Top 10 Immortal Songs Of Singer My Tam

My mind is a name that is well known for its innate voice. Although she has turned 38 years old, My Tam is still one of the most beautiful, attractive and seductive single beauties in Showbiz Vietnam. With the relentless dedication of myself, My Tam has increasingly made its place in the Vietnamese art village and the prestigious awards both domestically and internationally are a worthy reward for “The Queen of Music. Pop ”of Vietnam. Let's review the songs that have made the storm in My Tam market offline.

1. Love Missing Away

Top 10 Immortal Songs by Singer My Tam - - My Tam 1

The song brings a sadness, a deep nostalgia for the sincere love of a girl for a boy. With melodious melodies has brought many indescribable emotions of those who miss their love affair.  

2. Wish

Top 10 Immortal Songs by My Tam Singer - - My Tam 3

Was released to listeners in 2003 and is one of the songs that make the name of singer My Tam. The song that wished to bring to the listener that the love, the endless nostalgia, makes people have to lull their heart into the desire to return to the day of love. Not only brings the listeners many emotions, but the song wishes that it will also bring the Golden Mai Award to the singer who sings this light music.

3. The Student Guitar

Top 10 Immortal Songs by My Tam Singer - - My Tam 5

An immortal song in the student life for the young generation today. The piano student with the melodious, melodious song brings a feeling of those who were once the students going to school far from home, missing their fathers, missing their mothers, remembering late nights studying, remembering student life that day. For those who have ever sat on the seats of the school roof would be very familiar with this song. My Tam's song next to the guitar singing the passionate lyrics will forever remain profound until later.

4. My Friend

Top 10 Immortal Songs by My Tam Singer - - My Tam 7

Following the success of the student song, My Tam released My friend again. Along with the earnest, gentle tunes along with the nostalgia mood like the student's guitar song. Instead of homesick and parents, the song My friend tells the nostalgia of close friends who have been sticking all the way with them through many difficulties and happiness. The song reminds us of our precious memories and memories with our friends. The melody of the song reminds us of how long we have not talked to my friend. It was the same verses that made the song so popular today.

5. Faith Triumph

Top 10 Immortal Songs by My Tam Singer - - My Tam 9

A song that brings many emotions to millions of Vietnamese people. Along with the success of the success of the song, My belief of the singer My Tam is always reflected in all the battles to win. The song not only brings the passionate melody but also reminds us to always strive, overcome the tears of joy and sadness, to bring our own victories to a radiant new future. people.

6. It Seems I Were

Top 10 Immortal Songs by My Tam Singer - - My Tam 11

In 2006, My Tam again released the song `` Seems I was, '' the song tells a confession of a girl when she broke up, remembering the past love afflicted with sadness, a love affair broken because the person whom he loves is no longer the same, changed and deceptive. When this song comes up, many people listen to the feeling of the girl in her moods.

7. As A Dream

Top 10 Immortal Songs by My Tam Singer - - My Tam 13

The song to the present is still very popular on music sites, with soothing melody My Tam has successfully launched this song on the market. The song is like a dream I met and loved someone. It is also a sad song that brings many moods and emotions to viewers.

8. Because I Love You Too

Top 10 Immortal Songs by My Tam Singer - - My Tam 15

After the songs with soothing tunes, My Tam debuted with a rather vibrant song on the album "Tam". With the words from the song and the humorous details in the MV has attracted a lot of viewers. In addition, the MV My Tam is the one who personally creates the humorous script and the set for the recording of his own song.

9. Give A Love

Top 10 immortal songs by singer My Tam - - My Tam 17

This is a song in My Tam's album of the same name, released in 2016 and won the Golden Mai Award for the song. This song was used as the soundtrack for the movie "For a Love" that My Tam participated in and was also the main actor of the film. For the first time trying out a new role, after its debut, the film with the album released at the same time by My Tam has impressed and received a lot of love and admiration from the audience.

10. Things As Not Started

Top 10 Immortal Songs by My Tam Singer - - My Tam 19

The re-released song has received a lot of views online. This sad song was expressed very successfully by My Tam's powerful voice. The story in the MV also makes the audience extremely tormented about its ending. A sad love affair that deprived the tears of many people watching this MV.

What are you waiting for without opening My Tam's songs to enjoy together. Wish you enjoy the moments of mixing in the soothing music of "Queen of Pop".

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