Top 10 Foods to Help Grow Height in Children Parents Should Know

What to eat fast increase the height? Check out the top foods that help children grow taller. You can give your child daily!

As you all know, calcium plays a key role in the process of height development, helping to build strong bones in children. Although this essential mineral only accounts for 1 - 2% of the body weight, but nearly 99% of the calcium in our bodies is found in bones and teeth.

Supplementing children with foods that contain easily absorbed calcium group will help the height growth process in children be developed normally, in addition, avoiding bone diseases such as: Rickets, thin bone,…

Food list helps develop safe, effective children's height

To help children have a healthier body in the future, Topnlist Please list out Top 10 foods to help children grow taller Safe for mothers to refer offline!

List of Foods To Help Grow The Effective Child Height You Should Know

1. Fresh milk and milk products

Fresh milk is a famous food that is high in calcium. In addition, milk also contains Vitamin A, D, K, Phosphorus, Maggie - important nutrients Helps absorb calcium better.

Fresh milk food helps develop children's height

Dairy products are foods that help children grow taller effectively

You can alternate fresh milk with other dairy products such as: yogurt, whey, fresh cheese, yogurt, butter, ... To help children get bored as well as arousing the appetite of children. 

At each age, there is a certain amount of milk to drink and must be followed to avoid the body not absorbing all the nutrients in milk, namely:

+ Children from 1 year old - under 2 years old: 100 - 150ml of milk / day

+ Children from 2 years old - under 3 years old: 200 - 300ml milk / day

+ Children from 3 years old - under 5 years old: 300 - 500ml milk / day

+ Children over 5 years: 500 - 700ml milk / day.

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2. Fresh fruits and vegetables

As we all know, our young children or adults have no mechanism of producing calcium themselves, and the amount of calcium provided in the body without the help of other nutrients, they will sooner or later. will also be eliminated without being absorbed by the body.

Therefore, you need to supplement your children with foods that contain nutrients that help in the absorption of calcium into the body.

Fruit food helps develop children's height

What fruits are the foods that help children grow taller

Many types of vegetables, fruits rich in fiber, potassium, folate, especially vitamin A such as: Peach, mango, papaya, carrots, broccoli, spinach, ... Or citrus fruits such as: Oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruit, ...

They all contain a lot of Vitamin C, which helps the body absorb calcium into the bone in an optimal way. So, always add fruit to your child's diet every day.

3. Cereal

Cereals are known as foods made from many different types of nuts, with high nutritional value even for adults and children. Normally, cereals are made from 5 common types of grain including: glutinous rice, glutinous rice, sesame, wheat and legumes.

Food cereal helps develop children's height

Food cereal helps children grow to a safe height

Cereals contain very few calories, rich in fiber helps children digest, reduce bad cholesterol. In addition, cereals contain a lot of vitamins (A, B, C, E, ...) and other essential minerals such as: Iron, maggie, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, ... which are substances that babies often lack. and the body is difficult to synthesize, helps promote the height development of children is normal. 

Babies aged 6 months and older can eat cereal, so mothers should choose the right cereal to provide a full range of nutrients and help children develop comprehensively.

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4. Oats

Food oats help develop children's height

Oats are rich in vitamin K foods that help children grow taller

Oats are rich in vitamins such as: Vitamin B1, B2, B3, folate, vitamin B-6, vitamin K and vitamin E. These vitamins help promote various activities in the body, which are beneficial for growth and Child's height development.

In addition, the soluble fiber in oats also helps the baby's digestive system work smoothly, nutrients are metabolized and absorbed by the body quickly and the excretory system takes place more effectively.

Thanks to that rich and nutritious composition, you can use oats as the main dish for your child's breakfast, combined with other small foods that will help them eat better.

5. Chicken eggs

Chicken eggs are a very nutritious and nutritious food. Chicken eggs contain lots of protein, iron, zinc, copper and other vitamins such as: Vitamin A, D, K, B1, B2, B6 and other minerals, which are of great benefit for the height development of children.

