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Top 08 Note About Safe Banking

At present, with the strong development speed of the internet, the demand and generating facilities to meet people's desires are very high. And, among them are transactions, electronic payments. In parallel with the convenience, the problem that exists here is that the insecurity, loss of security leads to your account being very vulnerable to information theft, then will completely lose your money in your account. Item. So how to make online transactions successful and confidential, how to make electronic payments easy and still very safe? So let's be with TopnList References, statistics and views Top 08 top notes in secure electronic banking transactions right after.

1. Set unique password for device and mobile banking application

In setting this password you should also note some of the following points to make our passwords more secure, harder to retrieve, harder to guess and harder to detect.

Top 08 Notes About Safe Banking - - 1

+ Passwords are highly secure, difficult to guess must include the following factors: Capital letters, letters, numbers and special characters (this part is the most important, because special characters will help. Your password is the most difficult to guess and look out for)

+ Absolutely speaking IS NOT with easy passwords that you use to get the same password with your personal information such as: Full name, date of birth, identity card number, phone number, pet's name, ... Because But this information is very easy to guess with popular password hacking algorithms.

+ The last thing in setting up passwords for electronic payment devices and applications is that when you have confirmed the password, you must remember it, not write down or save anywhere. Because that would be very easy to be traced if someone intentionally steals, have time to track you about habits and behaviors.

2. Always Perform Password Security

When you have confirmed a password that is safe and only you know, only you remember, do not think that it is safe, because the behavior of using online payment, electronic transactions over time is you will leave "WRITE" to understand that our hacking programs, password stealing algorithms will follow the user's usage habits and enter the password of the user, from which the password of the user will be detected. yourself and steal them. So you should note that the security of your password is important number 2.

Top 08 Notes About Electronic Banking Transactions - - 3

+ The first time you receive a card, the first time you receive an account, you must change the login password for the first time and the bank's default to your password. Moreover, you need to change your password flexibly so that you don't leave WRITE. Time can be 3 months password change 1 time. And do not change it often, because if you remember the password, it is too good, otherwise, after changing it, even if you do not remember, you should not change the password often.

+ Password security means you absolutely must not share your password with anyone else, with any transaction and naturally ask for your access password. Because of your personal password, only you know, own and use it.

So, the thing to keep in mind about the password security is that you cannot share, do not create a habit for a long time.

3. Be Careful When Accessing Your Account

Currently, the methods and tools of fraud are very sophisticated and innovative every day, so the warning is incessant, but the care and attention it will share some of the following points:

Top 08 Note About Electronic Banking Transactions - - 5

+ You are not allowed to access any payment links, any file of unknown origin when someone sends you. Because this is probably the virus file that the hacker installs, when you click it is like activating the virus to invade, spread to the device you just clicked the link, then they will collect, take all Set your personal information on that device.

+ Before you log into the system page from your computer, phone or download and access the mobile app, you should always be careful in considering and determining whether it is the bank's homepage? Is it the official app of the bank yet? ... After clearly defining it, please press your account and password to log in and perform transactions, payments. Because with the scam method, there are many websites and apps created exactly like the interface of the bank, so it is easy to cause you to misunderstand.

4. Always Check and Collate Transaction Information

When paying money, when transferring money, you should never rush. Because this is my money, when I press the wrong button, I lose or lose all personal information, so you need to always check and compare with other transaction information in the most specific way, to avoid confusion, deceived without knowing it.

Top 08 Note About Electronic Banking Transactions - - 7

+ Need to check carefully the information about OTP including: Is the recipient correct information (including account number, bank), the amount is about to be transferred, payment is correct or not.

+ DO NOT enter any OTP codes sent from the websites, phone numbers except for the subjective bank of your trading account and DO NOT tell anyone about the OTP information you receive. Because you make the payment, only you need to know about this information, no need for the second person to know and watch on this transaction.

5. Always Stay alert, Be wary of Calls, Messages Requesting Information

This way most of the bad objects have written a clear and detailed scenario, so if when we pick up the phone to pick up the phone, there is interaction between it, you will inevitably be manipulated by their words. Therefore, when you receive any calls, messages, or requests for personal information from the bank, you need to do:

Top 08 Notes on Safe Banking Electronic Transactions - - 9

+ Turn off that call, immediately call the hotline, the operator switchboard of the account bank of your account has just been requested by the call to verify, confirm information and report the problem.

+ Entering into the greed of people so many lottery tricks and prizes have been created, so first of all, you absolutely must not answer any calls, messages, emails. about getting a reward without knowing its origin. It is safer to contact the managing bank directly about your account to receive the prize notification and if so, go directly to the nearest branch bank to perform the delivery and receipt.

6. End of Transaction Always Notice

Some of your most common problems with online transactions and payments are mistakes after the transaction ends. Why is it like that, because during the transaction process, you pay attention to security issues, but after payment, the habit problem, you think is done but not yet, not done if you have not Perform the following:

Top 08 Notes on Safe Banking Electronic Transactions - - 11

+ Not yet exited from the trading account, including on computers and on mobile apps

+ IS NOT be allowed to close the browser when it is not completely logged out of the trading account

+ IS NOT to save login password on web and phone. And especially when you are trading on another device that is not your device, you absolutely should pay attention to this issue to avoid unfortunate risks.

7. Always Updating and Protecting Trading Equipment

Top 08 Notes on Safe Banking Electronic Transactions - - 13

+ You must install anti-virus software on your device, set up a firewall and regularly CLEAN your device.

+ For mobile phones, you always need to download the applications on the phone at the right source, right system of the issuing bank.

+ You need to regularly pay attention and upgrade the operating system, upgrade the latest updated versions of the application. Because when the publisher uploads a new upgrade, the old version has an error and has been completed in the new version.

8. Always Update Latest Information

Top 08 Note About Electronic Banking Transactions - - 15

+ When there is any update of new personal information such as change in phone number, identity card number, date of issue of identity card, it is necessary to immediately notify the bank to update the new information. this. Avoid personal information changes for a long time and information on the bank has not been updated official, so this is a major flaw that can cause you trouble.

+ You should register SMS Banking on the phone number you use every day to update the situation, the latest information in changing the balance of your account, your transactions are successful, unsuccessful in a timely manner most time. If when another transaction arises that you do not make, you can detect it promptly and contact the bank to resolve and resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

So above on the use of individuals and the reference from many reputable sources of information from the banking system that TopnList mentioned, share for you about 8 notes to remember when opening an account, handing over Translate and pay via electronic banking offline. Wish you always protect your personal account information in any way.

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