for something that can balance their lives, helping to relieve some of the pressures of life.

List of Professional Yoga Trainer Training Centers In Saigon

Many people look to sports to reduce stress and Yoga is the first choice for busy people, office workers or housewives, ... when you want to own the perfect physique, calm, improve improve your health.

Facing such a great demand, the profession of Yoga instructor has also become a HOT career that is popular with many people. Currently, there are quite a number of Yoga coach training centers being established in the city area. HCM, because many people realize the great potential of this industry.

However, not all centers can train a team of high quality professional Yoga coaches, so you should consider choosing a reliable place to study.

We have collected and selected the 4 most prestigious yoga coach training addresses in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM readers can refer to below.

Top 10 Good Yoga Practice Places in HCMC

What is yoga? Address Teaching YoGa In HCMC

1. YOGA FLOW Specializes in Training Yoga Instructors

YOGA FLOW Center was born with the goal: A place to inspire Yoga Instructors, to create more professional Yoga teachers in the future. With well-trained curriculum, qualifications are recognized in all provinces in Vietnam, together The teaching team is good yoga experts from India. The center always hopes to train yoga coaches - train skilled yoga teachers, love their jobs and always keep the job flame.

Top 4 Places To Train The Best Yoga Trainer In Tp. HCM

Yoga coach training course will bring you many extremely attractive benefits:

+ Having just received an apprenticeship, just getting tough, healthy physique and slim physique.

+ After taking training courses at Yoga Flow center, you will be granted a Yoga coach training certificate, so you can open a home gym or apply for positions of teachers and coaches. Yoga

+ Become a Yoga instructor of Yoga Flow center (practice and stand class when you are ready, Yoga Flow has a lot of classes for ordinary students, help you improve your skills, and get ready standing in the classroom teaching after graduation).

+ Maximum support for brand when students want to open their own Yoga center. Choosing Yoga Flow as your destination will be enthusiastically guided by professional teachers from the basic to advanced movements, bringing the highest efficiency during practice.

+ You can practice Yoga for free for life at Yoga Flow Center.

The Relationship Between Himalayan Salt Rock And Meditation

Don't wait any longer, quickly register yourself for a yoga coach training course at Yoga Floww. To experience and practice the exercises very rewarding.

Top 5 prestigious and quality yoga teacher training centers

When registering for a course at Yoga Flow yoga coach, will commit:

+ Always check and evaluate and improve continuously to serve the needs of the community.

+ Helping students to improve their professional knowledge, specific specific activities, and create sources of passionate purpose.

+ Regularly assessing innovation and creativity as essential qualities in work and resources. Apply sharing of new ideas and research.

+ Achieving the quality as committed, conveying clear information through building intelligent systems and utilities for the community.

Please contact us for more information.

Contact information

Branch 1: 202 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Tp. HCM

Branch 2: Số 4 Phạm Ngọc Thạch, P. Bến Nghé, District 1, Tp. HCM

Branch 3: Số 7 Lê Văn Huân, P. 13, Tân Bình District, Tp. HCM

Phone: 09 3332 0094 –  0906 734 345



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2. Yoga Trainer Training At SHINE YOGA

Learn about yoga coach training courses in Vietnam

Shine Yoga was born and constantly endeavored, striving to become an International Training School for Yoga Instructors, providing a team of Yoga teachers who are both mindful, capable, devoted and devoted to society. Shine Yoga wishes that the profession of Yoga Instructor become a mainstream, legal and protected profession.

In Shine Yoga There are in-depth training courses on Yoga to help students experience the best quality course with the best exercises, the most creative by experienced coaches and internationally.

Training training coaches teaching Yoga - Newspaper

Contact information for yoga coach training course in Saigon

Address: 7A / 15 Thành Thái, Phường 14, District 10, Tp. HCM

Phone: 093 818 7181 – 0906 872 808


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Yoga Alliance the most prestigious place to train professional yoga coaches not only in HCMC. HCM but also in Vietnam, is known by experts, customers at home and abroad. American Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization representing the largest Yoga community in the world established to standardize the training of Yoga teachers in the US

How to register for a Yoga teacher training course

With the role of the organization is to support the Yoga community, to ensure Yoga practice will continue to grow and more and more people connect with yoga to have a better life. Present Yoga Alliance has more than 50,000 Yoga coaches and registered over 3,000 Yoga schools

Content of the yoga coach training course at Yoga Alliance:

+ The content of the yoga coach training program at the center, helping students have a deeper view of YOGA and achieve the highest efficiency during the learning process.

+ Students will learn more exactly about Asanas (Yoga poses), breathing techniques, 8 branches of Yoga, and spiritual practices. The relationship between body - mind and soul.

+ Yoga Alliance coaches will be trained in accordance with the curriculum of Yoga Alliance (USA) and be issued with this organization's certificate.

After finishing the course, students will receive:

+ Being granted an international certificate of the US and will become an international Yoga coach, can teach Yoga anywhere in Vietnam and internationally.

+ After finishing the course recruited by the company to become a professional Yoga coach for Shine Yoga and supported to open a Yoga teaching center.

+ Document support throughout the learning process.

Commit to quality output for students after finishing the course.

Shivom Yoga offers special intensive classes for all yogis wishing to cultivate knowledge and expand their path in the yoga world.

Contact information

Address: 34C Tran Khanh Du, P. Tan Dinh, District 1, Tp. HCM

Phone: 0938 903 073


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4. Gold Heart

With over 10 years of experience in training and providing leading human resources for the fitness and health rehabilitation industry. Mind Science Academy Golden Hearts Academy (Golden Hearts Academy) is a prestigious address for Yoga coach training for many people who are passionate about Yoga.

Taking part in a yoga coach training course will definitely take your level to the next level

Besides that, Golden Heart Consciousness Academy also regularly research, apply, train and develop the Science of Mind in modern life, with the motto of creating new "people" who are conscious of always creating good values. for life.

Major yoga coach training courses at Golden Hearts Academy:

+ Hatha Yoga Trainer Course 200h

+ Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Trainer Course 300h

+ Rehabilitation Yoga Trainer Course 200h

+ English Recovery Yoga Trainer Course 200h

+ Rehabilitation Yoga Coach Course 300h

How much does a yoga coach cost?

Contact information for a professional yoga coach training course

Address: 74/13/1 Truong Quoc Dung, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan Dist. HCM

Main office: 19 Hoang Minh Giam, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan Dist. HCM

Phone: 0932 009 920

Working time: Monday - Saturday: 5h45 - 21h30



What is a GREAT YOGA teacher

Top 08 legal entities have registered with Vietnam yoga federation

“A great Yoga teacher is the one who teaches and imparts to his students the most complete knowledge and must apply it well in practice. This means that the teacher must teach from his own personal experience accumulated in practice.

A good, responsible teacher you will feel the difference in the way you teach. In their lectures, students will see the experience, experience, depth of faith in the teacher and the attentive care of the teacher for him or her. ”

If you are in need of learning and participating in Yoga coach training courses, choose one of the 4 locations to be professionally taught by professional teachers, conveying all the quintessence they realize. help you become more perfect and the future can become a coach like them. 

Ps: Do you know about the Vietnam yoga federation? If not know see information about them here.

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