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Top 06 Best Spas in Phu Nhuan District - HCMC

Life today is so busy that you do not have much time to take care of yourself, from which the body shows signs of aging. So why not spend yourself a part of the day looking to the spa to cherish his skin, his hair. Ignore all the fatigue, sorrow of work and family and recharge yourself. Here are some Best spa in Phu Nhuan district Topnlist would like to introduce to you hope you find yourself a favorite spa address.

List of Phu Nhuan Spa Best, Prestige And Quality

1. Moc Lien spa

Is a name no stranger to those who love beauty in Phu Nhuan. Get service quality and customer satisfaction as the motto of operation. Here is always updated with the latest technology, beauty trends, so that you can experience the cosmetology services of high technology standards of the world.

Services you can experience here like Eyebrow embroidery, lip sculpting; Skin Care; High-tech laser tattoo removal; Rolled skin regenerating needle; Skin treatment and skin restoration; ... With a team of experts, professional staff, experience as well as regular updates of new technologies, Moc Lien spa will bring you results as well as great satisfaction. for.

Top quality spa address in Phu Nhuan

Moc Lien Beauty Salon contact information:

  • Address: No. 43H Ho Van Hue Street, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 0979.550.509

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2. Mr. Lee spa

Lee spa is currently one of the favorite places for her because of the quality of the service. Formed from a passion for beauty, the services that Lee Spa Lee provides are not out of the desire to give customers the most uplifting beauty. Equipped with the latest technology facilities and equipment, the products used are derived from the nature of major brands to ensure safety and do not irritate all skin types. Besides the professionalism, experience of the staff will help you get the best experience of the services here.

Top 06 Best Spas in Phu Nhuan District - HCMC - - Lee Beauty Salon Lee Spa | Beauty Salon Diamond Lotus Beauty - Skincare | Moc Lien Beauty Salon 2

Some typical services at Anh Lee Spa:

  • High-tech permanent hair removal
  • Whitening anti-aging skin
  • Comprehensive facial skin care
  • Teeth whitening

Address of Lee Lee Beauty Salon - Lee Lee Spa:

  • 318 Nguyen Thuong Hien, P5, Phu Nhuan Dist. Ho Chi Minh

Proposal View: Because your work is tired, worried and your skin is darkening, darkening. You are looking for skin care, regain its beauty. Then with the article List of Prestigious Skincare Spas in HCMC will be suitable for you currently working and living in Saigon.

3. Miss Tram Spa - Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center

Miss Tram Spa is located right on the bustling Phan Xich Long area for cosmetic and dining services. And Miss Tram choose for herself in an alley "slightly hide" far from the crowded and bustling but very easy to find. Maybe just go on the small road to come to facilities and branches of Miss Tram Phu Nhuan, you can feel the comfort of the original space brought.

With the passion, creativity and mission in Dong Bao Tram's beauty sowing journey - The owner of the facility here offers women and men with almost all methods of beauty. , aesthetics like:

  • + Skin care service, acne treatment by heirloom method is extremely effective.
  • + Eyebrow tattoo spray, eyebrow sculpture with methods and techniques, modern and advanced models to catch up with beauty trends.
  • + Spraying lips, sucking lips, paying you back for outstandingly attractive lips.
  • + Spraying embroidery and sculptureing eyelids safely;
  • +……

Miss Tram Spa has many other beauty services, along with the beauty-sowing journey, Miss Tram focuses on beauty but must be natural, which means bringing beauty through the care and promotion on the sharp foundation. Beautiful of yourself, of Vietnamese women, rustic and casual.

Miss Tram Spa is always proud of a team of highly specialized, experienced and at the same time constantly learning, applying scientific and technical advances, and taking care of beauty to become better, Safer and more perfect aesthetic. Not only that, the staff of consultants, phone calls is also a point worth mentioning at Miss Tram beauty salon. They are always enthusiastic and attentive, calling for free advice until customers understand what they need to do, how to do, what the cost is, and make an appointment for direct advice. Moreover, they always remind you of your beauty day, so never be afraid to forget it.

Top 06 Best Spas in Phu Nhuan District - HCMC - - Lee Beauty Salon Lee Spa | Beauty Salon Diamond Lotus Beauty - Skincare | Moc Lien Beauty Salon 4

Miss Tram contact information - Quality spa address in Phu Nhuan District:

  • Facility 2: 126/6 Phan Xích Long, P. 3, Bình Thạnh District, TP. HCM
  • Facility 1: 30 Dang Thi Nhu, P. Nguyen Thai Binh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hotline: 1900 7018 - Phone: 0909 783 289 - 093 718 6060
  • Working time: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm (Every day of the week)
  • Miss Tram Website Natural Beauty Center:
  • Miss Tram Academy Website:
  • Facebook fanpage:

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4. Yang San Spa

This is a high beauty spa chosen by many women to bring themselves moments of relaxation as well as beauty care for themselves. With state-of-the-art technology and optimal processes, besides the dedicated, thoughtful advice of the team of experts here will help you find yourself the most appropriate care.

