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Top 10 Brands of Best Journey Camera on the Market Today

Dashcam is a device currently used by many drivers to monitor the routes of their vehicles. To be able to record clear images, requires the driver to choose for themselves the type of quality journey camera.

However, on the market today, there are many brands of dashcams with many different products that make it difficult for users to choose. Here, Topnlist would like to introduce to you the top 10 best camera brands on the market today.

Summary of Top 10 Best Journey Camera Brands on the Market.

1. Vietmap

Vietmap is undoubtedly the journey camera brand that is no stranger to the market. This is considered one of the premium camera brands in the high-end segment in Vietnam. The quality of Vietmap's dashcams is undoubtedly undisputed by many customers who have used and given this brand very positive feedback.

Top 10 Best Dashcam Brands On The Market Today - - BlackVue Brand | Brand Carcam | Brand Genius 21

Journey Camera VietMap A45

  • Vietmap Dashboard makes it very easy for users to use Vietnamese software.
  • Good image quality thanks to the high resolution.
  • There is navigation support so when you use you do not need to see the map on other devices.
  • Safe driving assistance
  • Some outstanding products: Vietmap X9S, K9S, C61, C62, C63, A50, G79, P1, ...

Because of the above reasons, VietMap's journey camera products will surely be a reliable companion for all vehicles on the trip.

2. HP

HP is known as one of the largest IT brands globally, originating from the United States. HP dashcam attracts users not only for its quality, but also for its eye-catching design.

Top 10 Best Dash Camera Brands On The Market Today - - BlackVue Brand | Brand Carcam | Brand Genius 23

Journey Camera HP F890G

HP Dashcam offers the best video quality for users thanks to:

  • Using anti-vibration technology, GPS global positioning technology
  • MicroSD / SDHC card support Full HD video recording
  • Equipped with a live view screen right on the dashcam.
  • Equipped with a collision sensor, marking the video of the collision.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Some best selling models: HP F350, HP F500G, HP F550G, HP F800G, ...

Thanks to the products that bring both technology and design prominence, the HP dashcam is truly a bright choice for users who want the most durable camera.

3. GoPro

GoPro is also one of the best action camera brands on the market today that you can learn to choose. This is a brand originating from the USA. When choosing the type of GoPro dashcam, you will certainly be surprised by the great advantages of the products:

Top 10 Best Dashcam Brands On The Market Today - - BlackVue Brand | Brand Carcam | Brand Genius 25

Product model GoPro Hero4 Dashcam

  • Designed by a team of leading experts to bring products that are compact, lightweight but still possess great features.
  • Water resistance helps the product work well in unfavorable weather conditions.
  • Shockproof when going through rough areas.
  • Wide angle of view for more scenes.
  • Some products are appreciated: GoPro Hero4, GoPro Hero 3, GoPro Hero 3+, GoPro Hero 5, ...

Thanks to the above reasons, GoPro has become one of the best cruise camera brands today that you should not ignore.

4. Carcam

Carcam is a Vietnamese cruise camera brand that is also receiving a lot of attention from customers. As a Vietnamese brand, the price of Carcam's dashcams is always very affordable for many people. On the other hand, the products of this brand also bring extremely unexpected features to the users.

Top 10 Best Dashcam Brands On The Market Today - - BlackVue Brand | Brand Carcam | Brand Genius 27

Carcam W2 wifi car camera

  • You can track both front and back of the vehicle at the same time thanks to the recording feature before and at the same time.
  • Carcam's dashcam products can be used very conveniently because they can be flexibly installed on mirrors and glass.
  • The images captured by the Carcam cruise camera are always true and sharp thanks to the quality of Full HD to Ultra HD recording.
  • Carcam also brings products that support GPS positioning to effectively locate.
  • Ability to connect to wifi quickly.
  • Speed warning on each road with safe driving assist feature.
  • The famous Carcam journey camera series: G8 + Carcam, Carcam A8, Carcam W8, Carcam X650S, Caram W2, ...

5. Transcend

Transcend is also a journey camera brand that is currently receiving the trust of customers. This is a Taiwan-owned brand with a history of more than 20 years of establishment and development. Transcend's action camera products are especially suitable for users with extremely good recording features and intelligent management systems.

Top 10 Best Dashcam Brands On The Market Today - - BlackVue Brand | Brand Carcam | Brand Genius 29

Wireless car dashcam TRANSCEND TS32GDP520M

  • The dual camera helps video recording both front and back so that drivers can easily check and observe their journey.
  • Wide viewing angle of up to 130 degrees to not miss the images on the two sides of the journey.
  • The ability to shoot clear images at night thanks to the infrared light surrounding the camera.
  • Emergency recording when a collision occurs thanks to the collision sensor mode.
  • Support watching and downloading videos directly on mobile devices.

Outstanding products: Transcend Drive Pro 100, Transcend Drive Pro 200, Transcend Drive Pro 220, ...

Thanks to the above advantages, Transcend's journey camera is totally worth the trust of customers.

