Top 10 Most Famous Bars in Saigon You Must Know

Referring to Saigon, we will immediately think of a dynamic and bustling city with nightlife venues. So if you don't mention bars with passionate music, it will be a huge omission. Here is a list of 10 most popular bars in Saigon that you absolutely must know!

1.Chill Skybar

Chill Skybar is one of the most popular bars in Saigon. Located on the rooftop of AB Tower, Chill Skybar takes you into the world of luxury sound, light and cuisine, the highest class of the upper class.

Top 10 Most Famous Bars in Saigon You Must Know - - Air 360 Sky Lounge | Barocco Bar | Boheme 1

. Address: Floor 26, 27, AB Tower, 76A Le Lai, District 1.

. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/like.chill.saigon

Chill Skybar Divided into different areas such as restaurants, smoke-free areas and outdoor areas to meet all your needs. This is a familiar place for many famous stars, businessmen to meet customers, international friends as well as Saigon playboys. It also regularly organizes events, exchanges of world celebrities and entertainment such as David Beckham, Van Nistelrooy - Royal Swedish, Royal Brunei, Singer Leah McFall (The Voice UK) , ...

2. Air 360 Sky Lounge

Located on the 22nd floor of Ben Thanh building, Air 360 Sky Lounge is the only place with 360-degree open space with a pool overflowing at a height of 120m for you to enjoy panoramic views of Saigon. Air 360 Sky Bar will be the place you should visit once to experience Bar and Lounge services Modern space with luxurious design, cozy with hundreds of sparkling fanciful lights.

Top 10 Most Famous Bars in Saigon You Must Know - - Air 360 Sky Lounge | Barocco Bar | Boheme 3. Address: Floor 22, Ben Thanh Tower, 136 - 138 Le Thi Hong Gam, District 1.

. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Air360SkyLounge/

Air 360 Sky Bar Open very early, this is the main time for office workers, businessmen and foreigners to chat, chat or discuss business. The music here is in the deephouse style, so you can both enjoy the music and chat with your friends without fear of being overwhelmed by the sound. From 21 o'clock onwards, it is a time for the vibrant, passionate atmosphere of EDM music from famous singers and DJs at home and abroad. This is also a regular venue for attractive events and programs of famous stars in the country.

3. TNR Saigon

This is one of the bars that converges a lot of Expat and Backpacker. The space of the bar will attract you right from the first step. With cool design and quality, ensure you will experience new and unique things. Experience the vibrant music atmosphere as well as cool cocktails.

Top 10 Most Famous Bars in Saigon You Must Know - - Air 360 Sky Lounge | Barocco Bar | Boheme 5

. Address: No. 57 Do Quang Dau, District 1.

. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tnrsaigon/

Not only that, when it comes to TNR Saigon You can also try yourself with interesting games such as billiards, throwing darts, ... Besides, the bar also regularly organizes attractive music programs for guests on special events.

4. Poc Poc Beer Garden

After a stressful working week, choose Poc Poc Beer Garden Making a gathering place with friends will be a great choice. Is a special green area in the heart of Saigon. Coming here, you will find the bar is designed very eye-catching, both luxurious and sophisticated and very close to nature. A completely different design with the bars you often see.

Top 10 Most Famous Bars in Saigon You Must Know - - Air 360 Sky Lounge | Barocco Bar | Boheme 7. Address: Số 39 Phạm Ngọc Thạch, P. 6, District 3.

. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pocpocbeergarden/

Poc Poc Beer Garden Frequently, there are famous singers and artists coming to perform, maybe you can meet the person you admire. Besides that, Poc Poc Beer Garden Also often organize interesting programs for customers.

5. QUI Lounge

Space of QUI Beautiful is undeniable, it is the perfect combination of unique culinary space and klounge area level. With modern design architecture, the delicate fusion of two East-West cultures. QUI It has the appearance of a luxurious restaurant but still brings a feeling of closeness to the cozy wooden tones and the modern and elegant design.

Top 10 Most Famous Bars in Saigon You Must Know - - Air 360 Sky Lounge | Barocco Bar | Boheme 9. Address: No. 22-22Bis Le Thanh Ton, P. Ben Nghe, District 1.

. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quilounge/

QUI There are 3 main areas: open balcony area, lounge area Modern and diverse wine display area. Besides, QUI There is also a VIP area and a unique open food court if you want a separate space. Come to QUI, you not only enjoy delicious wine and attractive food, enter QUI You can also immerse yourself in the world of great music with hot trend songs of different genres like deep house, hiphop, R&B ...

6. Boheme

Located on the west of Bui Vien street, Boheme is a very famous bar among Saigon players. The space here is not as majestic, luxurious as other bars but in return Boheme Capture customers' hearts by mixing songs from the hottest songs in the world. Come here, make sure you and your group of friends have a memorable jubilant night.

Drink now Boheme has a quite typical flavor with cocktails, tonic soda, beer ... extremely quality. If you haven't been here, it would be a pity!

Top 10 Most Famous Bars in Saigon You Must Know - - Air 360 Sky Lounge | Barocco Bar | Boheme 11. Address: No. 197 De Tham, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1.

. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BohemeBuiVien/

7. Republic Club

This address will be one of the bars that any Saigon player has ever been to. Republic Club With a very nicely designed space, the music stage is located in the center, which helps you to immerse yourself in exciting, passionate music with any location in the shop. Republic Club is considered as one of the bars with good music and great DJs, combined with drinks prepared by a very own formula from good Bartenders.

Top 10 Most Famous Bars in Saigon You Must Know - - Air 360 Sky Lounge | Barocco Bar | Boheme 13. Address: Số 19 Đỗ Quang Đẩu, Phạm Ngũ Lão Ward, District 1.

. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Republicclubvn/

Here, regularly organize music and hiphop events of famous Vietnamese artists. In addition, the shop is currently having a promotion program on the 3rd day with groups of 3 female guests will receive 1 champagne immediately. So why hesitate any longer without coming here jubilantly with friends!

8. Canalis Club

One of the names can not help but mention when talking about the most famous bars in Saigon is Canalis Club. Class and elegance are the words used to accurately describe Canalis Club. With a large space that can accommodate up to 1,000 guests on a weekend, combined with the professional service style of the staff here will be a great experience for you.

Top 10 Most Famous Bars in Saigon You Must Know - - Air 360 Sky Lounge | Barocco Bar | Boheme 15. Address: Số 147 Bis Hai Bà Trưng, District 3.

. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/canalisclub.vn/

Another big plus is Canalis Club bringing together the most famous DJs today will bring a vibrant world of music. Besides, the shop also regularly organizes music events of famous artists every week. This will be the ideal meeting place for you.

9. Home Pub

Home Pub is the address quite pleasing customers, even the most fastidious guests. Although, every weekend, this place is often overloaded, but this is still not the point Home Pub lose points.

Top 10 Most Famous Bars in Saigon You Must Know - - Air 360 Sky Lounge | Barocco Bar | Boheme 17. Address: Floor 6, 2Bis International School, Ward 6, District 3.

. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homepub.sg/

Home Pub is divided into 2 areas:

+ Outdoor area for those who love soothing music with cocktails and watching nature;

+ The lounge area is the place for those who love the excitement and excitement with EDM Trap music.

Although the drinks are not appreciated or anything special, the music and the lively atmosphere here is the attraction that attracts young Saigon people to come and dance hard.

10. Barocco Bar

Barocco Bar is a bar quite familiar to Saigon players. The shop has a very unique and new design, guaranteed to make you enjoy right from the moment you step in. Noteworthy points of Barocco Bar Not only is it different by "appearance" but also in music and drink. Flashes of light next to the latest remixed hot trends. Barocco Bar will bring you a completely different feeling from other bars.

Top 10 Most Famous Bars in Saigon You Must Know - - Air 360 Sky Lounge | Barocco Bar | Boheme 19. Address: Số 264 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, Phường 8, District 3.

. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/baroccoclub.vn/

The music and drinks here are quite good, the service style is extremely professional. Here, there are often music programs of famous singers as well as attractive promotions for customers.

Above is a list of popular bars in Saigon. With a lively music style, professional service style will be the ideal place for you to have a good night, recharge your energy for a dynamic new working week. However, in Saigon will not be able to tell all the bars are very popular today so Topnlist Only list the places that are considered most attractive. If you know any great places, share it Topnlist dentist.

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