Top 09 Fruits Should Be Eaten In Summer

The heat of summer makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable and tired, which is why many people's personalities change and languid. Here are Top 9 fruits to help you regain your spirit at work and comfort in person. Invite everyone to find out!

1. Oranges, Tangerines

Top 09 Fruits To Eat In The Summer - - Watermelon | Papaya | Coconut Water 19

Of all fruits, oranges and tangerines are high in vitamin C, these fruits are very good to enhance the body's immunity. Oranges are rich in fiber content. Therefore, it helps the digestive process go more smoothly. Therefore, eat oranges every day or drink orange juice, lemon, grapefruit to boost the body's immunity. Research shows that eating an orange every day prevents cancer, improves heart health, boosts vision, is good for the skin, and helps prevent birth defects. Don't overlook this beneficial fruit.

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2. Watermelon

Top 09 Fruits To Eat In The Summer - - Watermelon | Papaya | Coconut Water 21

Watermelon has a 90% water content and natural sugar content, so it's perfect for summer. Therefore, eat watermelon to prevent dehydration and restore the sugars needed for the body in the summer. At the same time, watermelon has vitamins A, B6 and C and is also full of antioxidants. Fat-free watermelon, in particular, can help prevent diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. But you may wonder if watermelon is heating or cooling your body when eating watermelon in the summer, when the weather is already hot and hot.

3. Lemon

Top 09 Fruits To Eat In The Summer - - Watermelon | Papaya | Coconut Water 23

Lemons are rich in antioxidants called vitamin C, which are known to support healthy immune function, help stimulate the brain and nerve function, and control blood pressure. This is a fruit recommended for use in the summer especially because it is high in vitamin C and other vitamins that are very good for health.The first lemon drink in the morning will help balance the acidity of the food. We ate and produced alkalinity.

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4. Bananas

Top 09 Fruits To Eat In The Summer - - Watermelon | Papaya | Coconut Water 25

Bananas are a great source of potassium for the body, bananas help keep the heart healthy and help the body fight fatigue in hot weather. If you eat an average banana a day, you will feel much better. In the summer, if you eat a ripe banana every day, you will feel really healthy. When exercising too much or going out in the sun for a long time, just a banana will recover faster than you think. Bananas are actually one of the healthiest fruits that have a great taste that you should use on summer days.

5. Papaya

Top 09 Fruits To Eat In The Summer - - Watermelon | Papaya | Coconut Water 27

Papaya is a juicy, cool and nutritious fruit suitable for hot summer days. In addition, ripe papaya contains papain - an enzyme that helps the digestive system work properly. If you eat papaya regularly, your digestive system will improve and reduce stomach or intestinal problems. In addition, papaya also exfoliates dead skin cells, restoring youthful skin. You should combine this fruit with aloe to form a mixture of skin and hair care.

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6. Mango

Top 09 Fruits To Eat In The Summer - - Watermelon | Papaya | Coconut Water 29

Mango is a fruit that is often misunderstood as not to be eaten in the summer, as it is believed to cause body heat. But in fact, mango is a fat-free, high-sugar and high-fiber food. This means that mangoes will keep you fuller for longer. The amount of vitamin A in mangoes is good for light skin and shiny hair, especially in the summer. Vitamin A is also a powerful antioxidant that prevents premature aging and degenerative diseases. The vitamin C in mango helps prevent sun stroke. Besides, Mangoes contain a lot of prebiotics fiber. Prebiotics are indigestible foods that support the growth of beneficial bacteria. Good bacteria help prevent disease; Basically, prebiotics are food for probiotics in the body, not directly for you. Eating a lot of mangoes can keep the environment in your gut healthy.

7. Pineapple

Top 09 Fruits To Eat In The Summer - - Watermelon | Papaya | Coconut Water 31

Fresh melon is the food of the summer and you can add pineapple to a salad or smoothie on these hot summer days. Pineapple contains about 85% of water and is a tropical fruit rich in enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins, so you should supplement pineapple daily to keep the body from being dehydrated, healthy and refreshing. In addition, Pineapple contains fiber that helps reduce digestion and other stomach-related problems. According to the American Cancer Society, the enzyme bromelain helps break down proteins that help with digestion. Bromelain works by breaking down protein molecules into their building blocks, like small peptides and amino acids.

8. Coconut water

Top 09 Fruits To Eat In The Summer - - Watermelon | Papaya | Coconut Water 33

Coconut water contains many sources of B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pyridoxine, and folates. These vitamins are needed by the body from outside through eating and drinking. At the same time, coconut water is the best natural source of electrolytes. And yet, coconut water works to beautify the skin, smooth, black hair and use bathing for babies. Coconut kernel is used in combination with water containing many enzymes good for digestion, used to treat stomach ulcers, hepatitis, diabetes, dysentery, hemorrhoids, and colitis. summer.

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9. Dragon Fruit

Top 09 Fruits To Eat In The Summer - - Watermelon | Papaya | Coconut Water 35

Dragon fruit is known as an easy-to-eat fruit and is preferred by many people to reduce blood pressure, reduce blood fat, laxative, detoxify, brighten eyes ... Dragon fruit contains vitamins C, B1, B2 and B3, and essential minerals including phosphorus, iron and calcium. A dragon fruit contains about 60 calories.

Dragon fruit contains many nutrients and microelements that help increase the metabolism of substances in the body, enhance detoxification, improve the skin to help skin smooth. Thanks to its high fiber content and low sugar content, dragon fruit also helps treat diabetes and obesity.

Each fruit has its own specific but beneficial benefits health for everyone on these hot summer days. Hope the share of Topnlist Will help you choose good fruits to cool down, improve health this summer.

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