How chicken eggs food helps to grow the height of children

Chicken eggs food helps develop children's height thanks to vitamin D

In addition, compared to goose eggs and duck eggs, chicken eggs have a higher content of zinc and vitamin A. Chicken eggs also contain vitamin D - a vitamin that is rarely found in foods, which helps in the absorption of calcium into the bones, help strengthen bones.

Mothers should pay attention to providing enough eggs in each diet of children, especially, children should not eat raw eggs, raw eggs because it is easy to be infected. Limit feeding children fried eggs because they contain a lot of grease, not good for the digestive system. It is best for children to eat boiled eggs or cook egg porridge, this will help the amount of nutrients in eggs not be lost, helping children absorb.

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6. Soy

Why soy foods help children grow taller

The calcium in soy is a food that helps children grow taller

Soy is a rich source of nutritious food, especially rich in protein, fat and vitamins, essential for the height development of children, the pure proteins contained in soy can help. young Improve tissue and skeletal system.

If in 100g of cow's milk has 120mg of calcium, in 100g of soy there is 165mg of calcium. Besides, the calcium in soy is easily absorbed by the body like the calcium in cow's milk.

Therefore, to increase the appetite of the children, families can take turns feeding the child fresh milk and soy milk together every day.

7. Beef

Beef food helps to grow the height of children

Beef is a food that helps develop children's height effectively

In 100g of beef contains 28g of protein, 280 calories of energy and many essential vitamins for the body such as: Vitamin B12, B6. In addition, beef is also a good source of minerals, magnesium, zinc, magnesium, and iron. height development of baby.

However, giving your child too much beef a day will raise bad cholesterol in the blood. Although beef contains a lot of nutrients, these foods contain very little calcium, so in meals, apart from beef dishes, you should add more foods. other calcium rich such as: Sardines, kale, dark green leafy vegetables, tofu, etc.

Providing adequate nutrition to the brain will make your child smarter. Refer to the best brain tonic today: Top 5 The Best Brain Tonic on the Market Today

8. Fish

Food sources help to develop a safe height for children

Why fish is a food that helps children grow taller

Fish is an excellent source of protein and vitamin D, which is extremely good for height development in young children. Thanks to the nutritional ingredients in fish will help children Increase height effectively from an early age

In addition, most fish contain Omega 3 fatty acids - essential nutrients that help promote brain development for babies as well as strengthen the immune system and vision for children.

Therefore, the priority to add fish to the diet of children, especially salmon, tuna, sardines.

9. Chicken

Chicken is a very high-protein but low-fat food that is an indispensable and nutritious food source in your child's list of foods.

Chicken food helps children grow taller effectively

Should eat more chicken food to help children grow safe height

Children 6 months and older can practice eating chicken. The amount of protein in chicken helps children muscle developmentThe amount of iron and potassium are two essential substances for the the development of red blood cells as well as helping to ensure the functioning of blood vessels in the young body. In particular, in chicken also contains significant amounts of calcium and phosphorus, these two substances play a decisive role in bone formation, helping the child's bone structure to be stronger.

There are many other nutrients found in chicken that help your child develop comprehensively, so you can feed chicken by preparing them in many different ways such as boiling, steaming or frying. according to children's interests.

In addition to eating to develop height, functional foods are the fastest way to provide nutrition for your child. Refer to this list offline: Top 3 Functional Foods Helps Increase Height For Children

10. Spinach (also known as spinach or spinach)

Spinach is a very nutritious and healthy food for children. This green vegetable is almost indispensable in the menu of young children, especially those of weaning age.

Spinach food helps develop children's height

Why spinach is a food that helps children grow taller

Spinach is rich in iron, Vitamin C, A helps children increase resistance. The amount of Vitamin K, Calcium in vegetables is very good for bones and teeth. Eating plenty of spinach will help the child's body absorb more calcium to help develop effective height.

Mothers can combine spinach cooked with other foods: Pork, chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, ... help children feel excited and eat better.

In addition to providing a full range of useful foods to help children grow taller Topnlist As introduced above, families need to spend time for children to be active outdoors every morning, both to help increase flexibility and provide additional vitamin D in sunlight, a role It is very important in the process of creating bones in children.

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