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Top 05 Guidebooks for Reading Tarot in Vietnamese

Guide To Reading Tarot Cards In Vietnamese Where do you buy it? Surely this is a question of many people, right? And obviously it must be a question of those who like and are passionate about Tarot in particular. Because with Tarot It can be considered as a discipline, a form of being imported into Vietnam from abroad, so the documents and knowledge about tarot in Vietnamese are extremely limited, language barriers are limited because most of the types. Instruction manual for reading Tarot in English. Undoubtedly, this issue is understood to be the first generation of Tarot learners in Vietnam.

And this article is definitely good news for Tarot devotees now and in the future. That is a small secret TopnList will reveal and share shortly after Top 05 tarot teaching books in Vietnamese with all the things you need and want to find out. So what? We will be here shortly ……

Top Guiding Books For Tarot Readings In Vietnamese

78 Degree Minh Triet

Manual tarot reading 78 Degree Minh Triet Where is it sold? Yes or no and who should read 78 instruction manual tarot reading wisdom.

Book Cover Reading Tarot 78 Degrees Of Wisdom

Book Cover Reading Tarot 78 Degrees Of Wisdom

You are interested in what is exemplary, what is of traditional standards with types Rider Waite Smith tarot deck. Or do you use Rider Waite Smith To pursue a passion for curiosity or to become a professional, develop with tarot, you should definitely use the book. The Pictorial Key to the Tarot - Arthur Edward Waite. This book is also authored by the ministry Rider Waite Smith So it is easier to understand and understand, but you have to know English and look up a lot because the book is small, writing very short explanatory words is like being "condensed to high." ”That's it. With that said, you can rest easy with the very clever and detailed guide to read the tarot 78 about the origin, context, meaning and specific decoding of symbols on each tarot card.


Information of Tarot Study Guide 78 Degree of Wisdom

Price 279.000 VND
Author Rachel Pollack
Translator Shu Lin
Publisher Mystic House Book Series
Number of pages 546 Pages
Where To Buy The Book Of 78 Degrees Of Wisdom

21 How to interpret the Tarot Card

21 How to interpret a tarot card It will definitely be next in the series of Vietnamese tarot reading books. Why am I the book? 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card Once placed in this position, it includes the following shared reasons.

+ You are completely ignorant of the meaning and interpretation of tarot cards;

+ You have never seen the tarot properly, even the simplest one;

+ You do not know where to start to learn, read about tarot because so much different information;

+ You are passionate about tarot, like tarot your English is limited;


There are many but above are the key reasons to share that you are a newbie, you should buy and read tarot reading books. 21 How to interpret a tarot card.

21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card - 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card

21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card - 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card

21 ways to interpret tarot cards It would be suitable for you, because all of this content is like "authoring" all the things that I know, I have and systematically level it and put it all together. together extremely smartly. This book is a perfect combination of practical psychological analysis tools to apply and explain the cards in order to understand and best. And the praiseworthy, the great plus point for this book is that the author put his own emotions, whether he is an entirely new or unsure tarot reader of knowledge to make the flow for the tutorial. That's why when you read 21 How to interpret the Tarot Card you will feel more confident and confident on each turn than you read the material about the meaning and then you grop in mind, self-feeling, self-dominant emotions in the early stages. first when entering the tarot.

Not only is this tarot guide for beginners, it is also a good value for a professional reader. Because obviously the person who wrote this book is a reader and has a great understanding of it all, right? Therefore, looking at the many angles of the conversation between the reader and the reader will then delve deeper into the psychological state, and this book is also the foundation to make the certainty. for those who have read professional articles but also "loophole in the leg".


Information Tarot Reading Book 21 How to interpret Tarot Cards

Price 249.000 VND
Author Mary K. Greer
Translator Hạ Lâm (Translator), Thư Lâm (Editor)
Publisher Mystic House Book Series
Number of pages 389 pages
Buy A Book of 21 Ways to Explain Where The Tarot Is

Decode The Royal Tarot

If it is a mistake to skip or not to read the tarot guide Decode The Royal Tarot in this list. Because this book solves the problem for those who have just seen the tarot or those who have watched the tarot but have not yet understood and solved the cards about the Royal Family. It can be said that the card about the Royal Family is an obsession of many tarot readers amateur and professional.

The cover of Decode The Royal Tarot

The cover of Decode The Royal Tarot

This book was originally translated into Vietnamese by the Vietnamese tarot community but translated in a non-literary way so it takes time for the reader, because you are new to understanding the language. That is why reading will not penetrate. Meanwhile, the English version will make you even more headache. But now when it comes to the final and published version, the book is published in stalk Decode The Royal Tarot be "upgraded" new. Why use word enhancement, because to understand this topic and write about, introducing the top of instruction books for reading tarot in Vietnamese, TopnList also had to learn and read through the demo of the above content. The network is pretty straightforward as well, with its nature of being fond of tarot for a long time, this is a very exciting topic.