6. BlackVue

BlackVue is currently a Korean cruise camera brand that is highly appreciated by many customers. BlackVue products always create excellent quality with a dynamic and modern design.

Top 10 Best Dashcam Brands On The Market Today - - BlackVue Brand | Brand Carcam | Brand Genius 31

Car journey camera BlackVue DR900S-1CH

Some characteristics of BlackVue brand cruise camera:

  • Diverse designs to be able to suit each customer.
  • Shoot in Full HD mode regardless of weather conditions to deliver the best video.
  • High resolution
  • Wide turning angle so as not to miss any visual situation happening in front of the car. Thus, users can easily check and observe while on the move.
  • Using global positioning technology GPS
  • Connect to the phone via bluetooth.

The outstanding products of Blackvue: BlackVue Cloud DR750S 1CH 16G, BlackVue Cloud DR750S 2CH 16G, BlackVue Cloud DR650S 2CH IR 16G, ...

The BlackVue cruise camera product line is committed to providing customers with the best experience thanks to the most practical support features for users.

7. Webvision

Webvision is a journey camera brand manufactured joint venture between Russia, Hong Kong and Vietnam with the best quality and the best Vietnam. Webvision products are currently used by many drivers.

Webvision Dashcam is currently divided into 4 lines:

  • Webvision S5
  • Webvision S8
  • Webvision N93
  • Webvision M39

Top 10 Best Dashcam Brands On The Market Today - - BlackVue Brand | Brand Carcam | Brand Genius 33

Journey Camera Webvision S8 - GPS

Salient features of Webvision journey camera:

  • Using Vietnamese language, users feel very easy.
  • Simultaneously record before and after so as not to miss any image data.
  • Equipped with a collision sensor every time a vehicle malfunctions. So the operator can use it as evidence when there is a dispute about the law.
  • Strong configuration.
  • Mounting GPS helps determine the location of movement
  • Safe driving support function for drivers to avoid unfortunate incidents.

Thanks to these superior features, Webvision camera is always a brand that many customers choose to use.

8. Sjcam

Sjcam is a journey camera brand from China that always impresses many customers with its beautiful, fashionable designs and modern technology features.

Top 10 Best Dashcam Brands On The Market Today - - BlackVue Brand | Brand Carcam | Brand Genius 35

Journey Camera Sjcam Wifi SJ4000

The preeminent features that Sjcam journey camera brings:

  • Compact design.
  • The price is quite affordable for Vietnam market.
  • Equipped with a waterproof casing, resistant to water pressure of up to 30m.
  • 16M resolution, 166 degree wide angle and the ability to record Full HD movies to record the journey on the journey in a true, spacious way.
  • Capable of wifi connection.
  • External memory card support up to 32G creates spacious and comfortable storage space.
  • Some outstanding products: Sjcam 4000, M20, SJ4000, SJ5000 Plus, ...

With the above advantages, Sjcam's journey camera promises to bring users a great experience on every journey.

9. Xiaomi

Xiaomi is a famous Chinese travel camera brand, Xiaomi products are always highly appreciated and used by customers. With the advantage of compact and beautiful design, Xiaomi journey camera is always ready to conquer customers at first sight.

Top 10 Best Dashcam Brands On The Market Today - - BlackVue Brand | Brand Carcam | Brand Genius 37

Xiaomi Yi Car 2K journey camera

Some advantages of Xiaomi dashcam make an impression on customers:

  • User-friendly interface, easy to use.
  • Extremely high durability and stability.
  • Image quality and sharp video thanks to equipped with high resolution from 720HD, 2K to 4K.
  • Wide rotation angle.
  • Equipped with a safe rechargeable battery for users, saving both full time and worry about fire and explosion.
  • Affordable price with up to 24 months warranty.

Some outstanding Xiaomi action camera models: Xiaomi Yi Action, Xiaomi Mijia Car, Xiaomi Yi Car, Xiaomi Yi Car 2 DVR, ...

With these advantages, Xiaomi is always confident of being one of the best cruise camera brands on the market today.

10. Genius

Genius is also one of the best dashcam brands available today for drivers to use. This is a brand originating from Taiwan with extremely reasonable price for Vietnamese consumers but the features are still very superior.

Top 10 Best Dashcam Brands On The Market Today - - BlackVue Brand | Brand Carcam | Brand Genius 39

Journey Camera Genius DVR - FHD590

  • Good configuration
  • The viewing angle for 120-degree recording ensures full video image recording.
  • The auto-recording function after starting the vehicle helps users avoid forgetting to start the camera.
  • High resolution to deliver clear, true-to-life color images.
  • Record directly to memory card.

Some products of Genius are highly appreciated: Genius FHD590, Genius DVR-FHD600, ...

Thanks to these superior features, Genius's trip camera products always give customers the most satisfaction.

Dash camera is always a necessary technology device for every driver in the process of driving vehicles. Hopefully the article about Top 10 best camera brands on the market today has been presented above will help you choose a suitable and most prestigious product.

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