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Top 4 Addresses Best Acne Treatment Binh Thanh District

Do you know the most effective acne treatment addresses in Binh Thanh District? Acne is always the most painful problem of the skin. Not only does it cause loss of aesthetics, but acne also greatly affects confidence as well as losing many opportunities in life. To treat acne quickly, effectively and thoroughly, choosing a reputable address is the most essential. Today's article, TopnList Share the top 4 most effective acne treatment addresses in Binh Thanh District.

List of the best acne treatment addresses in Binh Thanh District should not be missed

1. Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center - the most effective acne treatment address

Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center is a reputable brand in the beauty industry with nearly 20 years in the industry. This is probably a familiar name for many beauty believers in the city. HCM.

The most effective acne treatment address

With Formula bring Natural beauty, harmony and absolute satisfaction for customers, team Miss Tram always improve services, update the latest technology and trends in the world every day to best meet the beauty needs of all customers. At this point, every customer has left good reviews by the attentive service attitude and the most perfect service quality.

Radical acne treatment service is one of the key services at Miss Tram, therefore Miss Tram Known as one of the top effective acne treatment addresses in Ho Chi Minh.

This is a service that has been associated with the salon's name since its inception. At this point, each customer will be consulted and advised by experts to select the most suitable course package and treatment method.

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What makes customers choose a radical acne treatment service at Miss Tram?

+ Every case of acne, experts at Miss Tram all sit down to discuss, determine acne situation, treatments and procedures that are most suitable to bring definitive results and cost savings for customers.

+ A team of experts, estheticians with high expertise and years of experience in skin care - acne treatment.

+ Miss Tram - Address acne treatment is most effective, is the unit always at the forefront of receive transfer and successful application of acne treatment technology as well as advanced beauty technology in the world. Especially Laser Fractional CO2 micro pulse technology - is a technological breakthrough in the field of acne skin recovery and treatment.

+ Well-equipped facilities, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment and always at the forefront of ensuring the standards of the Ministry of Health.

+ In addition to service quality, Miss Tram Always appreciated by the attitude of dedicated, professional service, always bringing the most satisfaction to customers.

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In addition, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center - the most effective acne treatment address, has the following outstanding services:

- Spraying aesthetic sculpture tattoos:

+ Making eyebrows (shaping natural beauty)

+ Sharp eyelid spray

+ Sculpture of lips full of vitality (Treatment of dark lips)

+ Delete, correct, repeat old or damaged lips.

- Bright face skin care:

+ Acne treatment thoroughly

+ Treatment of pitted scars, pitted acne perennial

+ Delete melasma to the root

+ Natural rejuvenation (Lift muscles, eliminate wrinkles).

- There are also:

+ Remove tattoos without scars

+ Remove aesthetic moles

+ Safe hair removal

+ Eyelash extensions curled, reared naturally beautiful.

Because of the "big" points mentioned above, Miss Tram deserves the name of the best acne treatment address, so people should not miss this address.

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Contact information for the most effective acne treatment address - Miss Tram


+ Facility 1: 30 Dang Thi Nhu, P. Nguyen Thai Binh, District 1, Tp. HCM

+ Facility 2: 126/6 Phan Xich Long, Ward 3, Bình Thạnh District, Tp. HCM

Phone: 1900 7018 – 0909 783 289 – 093 718 6060

Working time: 9:00 - 20:00 (All days of the week)

Miss Tram Website Natural Beauty Center:

Miss Tram Academy Website:



2. O2 Skin Dermatology Clinic - the most effective acne treatment address

O₂ SKIN Dermatological Clinic - is the most effective acne treatment address in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. Established with the "Acne Medical Standard”- desire to bring acne treatment methods scientifically, effectively and safely for customers' skin.

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With the vision of becoming a leading system of dermatological clinics specializing in acne treatment in Vietnam, O₂ SKIN - The best acne treatment address is perfect every day to become the first choice of customers when there is a need for acne treatment.

Aiming at the quality of effective acne treatment in parallel with skin safety, O2 Skin specializes in researching and treating cases of acne skin, deep scars, pitting after acne at all levels and ages. To date, the Clinic is confident of committing to bring the most clean and healthy skin to all customers visiting the clinic.

What makes O₂ Skin the most effective, prestigious and popular acne treatment address?

+ All medical equipment and machinery are modernly invested and genuine imported, with clear origin, have full receipts and vouchers - bring absolute trust to customers.

+ 100% Dermatologist O₂ SKIN graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and holds a practicing certificate as well as years of experience in acne examination and treatment.

+ In addition, The team of pharmacists and nurses also have the corresponding qualifications, Highly-professional trained in using technology, machines in acne treatment as well as attentive service attitude to customers.

+ The acne treatment process is clearly defined for each customer, bring the most radical acne treatment results.

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What is the most effective acne treatment site - What other outstanding services does O₂ Skin have?

+ Examining and treating acne - acne scars:

+ Get acne medicine core;

+ Biological light projection;

+ Rolled needle to treat pitted scars;

+ Laser pitted scars;

+ Peel acne treatment;

+ Skin care after acne treatment;

+ Apply a lightening mask;

+ Vitamin C electrophoresis;

+ Peel skin.

Can say, O₂ SKIN is one of the most effective, reputable and quality acne treatment addresses and worth the trust you choose the most in Binh Thanh as well as across the city.

