Top 07 Health Books You Should Read Now

Today's hustle life makes people caught up in the flow of work and family to forget about taking care of their health. And there are also many people who are subjective in their opinion that they are not sick, so they do not actively prevent disease. Only when discovering new disease, he will seek treatment but it is not possible to cure it.

List of Good Health Books You Should Read

So actively preventing unintentional disease is essential. With 7 good books about health You should read it TopnList The sharing below covers methods of disease prevention, disease improvement and nutrition for a healthy health that you should read at least once.

Everyone Then Die

This is a good book about health written by Atul Gawande, a surgeon, has dedicated his life to researching and clarifying the limits of medicine. With the message that the book "Everyone dies" wants to convey to everyone that:

“No matter how advanced medical and medical technologies are available, the doctors who treat us are just human beings and human beings, all of which are finite, unable to expect a life. to live forever, accept it and live a meaningful and happy life until the moment of death. "

Everyone Dies a good book about health

In the midst of the modern world, it is believed that advanced medical technologies will enable them to overcome disease and live a long life. But few people can understand that the youth of man is accompanied by the deterioration of health, the occurrence of illness, the loss of the ability to do things that he likes and eventually everyone dies. [1]

  • So is this a good book you should read?

In the world, human society has been for centuries, no one can deny the importance of health. With good health books introduced, you may want to practice working and putting good health habits into your daily life. So what are those habits? And Click here let's see.

Enzyme Factor

Another good book about health, and it's from Japan by the author Hiromi Shinya will introduce the healthy and long-lived methods that he has been working hard with with the help of a large number of patients. This book addresses the importance of the enzyme factor [2], how to synthesize enzymes through daily meals.

As well as providing useful knowledge about food, about the colon, helping people have a better overview of the mechanism of action of the body from which to choose for themselves the methods of operation and good habits for the body. In addition, this good book on health will also help us to review the mistakes in health concepts, daily diet to help us lead a healthier life.

The best health book you should read is the Enzyme Factor

Instead of using too much synthetic supplements for health, why not supplement with natural active ingredients, especially in nuts? With the article Top 11 Healthy Seeds to Eat Every Day Definitely will give you many interesting and necessary things.

Non-Medication Healthcare

In a simple, witty and easy-to-understand language, 30 chapters in the book "Non-medicated health care"[3] by an Indian doctor Biswaroop will provide you with information, useful knowledge about the human body, how to eat, daily activities as well as answer questions about why we are sick and how not to cure. sick?

The "secret" behind "super spice" and fast food is 8 simple steps to good health. With this book, you will be able to become your own health professional, find out the cause of your body's problems, and then learn how to give comprehensive remedies in the short and long term. Help you balance work, life and health.

Good book about health without taking care of medicine You should not ignore it

After reading this good book about health, you will find the secrets to living healthy, energetic and forever beautiful with the time of famous stars such as Angelina Jolie, Bill Clinton, Lance. Armstrong, Backstreet Boys, ...

Non-Medicated Health Care is a good book on health and on track with current trends. But it is not necessary to take care of the health by supplementing, which should be avoided, especially the society today needs to avoid Healthy Drinks.

Mystery Of Aging

This is a good health book for anyone who is concerned about healthy aging Dr. Joseph Chang. With this book we will learn that the source of aging is the active biological process, regulated by a number of dominant genes.

With a language that is easy to understand about genes as well as a key role of genes in aging, readers can easily understand the information that the book provides. Understanding the importance of genes and gene expression in delaying aging and dispelling the mystery that we cannot influence or slow down that aging process.

Joseph Chang said that the most effective anti-aging method is to lead people to a healthy life and use the necessary micronutrients. The secret of aging is a good book about health for those who want to have a good health to improve their lives and prolong their youth.

The Secret of Aging you should read because it's a good book about health

The War For Health - Act Successfully

The book "The fight for health - Action & success" was written by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury (India), a leading nutrition and natural health care professional from India, and Dr. Nguyen Hoang Anh - Director of Longevity Health Research & Application Institute RICHS), Director of the Bimemo Health Care & Consulting Center, by "popularizing the medical language" has provided readers with medical and nutritional knowledge and a lot of research to prove that : the real way to healing is not just through pills. More specifically, the book emphasizes that only one person can cure you absolutely - that's you!

In particular, the book reintroduces the story of former US President Bill Clinton, who was fortunate to discover non-drug therapies at the right time, and recovered after fighting illness, with Atherosclerotic plaques, with many major surgeries. In addition, the book also talks about how the cancer treatment industry has affected the health status of legendary Steve Jobs - the founder of the Apple global brand - like.

