Top 10 Good Habits in Everyday Life Helps Your Heart Stay Healthy

Caring for your heart means helping you lead a healthier life. By applying the following 10 tips to your daily life Topnlist Will introduce below will help you get a healthiest heart.

1. Exercise

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The regular walking 30-60 minutes a day will help you have a healthier heart. Do exercise increase Good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) Thanks to that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, control risk factors such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and obesity.

Besides that, the regular exercise still help strengthen bones, prevent back pain, osteoarthritis common in old age.

Besides, running also helps improve your health better, refer to the following article: Top 10 Health Habits You Should Do Everyday

2. Get Enough Sleep

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Although the lack of sleep does not directly cause heart disease, it will increase the risk factors for heart disease. When insomnia will cause high blood pressure. This condition lasts for an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity.

So, with respect to Adults (ages 18 - 65) should get enough sleep at night for about 6 to 8 hours, the sleep time may be longer than 1-2 hours for children and may be shorter than 1-2 hours for the elderly, which is the appropriate sleep time Helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

3. Eat More Fruits, Vegetables

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In fruits, vegetables often contain lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Helps improve the health of the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of heart disease.

Besides, a new study shows Anthocyanin - A pigment found in purple, red and green fruits and vegetables such as grapes, strawberries, purple cabbage, purple kohlrabi, purple cauliflower, purple carrots , beet, red radish, purple tomatoes, black tomatoes, perilla leaves, black beans, eggplants, glutinous rice ... This natural organic compound when added to the body is very beneficial for the cardiovascular system and helps strengthen the immune system for the body.

4. Limit Diet

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Eating salt for a long time will make the heart more active, higher blood pressure and thereby leading to the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

So, To have a healthy heart, you should consume reasonable salt content. According to the UK National Health Service recommendations consume a maximum of 6 grams of salt per day, which is equivalent to about one teaspoon of salt per day.

5. Quit Smoking, Alcohol

Top 10 Healthy Daily Habits That Help Your Heart Be Healthy - - 29

According to the UK Heart Foundation, Smokers are twice as likely to have a heart attack than someone who has never smoked. Besides that, People who do not smoke but are exposed to regular smoking can also suffer from heart diseases

Alcohol is able to prevent atherosclerosis and coronary diseases, but it is only effective when used in moderation (about 1-2 small cups per day). If used repeatedly the moderation on the opposite will affect the body, increases the risk of cardiovascular events due to high blood pressure, increased risk of liver damage, brain complications (especially brain hemorrhage) and a number of other cardiovascular diseases.

And with some Patients with a history of arrhythmia then the use of stimulants, including alcohol, will make it easier for patients to have arrhythmias.

6. Limit Eating Saturated Fat

Top 10 Healthy Daily Habits That Help Your Heart Be Healthy - - 31

Saturated fat found in animal fat, egg yolks, animal viscera, ... Unsaturated fats found in fish, tubers, vegetable oils, ...

People with cardiovascular disease should not use saturated fats of animal origin, but should eat fats derived from plants.

Elderly people with normal health should also reduce animal fat, use more vegetable oil. Young people should use more animal fat.

However, to ensure a healthy heart, it's best not to eat too many greasy foods because they are all bad for your health.

7. Learn How to Reduce Stress

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In addition to exercising, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, then creating a positive lifestyle with lots of laughter will help improve blood vessels, increase the amount of hormones in the brain, help improve morale, and at the same time fight off pain or anxiety..

Simple methods to calm the mind when being stressed or worried include: Deep breathing, smiling, body massage, listening to music, resting, etc.

8. Slimming, Maintain a Healthy Weight

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Fat lIncreases blood pressure, increases coronary artery disease. The amount of fat and cholesterol narrows coronary arteries, obstructing the blood flow to the heart, causing anemia, myocardial infarction is very dangerous.

People who are obese have a risk of heart disease and death risk 2-3 times higher than non-obese people. To avoid the unfortunate consequences that can occur, we should follow a healthy diet and exercise regime to own a healthy body.

9. Listening to Music

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There are many ways to ease your mind of stress, including listening to music which has been shown to help your heart stay healthy and recover faster from heart disease. When we hear our favorite tunes, Endorphins - the body's natural painkillers will be released from the brain and help improve heart health.

Other effects of listening to music you can learn more through the following article: Top 07 Good Habits You Should Perform Every Day

10. Periodic Health Screenings

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Equally important is a routine health check. This will help you understand your heart health condition, from which the doctor will guide you how to take care of your health at home, help prevent disease, and return you a body. healthiest.

Besides thatWhat habits should you avoid so as not to affect your health? Let's find out more through the following articles: Top 9 Health Habits You Should Give Up, Top 5 Breakfast Habits That Affect Your Health

With 10 ways to have a healthy heart just now, Topnlist Hopefully, you guys will appreciate your health more and create healthy habits together to maintain your healthiest heart.

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