Therefore TopnList can confirm one thing, if you have obstacles and barriers to the cards about the Royal then you should buy this tarot reading guide immediately, because it is quite easy to understand and the core Even more core is that it helps you overcome the fear of drawing cards with the Royal.

Information Tarot Learning Manual Decoding Ministry Royal Tarot

Price 249.000 VND
Author Mary K. Greer
Translator Thien Vu (Translator) - Tran Ngo Lan Vy (Editor)
Publisher Mystic House Book Series
Number of pages 352 pages
Where To Buy The Royal Tarot Decode Book

Introduction Tarot

Introduction Tarot - Sounds like an introductory sound for beginners, who is going to start to tarot? Yes, this is a new book for newbies but why not ranked first in the top 05 guide books on Vietnamese tarot reading of TopnList? Because in my opinion this is a book similar to the top three books above, but because of the introductory word, many of you will think that it is the beginning, it is the first contact. But when tarot the first contact is the cards (personal opinion).

Top 05 Tarot Reading Manuals in Vietnamese - tarot reading handbooks - 21 How to interpret Tarot Cards | 78 Degree Minh Triet | Vietnamese Tarot Community 4

The cover of the tarot reading guide book - Tarot Introduction

Introduction Tarot translated from Tarot 101, this book is in fact apart from the personal aspect as mentioned above, when it comes to the general aspect, the introductory Tarot says, focusing on Western culture as the main. So speaking of Vietnamese social and cultural aspects it is very difficult to read and hard to understand if you are a complete novice even though it is an Introduction. And do not know because of that, the terms used in this book are neither normal nor specialized, though Vietnamese, but you will definitely feel much stranger than all 3 books I have mentioned. above for you guys.

The only plus point that is appreciated by the community of readers and tarot readers in Vietnam is the most comprehensive introduction to all aspects related to Tarot. And if you read the instruction manual for reading the tarot - This introductory Tarot is difficult to understand, but to understand the basics, you will understand this section about tarot, with the most common semantics.

Information Tarot Study Book - Tarot Introduction

Price 106.000 VND and above (Selling on e-commerce platforms, each shop sells different prices to note)
Author Kim Huggens
Translator Thien Huy
Publisher Nha Nam - Hanoi Publishing House Publishing
Number of pages 456 Pages
Where To Buy The Introductory Tarot Book All e-commerce platforms are available for sale (tiki, lazada, shoppe, adayroi, sendo, ...)

Tarot Journey

Tarot Reading Book - The Journey of Tarot is a book by all of you who are passionate about and love about Tarot Vietnam. After this book is published, it is the best point for the development, future and sustainability of the Vietnamese Tarot community. It can be said that the investment in images and content is very good, this instruction manual for tarot lessons is quite impressive.

Information Tarot Guide Book Journey Tarot

Price 59.000 VND and above (Selling on e-commerce platforms, each shop sells different prices to note)
Author TADA Project
Translator Update…..
Publisher Văn Việt
Number of pages 240 pages
Where To Buy Tarot Journey Books All e-commerce platforms are available for sale (tiki, lazada, shoppe, adayroi, sendo, ...)

The Tarot deck was originally a game of Italian nobility from the middle of the 15th Century. It was not until the late 18th century that people realized the iconic images, stories originating from the The legend of the Tarot card is a great tool to explore the spiritual world and predict the future.

Modern tarot considers the cards as a screening room to reflect the psychology of the viewer. Therefore, Tarot has become a discipline for everyone, all ages, just you are a good listener and want to listen.

This booklet introduces you to the story of 78 Tarot cards, suggesting that you can easily understand and remember the cards, the most popular and basic spreads, and the experience of thousands of experiences. articles, thousands of stories from real people of author group.

The Tarot Journey - Understanding the past, Seizing the present, Believing in the future, the authors believe that this is the true meaning of Tarot - so that we can discover and understand ourselves as well as people say collectively, and embrace your own destiny.

Ps: See another analytical aspect here from Vietnam tarot community

Through this article, how? Do you think you should choose a tarot guide? Because all of these are books with Vietnamese language, you can buy any book you like and slowly study. Maybe more so, you should also select all to buy at the same time to be able to know more knowledge, perspective on tarot. It is best for any field and especially in the tarot, you should build a solid foundation so the basic knowledge and then can develop and implement more. I wish you success in your passion and the path you choose.

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