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Top 3 Addressable Safe, Best Descaling Address District 1

List of Mole Removal Salon In District 1 Need To Pocket

Looking for a reputable mole remover address in District 1? Let's find out why the following beauty centers are trusted by many people!

Everyone has at least one to several moles on their bodies - and most of them do not affect health. However, the moles that grow on the face are not very satisfactory because of the size, color or growth in a less affluent position that loses the aesthetic.

List of Review Information, Introduction of Reputable and Reputable Flushing Addresses in District 1, HCMC

In addition, for those who appreciate the physiognomy, the moles growing in the wrong position can affect the career path.

Address reputable mole remover District 1 Saigon

With modern technology today, moles that grow unintentionally will be removed easily and thoroughly. And TopnList Reference 3 The most prestigious and quality mole remover salon in District 1 Please.

1. Avida Beauty Salon

The first address TopnList would recommend Avida Beauty Salon - This is a famous address for high-tech beauty treatment in District 1 as well as in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

Developed with 2 branches: one in Nha Trang and one in Tp. HCM, Avida is chosen by many customers as a skin treatment and aesthetics area because of its excellent service quality and more effective treatment results than expected.

reputable mole remover salon

Address reputable mole remover in Avida Beauty Salon Can remove all types of moles: black moles on the face, moles sunk in the lips, moles floating on the eyelids, moles on the body.

With 4 technologies for 1 process:

  • ViPoint - Smart Dot
  • Smart Scan - Smart Scan,
  • Pulse in Pulse - Pluse in Pluse
  • Matrix Protect - Matrix Protect

Avida Beauty Salon is committed to giving customers the most satisfaction after just one treatment.

What are the strengths that make customers choose reputable mole remover address at Avida Beauty Salon?

  • Avida uses up to 4 technologies for a mole remover, and just this modern process, Avida is committed to cleansing moles - effective at the first time - no pain, no scarring, Safe for the skin.
  • Avida Beauty Salon always updates the most advanced technology with the most modern medical equipment, bringing the best treatment results to customers.
  • Avida converges a team of prestigious doctors and nurses with many safe, effective beauty experiences, suitable to the Vietnamese people.
  • Avida service prices are clearly listed and often offer many incentives to provide beauty opportunities for all customers.

If you want to find a mole removal or skin treatment address in District 1, then Avida is probably one of the most perfect choices for you.

Remove moles on reputable lips

In addition to the prestigious mole remover address, Avida Beauty Salon also has the following outstanding services:

  • Skin treatment: Acne Treatment, Pitted scars treatment, Acne intensive treatment, Freckles treatment, Treatment of age spots.
  • Skin aesthetics: Erase - congenital eczema, Tattoo removal, Mole remover, Professional Waxing, Laser Hair Removal, Laser hair removal.
  • Skin rejuvenation: Stem cell needle roll, Skin tightening - Skin tightening, Skin rejuvenation, Tightening pores, Electrophoresis Vitamin C, Treating dark circles.

where to erase prestigious mole

Contact Information - Avida prestigious mole remover address

  • Address: 106 Tran Hung Dao, District 1, Tp. HCM
  • Phone: 038 688 1868 - 028 3837 3977
  • Working time: 9:00 - 17:00 (weekdays)
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:

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2. JW Korean Cosmetic Hospital

JW Korean Beauty Hospital is officially protected and operates under the brand name of Jeong Won Hospital - This is a hospital belonging to the top 5 brands in Korea. With the modern technology transferred 100% from Korea, JW Beauty Hospital Confidently committed to bringing the most perfect service to customers.

Where to remove moles where safe

Operating on the principle of taking human values as a goal, JW Korean Beauty Hospital has accompanied the reality show New beauty - New start to bring life-changing opportunities for disadvantaged cases. This is also one reason that JW is increasingly gaining customers' trust and choice.

Mole removal service JW Beauty Hospital use Fraxis Fractional CO2 Laser technology - with a wavelength of 10,600mm and the ability to scan up to 40,401 extremely small rays, Help to dig deep into the feet of moles hidden under the skin and destroy this layer of acne feet. Although not a key service, the prestigious address of mole removal at JW is chosen by many customers because of its high efficiency and no damage to the skin.

List of prestigious mole eradication addresses in District 1

What are the strengths that make customers choose reputable mole remover at JW Korea Cosmetic Hospital?

  • With the modern technology of CO2 mole removal Fraxis Fractional, JW commits to one treatment, the moles on your skin will completely disappear (with large moles, it takes 2-3 times for the skin to recover gradually - avoid scarring).
  • The laser experts at JW are highly skilled and well-trained, committed to providing the highest efficiency in the treatment as well as guaranteeing absolute safety for customers.
  • Operating under the official franchise mechanism from Jeong Won, this is the pioneer 5-star hospital unit in Vietnam with the desire to bring the most luxurious beauty services to customers.
  • The team of doctors and nurses at JW is highly qualified, has many years of professional experience and undertakes a separate specialty - to bring the best quality of service to customers.
  • JW has always been developing day by day and until now has fully met the needs of human beauty: Cosmetic surgery; Dentistry; Skin care - Treatment.
  • With the modern facilities and equipment at JW, the beauty technologies at JW are also regularly upgraded - providing the highest quality service experience for customers.