In addition to the story of the Bimemo practitioners, they experienced the pain of torment and then it was they who smiled happily overcoming illness and living a life. Healthy life. These stories have proven the effectiveness of the Bimemo method and the value of a natural health.

The War For Health - Act Successfully

To have good health, you need to practice good habits. So what are good health habits? You see TopnList Top 7 Eating Habits Not Good for Health

Cleaning The Circuits And Blood

Clean the circuit and blood of the author Nishi Katsuzo will give specific instructions about eating, exercising and thinking so that you can quickly clean up your blood vessels, which is the most basic and direct reason to combat dangerous diseases such as : myocardial infarction, stroke, hemiplegia, ...

Top 07 Good Health Books You Should Read Now - Health Books - Professor Hiromi Shinya | By Betty L Khoo-Kingsley | By Nishi Katsuzo 6

The author has given us scientific explanations that humans are made up of four elements: fire, air, earth and water. Therefore, the food we provide into the body must include what types to converge all four elements that make up that body. In addition, the author also asserts that every 10 days, when the body is properly nourished, it will receive completely new blood, and the body will automatically adjust itself to the health in a positive direction. pole.

His instructions are clear and easy to understand. The food sources he recommends are not expensive or difficult to find in our real life. As for its benefits, please experience and you will have the answer! And judge yourself if this is a good book about health or not?

Cancer Prevention And Treatment In Natural Mode

Listen to the message from nature - gently nourish your rebellious cells to bring them back to normal. The Natural Cancer Prevention and Treatment Book by the author Betty L Khoo-Kingsley.

Cancer Prevention And Treatment In Natural Mode

Our bodies have infinite power to heal wounds themselves. And so is cancer, which is not caused by germs or germs, it's basically just because the body's immune system is going in the wrong direction. And methods such as chemotherapy, radiation and medicine continue to destroy the immune system, which is the problem of the body. So, how can you expect your body to heal itself?

With this good health book, you will learn how to live peacefully with your cancer. Because the more we try to destroy the enemies inside by destroying them, the sooner our body will be destroyed. This book contains many inspiring stories of cancer survivors. Learn from their experience, so that you can also prevent and overcome cancer.

Above is currently the Top of the book specializing in health of experts, professors and doctors of health on the world oil market. You have a good health need to have a good life, improve your life and regime to maintain a reasonable balance.

You can comment and share more good health books, useful for the community right in the comment section below. At the same time anyone who has read the above books can give reviews, review good books on health below.

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  1. really reading is a very good habit and if you read books about health, it is too great brother

  2. Reading is one of the things that everyone should do in life.
    Improve your knowledge and patience, especially the more you read about health now, the better

  3. Add some pretty good books. You guys can review more and more

    Escape from cancer (Bill Henderson and Doctor Carlos M. Garcia)

    "Escape from cancer" is a book that has received the support of a large number of readers in the US and in other countries around the world. The book has been translated into 8 different languages with content about cancer treatment and some chronic diseases to protect health. The book is of great value, especially for cancer patients to help them gain more motivation to fight the disease "defeating cancer naturally" or to prevent this dangerous disease.

    Natural healing methods (Nishi Katsuzo)

    In addition to the book "Cleaning the veins and blood" introduced above, this is also a valuable book on human health and has been taught in many places. Although the doctor told him that he could not live until he was 20 years old, important discoveries helped him change his fate.

    The book is like a guide for people in the new era of health care methods based on natural methods. With these healthy methods, people across the continent have become healthy, young and believe in their own unlimited capacity.

    Good food makes medicine (Lisa Hark Ph.D., Dr. Darwin Deen)

    Lisa Hark Ph.D., Dr. Darwin Deen is also the author of the book Nutrition - the golden key to health listed above. Combining these two books, you can be confident in the hands of reliable manuals for the best health care. Good food for medicines is a book to help you learn the importance of knowledge about food, about wrong eating habits and need to be improved properly.

    Fresh spring (Peter Kelder)

    The book is rooted in the ancient Tibetan know-how, which is the way to maintain the health and youth of the mysterious Tibetan lama. This method is derived from the conversation of author Peter Kelder and Colonel Bradford - the 73-year-old man but with the youthful vitality of about 40 years old with this secret.

    Rules for a healthy life (Alpha Books compiled)

    The book was compiled by many authors of Alpha Books. The guidelines in this book will help you broaden your overall health perspective, better understand the risk factors affecting your health and your loved ones. From there you can prevent harmful factors and improve health for yourself and your family.

  4. I love reading books, thank you very much for sharing more good titles so I can read and refer.

    1. Thank you Nhi for your comments, Please share the books about health I've read up on everyone with home :)

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