Yang San Spa offers a variety of professional beauty services such as melasma - freckles, acne treatment, pitted scars, hair removal, white bath, cosmetic embroidery spray, eyelash extensions ... to meet the needs of beauty. American customers are increasingly high.

The space here is luxuriously designed but still feels warm and friendly when you first arrive. Along with that is a warm welcome, dedication and attentive service will bring satisfaction to you.

Top 06 Best Spas in Phu Nhuan District - HCMC - - Lee Beauty Salon Lee Spa | Beauty Salon Diamond Lotus Beauty - Skincare | Moc Lien Beauty Salon 6

  • Address: 2F Nguyen Thi Huynh, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan, Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone: 0366 655 519

5. Tee 8 National

A beauty address quite famous today with training services as well as beauty for women as well as brothers is Tee 8 National. There are comprehensive beauty services such as tattoo embroidery, cosmetic rejuvenation, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, melasma, whitening bath, hair removal, slimming, ... You will be dedicated care of equipment , high-tech machinery and advanced beauty techniques and made directly by highly experienced professionals.

Along with that is the space of the luxuriously decorated salon combined with exquisite interior decoration that will bring you absolute satisfaction as well as a relaxed spirit when coming here to beautify.

Top 06 Best Spas in Phu Nhuan District - HCMC - - Lee Beauty Salon Lee Spa | Beauty Salon Diamond Lotus Beauty - Skincare | Moc Lien Beauty Salon 8

Contact information Tee 8 National Spa

  • Phone: +84919188158
  • Address: Phu Nhuan Branch - 158 Phan Xich Long, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District - HCMC

6. Diamond Lotus Beauty & Skincare

Located at No. 2 Hoa Lai, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District, Diamond Lotus Beauty & Skincare is a skin care facility that many women trust to help preserve their youth. With advanced machines, equipment, used products are imported through testing, with clear origins to ensure giving you the best quality service, safe and effective.

With highly specialized specialists, long experience in the profession along with a professional, enthusiastic staff will help you have peace of mind, comfort during using the service here.

The outstanding services you can find here are advanced skin care with HIFU technology, acne treatment, deep scars, weight loss, ...

Diamond Lotus Beauty & Skincare contact information:

  • Phone: 089 886 65 54
  • Address: Số 02 Hoa Lài, Phường 07, Phú Nhuận District, Tp.HCM

Top 06 Best Spas in Phu Nhuan District - HCMC - - Lee Beauty Salon Lee Spa | Beauty Salon Diamond Lotus Beauty - Skincare | Moc Lien Beauty Salon 10

You are currently living, studying and working in Phu Nhuan District, HCM, Thi TopnList Think this article about the addresses of the Best Spas in Phu Nhuan District will help you to choose the nearest one. Love yourself before demanding and want others to love yourself. In addition to paying attention to diet, work, and rest, spas are needed to help take care of the skin's health, help improve the facial features such as feet, lips, eyelids eye,…

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  1. Nowadays, going to spa is much easier and cheaper than before, I remember that about 6 years ago, Phu Nhuan did not have any spa, not to mention quality spa or deceptive spa :)

  2. Social development, the demand for beauty is so high, right? The spas opened up too much competition, so I don't think anyone dares to do anything cheating or cheating anymore. All spas are reputable to compete but not dead

    1. You can get the contact below each referral and look at the website or specific contact, because in my opinion, the spas almost all have specific information and recommend those services.

  3. I don't know, can I ask, is there any spa in this spa still accepting people? If you have information for me dentist
    I have just come in from the North and I have a vocational training in spa, I want to work as a professional and I live in Phu Nhuan if it is convenient to work in Phu Nhuan.

  4. Great, a great synthesis article….
    But it's true about lists, reviews and reviews, but if you want to know more and more carefully, please contact instead of reading via webtretho or other communities to say fraud, dishonesty, fraudulent business that.
    But in a pile of mess like that really know who is the opponent, the guy from the brand, right?

  5. Thank you to everyone who shared the information I was looking for, I am in need of the tattoo spray spa in Phu Nhuan to contact them to provide a few products :)

  6. I will still choose Miss Tram at the top of this standard and prestigious spa. I have done a few of these, but Miss Tram still likes the process and the way to work at Miss Tram

  7. Is there any address for spas in District 1? I live in District 1, but my wealth is also quite remote, I am on the wing outside the martial arts masterpiece

  8. I want to have skin treatment and skin care weekly, which spa should I register and how much package I register?

  9. Spa miss tram specifically at the Binh Thanh address that the facilities: d that at it in the long chain should make many people think it is in Phu Nhuan too: D

  10. I live in Binh Thanh and Nearly These Spas: D Come to try them all day, then review for you guys, will you hear me?

  11. I have gone to Miss Tram's spa, that Phan Xich Long street is near Tai Ky goat. I have come here to take care of my skin, quite well.
    The receptionist and the enthusiastic smile maker. But why do I know that sometimes when I'm online, I feel uncomfortable and I don't know how

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