With the above advantages, JW Korea Cosmetic Hospital is confident that the prestigious beauty address as well as the most prestigious mole eraser address that customers can choose in District 1 as well as above. HCM City.

Top 3 Safe, Quality Mole Removal Addresses District 1 - a reputable mole removal address - JW Hospital Korea | District 1 | Avida 20 beauty salon

In addition, you can refer to other outstanding services of JW Korean Beauty Hospital:

  • Nose Surgery: Rhinoplasty, Nasal Reduction, Nose Reconstruction.
  • Eye aesthetics: Eyelid surgery, Eyelid surgery, Liposuction, Eyebrow hanging, Eye treatment
  • Breast aesthetics: Breast augmentation, Nipple reduction, Breast enlargement, Breast enlargement
  • Maxillofacial Facial Surgery: Face lift, Chin implant, Coral jaw surgery, Face lift, Cheekbone lift, Nose groove filler, Facial fat implant, Lip gloss, Cure jokes and gums.
  • Other services: Beauty in genital area, Buttock lift, Liposuction, Rejuvenation, Scar treatment, Mole remover.

Top 3 Safe, Quality Mole Removal Addresses District 1 - a reputable mole removal address - JW Hospital Korea | District 1 | Avida Beauty Salon 22

Contact information

  • Address: 44 - 46 - 48 - 50 Ton That Tung, P. Ben Thanh, District 1, Tp. HCM
  • Phone: 09 6868 1111 - 09 6868 2222
  • Working time: Monday - Saturday from 8:00 - 18:00, Sunday from 8:00 - 12:00
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:
  • Youtube:

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3. Miss Tram beauty salon

Miss Tram beauty salon is a name that is no stranger to beauty believers in Ho Chi Minh City. This aesthetic brand is trusted by many customers because of the reputation and quality in each service and especially the attentive service attitude of the entire staff.

Miss Tram prestigious address mole remover in District 1 Saigon

Service mole remover Beauty at Miss Tram The task is to immediately remove the unlucky moles in the safest way. Bleaching moles here is done by CO2 Laser technology - This technology is currently being applied in many countries like USA, Germany. With many outstanding advantages, Miss Tram has successfully applied on many mole removal cases and brought the most satisfaction to each customer.

What makes customers choose reputable mole remover address at Miss Tram?

  • Removing moles with Laser CO2 technology is completely safe with no pain or side effects, quick implementation time, fast recovery skin and permanent moles removed without scars.
  • With each mole situation, Miss Tram's expert team will conduct an examination, determine the status to give the most appropriate treatment direction to bring the highest efficiency and cost savings for customers.
  • A team of skilled laser projection experts, fully meeting the following factors: knowledge - skills - experience, ensuring the safest for customers.
  • Miss Tram is a leader in receiving and successfully applying advanced beauty technologies in the world. In addition, the facilities here are spacious and well-equipped, meeting strict standards of the Health Agency.
  • In addition to the quality of service, Miss Tram is always appreciated by the dedicated, professional service attitude, always bringing the most satisfaction to customers.

With the knowledgeable knowledge of a team of experienced experts, with modern technology applied in the treatment process, prestigious Mole Remover Address Miss Tram Committed to helping you quickly regain your youthful beauty for your skin.

miss mole remodeling service at safe, reputable brooch

In addition to the prestigious mole remover address, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center also has many other outstanding services such as:

  • Spray tattoo sculpting aesthetics: Making eyebrows (shaping natural beauty); Sharp eyelid spray; Sculpture of lips full of vitality (+ Treatment of dark lips); Erase, correct, re-apply old or damaged lips.
  • Bright face skin care: Acne treatment thoroughly; Treatment of pitted scars, pitted acne perennial; Delete melasma at the root; Natural rejuvenation (Lift muscles, remove wrinkles).
  • There are also: Delete tattoos without scars; Cosmetic mole removal; Safe hair removal; Curved eyelash extensions, naturally long beauty.

safely remove moles at miss brooch

Contact Information - Address reputable mole remover Miss Tram

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Above are the most reputable and safest mole remover addresses in District 1 TopnList would like to introduce to you. With state-of-the-art technology and quality customer service, the salon is committed to bringing the most satisfaction to each customer. Hopefully this article will help you choose the right address, wish you achieve the most desired results when using beauty services!

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  1. High cost mole removal is not easy, right? I also want to remove the moles on my back, but too many must be nearly 10

  2. I have removed the moles on miss tam, this place is not too large but the service is very good, I removed 5 large moles on my face without scars.

    1. Ie completely smooth leather always? I also have a few spots on my face that I didn't dare to erase because I was afraid of leaving scars

      1. That's right, I was afraid of getting scarred at first, but luckily it's okay, almost shiny 100%

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