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Contact information O₂ SKIN - the most effective acne treatment address


+ Facility 1: 343 / 5F To Hien Thanh, Ward 12, District 10, Tp. HCM

Phone: 0932 12 7178 – 0971 35 5573

+ Facility 2: 02 Vo Oanh (Old D3), Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Tp. HCM

Phone: 0938 383 278- 0977 597 100

+ Facility 3: 13A Thong Nhat St., Binh Tho Ward, Thu Duc District, Tp. HCM 

Phone: 0902 587 278 – 0981 018 901

Working time: 8:30 - 20:00 on weekdays



3. Beryl Beauty & Spa - the most effective acne treatment address

The next most effective acne address TopnList would recommend Beryl Beauty & Spa. Established in 2013 after having many successes in two large branches in Hanoi, Beryl Beauty & Spa TP HCM has been trusted by numerous customers since its inception.

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With the commitment to accompany and eliminate all the sorrows, disappointments and inferiority of customers, Beryl Beauty & Spa Constantly developing and always updating new technologies for each beauty treatment. And step by step, step by step, this salon has become a household name when it comes to skin care and treatment.

Acne treatment service is one of the key services and gives credibility to Beryl Beauty & Spa with lots of successful acne treatments. With high technology Blue Light combines Green Laser in treating acne, Beryl confidently committed to providing the safest and most effective acne treatment for customers.

What makes Beryl Beauty & Spa become the most effective acne treatment address chosen by many customers?

+ Using high technology Blue Light combined with Green Laser in treatment, long lasting effect, short treatment time and leave no skin lesions.

+ The process of treating acne is done methodically from visiting to determining the right route, giving customers peace of mind.

+ Package costs, do not incur any additional revenues during therapy.

+ Experienced technician team, strictly trained about new technologies. Know how to handle each customer's skin condition.

+ Facilities and equipment are modernly invested, full In order to service all customers' needs carefully.

With the above highlights, Beryl Beauty & Spa deserve to be one of the most effective acne treatment addresses in Binh Thanh.

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In addition, Beryl Beauty & Spa - the most effective acne treatment site, has the following skin care and treatment services:

+ Skin Care: Relaxing skin care and Men's Skin Care

+ Skin treatment

+ Treatment of melasma, Freckles

+ Treatment of acne, intensive acne

+ Delete tattoos, indigo, less

+ White bath, Skin whitening face

+ Hair Removal, Treatment of folliculitis

+ Treatment of concave scars, pitted scars

+ Skin rejuvenation, facial lift

+ Pink breast, do private parts.

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The most effective acne treatment contact information - Beryl Beauty & Spa

Address: 44A Nguyen Van Dau, Ward 6, Binh Thanh District, Tp. HCM

Phone: 0939 008 118 – 02822 411 811

Working time: 8:00 - 20:00 (All days of the week)



4. Opal Beauty Spa - the most effective acne treatment address

The most effective acne treatment address in the end TopnList would recommend and Opal Beauty Spa. This is a famous beauty salon with skin care and treatment services, favored by a large number of customers in Binh Thanh District.

With the mission is preserve youth and bring confidence in life for women, team Opal Beauty Spa Always strive to improve the quality and efficiency of services, bringing the most satisfaction to customers.

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Acne treatment is one of the key services at Opal Beauty Spa. With Nano Line acne technology Combined with the appropriate course of treatment with each skin condition, Opal Confidently commit to deliver the most thorough and safe results.

What makes customers choose acne treatment services at Opal Beauty Spa?

+ Opal Beauty Spa uses Nano Line acne technology combined with its own treatment process with each skin condition, bring high therapeutic effect and absolute safety for customers.

+ The treatment course is done gently, quickly, safely and with the most effective commitment when doing acne treatment package.

+ Opal possesses a team of highly qualified doctors and specialists, has undergone extensive training and has many years of professional experience., bring peace of mind as well as optimal efficiency for customers.

If you want to find a acne address quickly, safely and effectively in Binh Thanh then Opal Beauty is a reliable choice. Because this is one of the most effective acne treatment sites that customers think, choose and appreciate.

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In addition to acne treatment, the most effective acne treatment address - What are the outstanding services of Opal Beauty Spa?

+ Lifting muscles, wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation.

+ Ending Melasma - Freckles.

+ Treating intensive scars - Acne - Pitted scars.

+ Remove tattoos without scars.

+ Slimming.

+ Hair removal.

+ Spray tattoo aesthetic.

+ White bath, treatment intensive areas of the body.

+ Massage services.

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The most effective acne treatment contact information - Opal Beauty Spa

Address: 334E Phan Van Tri, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District, Tp. HCM

Phone: 0909 73 78 69

Working time: 8:00 - 20:00 (All days of the week)



Above are the Top 4 most effective acne treatment addresses in Binh Thanh District TopnList would like to introduce to you. Hopefully this article will help you choose a suitable treatment facility. Wish you will quickly regain the most beautiful healthy skin!

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  1. O2 Skin is really good for squeezing acne; up to several times, but every time I like it all. Squeezing does not hurt vs leaving no bruise

  2. Where to treat acne without having a strong impact on the skin? My skin is thin, but with hidden acne, I want to find a safe and safe solution for acne

    1. I treat the acne on miss tram, it feels quite healed, because my skin is also thin and sensitive without any irritation. The meal I did was using their laser + leather products

    2. Or try taking medicine. The meal I took to cool the liver and found that the acne reduced completely

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