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Top 07 Types Of Basic Art And Its Characteristics

In life, art plays a very important role. The art of connecting, connecting people together makes everything in life so interesting. But the present has come 7 basic art forms Best. More specifically, we find the most standard features of the 7 basic art forms.

What is turmeric?

Art is creative work, creating products and intangible works of great human and spiritual value and it is also a product that contains the enthusiasm of creators and artisans. Art. Those works are created by humans and brought to people to enjoy through the senses of the senses.

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What Is Art and 07 Types of Basic Art

The culture of Ancient Egypt, China and India is the cradle of the formation of Art. But it was not until the post-revival period that art became stronger, more popular because people had a clear awareness, wanted to express emotions, wanted to say what was impossible to say. most honest. Because of such strength, art exists, develops and has an extremely important role in life and community.

Features of 7 types of basic art

The basic art subjects it was formed from ancient times and handed down, developed to the present. Art is what creates cultures and civilizations with certain values in human life and the world. And what are the basic types of art? What are the 07 basic art forms with characteristics and characteristics?

The art of sculpture

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Sculpture (Collectibles)

One of the 7 basic types of art is sculpture. This is a type of space art, all things, events are made of blocks from materials such as wood, earth, metal, .... from which they reflect reality most vividly.

More specifically, the products and works created from sculpture can be a spatial shape with a variety of sizes and sizes. The sculptures can be embossed, round statues, many detailed statues, engraved ...

Art Architecture and decoration

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Architectural and Decorative Art (Collectibles)

In human history, we can say that the Art of Architecture and decoration was formed and appeared first. Therefore, it has a very close and close connection with people and human history. Architecture and decoration it has a very clear meaning.

The most significant architectural and decorative art is the great architectural works in the palaces, the cathedrals and the pyramids, etc. And they help the uniqueness of the buildings and the heritage. Leave it till forever.

Art of Painting

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Painting Art (Collected Pictures)

In contrast to the art of sculpture, the art of painting is the art of the plane space. The way of expression of art is to record as vividly and truthfully as possible. But another unique feature of painting is the art of expressing thoughts, and reflecting the worldview through the perception of the color of the expresser.

The art of flower festival is increasingly developing and raising new heights along with 7 other basic arts in the most powerful way. Painting is an expression of affection, trust, and it is all harmoniously combined with other arts such as sculpture, theater, literature or architecture and decoration. .

Literary Art

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Literary Art (Photo Collections)

In the system of 7 basic art forms, Literature art plays the most essential role. Because a simple and obvious reason is that literature is the basis, the background of the expression of other specific art forms such as cinema, theater, music, .... Literary Art is the use of human language to record, compose, express and reflect human life.

Literature is the thing that can express all aspects of the person in a most truthful way, from the emotional heart of man to every issue of society in an intuitive and vivid way. Literature is also a tool to help express and express in a diverse way, specifically human beings in the most profound and subtle way.

No, but it reflects the reality that literature expresses and reflects the extremely rich imagination confirmed through many of the great works of famous literature.

Art of Music

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Music Art (Photo Collections)

The art of time mentioned is also Music. Music is indicated with rhythms, rhythms, and pitch. Along with that, combining literature with words to express and describe the emotional thoughts and feelings of each individual and individual human being. Here specifically the author.

In the melody that will determine a piece of music, it is worth noting that music expresses the inner person. For sensual music that reflects a sense of intimacy, it is also a means of expressing portraits of life. So the medium is becoming more and more popular and is the spiritual food of man.

Dramatic Arts

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Dramatic Arts (Photo Collections)

If it comes to art with the oldest history among the 7 basic art forms, that is theater art. Dramatic art combines many different types of art and is expressed through the actions on stage, the actors' expressions from which to express, describe and convey ideas, the core of a work that is intended for viewers.

In theater arts in every play, there is a main actor. The main actor is the one who shows all the ribs and intentions of the author who wants to put them inside the play, and plays a very important role in the success or failure of the show.

Cinema Art

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Movie Art (Photo Collections)

Film Art is also known as the 7th art. They have the youngest age compared to the rest of the basic art forms. Film art was born around the end of the nineteenth century. Although young, but up to now, Cinema is the most important art in terms of mass. Film touches every home, every human being in this world. Cinematography has developed and responded properly to practical and aesthetic needs of the times.

Film Art is the only art that can be said to be able to swirl deeply, digging in all other aspects and angles that all the other arts are not capable of doing that, most is Social.

Cinema expresses everything through movies so there is a depth, three-dimensional space is very rich and diverse. The structure of a movie depends on the script, the montage, a whole process to create a good work for life.

7 basic art forms were shared and introduced above. And here TopnList reaffirming that art cannot be separated from human life and people cannot be separated from art. Art is an indispensable medicine, spiritual food for people, they bring the most joyful and positive life that people want to have.

07 Types Of Basic Art Sculpture
Architecture And Decoration

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