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Top 05 Delicious And Easy Cakes At Home

Making cakes at home helps both families have a delicious dessert, while saving costs and satisfying the passion of making cakes for many people. However, because the demand for materials as well as tools for implementation makes it not easy to become a reality for many people. However, there are many delicious and easy-to-make cakes at home for you to follow. Check out the article to share the simple recipes of baking Topnlist Please.

1. Cream choux

With soft, creamy crust and a thick, delicious cream inside, choux cream cake becomes a favorite cake of many people. With a simple way of working, the equipment is not too complicated. This is definitely the first cake you should think of when you want to make it at home.

Top 05 Delicious and Easy to Make Cookies at Home - - Cookies | Cupcake | Dorayaki 1

Ingredients for making choux cream ice cream:

• 250ml of fresh milk

• 2 teaspoons of sugar

• 1/2 teaspoon salt

• 200ml whipping cream

• 150gr of flour

• 5 chicken eggs

Baking tools such as: Egg whisk, rice cooker, ice cream bag and parchment paper


+ Step 1: Prepare a small saucepan then add butter, sugar and some fresh milk and heat to low, while melting, add a pinch of salt to make the ingredients stronger.

+ Step 2: Then sift the flour to a very fine consistency, then slowly pour it into the mixture that is boiling over low heat, stirring steadily until it becomes viscous.

+ Step 3: Enlist when the dough is still hot, slowly beat the chicken eggs, note the beating each fruit and then mix well before continuing to beat the second result. Just mix your hands in a counter-clockwise direction so the mixture will not be exposed to air bubbles that will pore the surface of the cake. Mix well until all the eggs are gone, the mixture will become more sticky and slightly gelatinous.

+ Step 4: Pour the freshly made paste into a large ice cream bag, wrap and let cool in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes.

+ Step 5: Go to the cake making step. Put the whipping cream into a large iron bowl and beat it with a whisk, then beat the sugar and a little vanilla extract to give the cake a natural aroma. Beat until the mixture has a sharp tip.

+ Step 6: The secret to making a cake without using an oven is that you can use a rice cooker to bake a cake and still have a delicious product. Wipe the rice cooker thoroughly, then pour a little filtered water, place a steaming tray and cover with baking paper. Remove the ice cream bag from the fridge and then put the cake on the parchment paper. Depending on your preference, you can catch it according to your preferred size, so make sure to catch bread apart so that it doesn't stick to each other when baked.

+ Step 7: Then press the rice cooker button and wait for the cake to cook. When the bread is cooked, let it cool and then you can cut the body of the cake to fill the filling or you can punch a small hole and pump the filling inside. When enjoying the cake will flow out the delicious and nutritious filling.

This is a simple way to make choux cream cake for the whole family. Once you have mastered it, you can create many different flavors for cakes such as green tea ice cream sundae or chocolate are very delicious.

2. Dorayaki donuts

Dorayaki is very popular with young people because of its delicious taste. Especially those who love the famous Doraemon series especially like this cake. Not only for young people, but parents can still use and addicted to this dish. With the following simple method, you can make your baby love your home already.

Top 05 Delicious and Easy to Make Cookies at Home - - Cookies | Cupcake | Dorayaki donut 3


• 5 chicken eggs

• 150gr granulated white sugar

• 150gr of flour

• 1 teaspoon of baking powder

• 1 box of red bean paste

• 60ml of water

• 2 teaspoons of honey


+ Step 1: Take a large iron bowl and add the mixture including eggs, honey, sugar, then use an electric whisk or whisk to beat until the mixture is smooth.

+ Step 2: Mix flour and baking powder in a bowl. Then pour them into the mixture above, then mix until the mixture is completely smooth. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for about 10 to 15 minutes.

+ Step 3: After the above mixture has been added, add the filtered water, then mix thoroughly until the mixture is completely together.

+ Step 4: Use a non-stick pan to make the cake perfect and faster. Heat the pan, use an oil-soaked cotton ball or use a butter spray to spread evenly over the pan. Use a spoon to scoop the cake mixture and pour it slowly into the pan. Note should make a small fire so that the cake does not close or burn the surface when the inside is not cooked. Fry until the golden brown surface is complete. Keep doing this until the mixture is gone.

+ Step 5: Spread the red bean paste on the surface of the cake and use the remaining piece of bread to face it up. Keep doing this until the end of the cake. You can totally replace it with chocolate if you feel that eating red bean paste is too sweet.

This dish is only suitable to use when it is still hot, so you should only make it in the same amount used for the whole family. So you've finished the Dorayaki cake for your beloved baby home already.

3. Fried fresh milk cake

The greasy fresh milk bread will be suitable in times of Saigon weather in the rainy season like this. Just hot, medium fat aromatic fat really stimulates the taste. With this cake, your baby will love you even more.

Top 05 Delicious and Easy to Make Cookies at Home - - Cookies | Cupcake | Dorayaki Donuts 5

Ingredients for making freshly baked milk cake:

• 400ml of unsweetened fresh milk

• 40gr sweetened condensed milk

• 80gr flour

• 30gr cornstarch

• 100gr breadcrumbs

• 2 fresh chicken eggs

• 35gr of fresh cheese

• 30gr white diameter


+ Step 1: Prepare a small pot and then pour fresh milk without sugar, cheese, condensed milk and sugar to boil together on low heat, can be dissolved before boiling. Stir gently to avoid formation of bubbles, until the milk boils.

+ Step 2: Mix flour and cornstarch in a small bowl, mix well to mix two types of flour together. After the mixture has boiled, turn off the heat, slowly add the prepared dough and stir, taking care to stir while keeping the dough free. You can use a fine sieve to make it smoother. Stir your hands until the mixture hardens and the uneven dough is gone.

+ Step 3: Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap, then pour the flour mixture, adjust the surface with a spoon to adjust the surface to a smooth, flat surface, and wrap the mixture together, lightly pressing the cake with your fingers. be more solid.
Leave to cool in the fridge for 2 to 3 hours so that the cake is frozen, making it easier to cut and easier to fry.

+ Step 4: Prepare a bowl of beaten chicken eggs and place the fried dough in another bowl. Skillfully cut the frozen mixture into small pieces. Then gently roll the bread over the chicken eggs first, then roll through the breadcrumbs.

+ Step 5: Prepare a deep pan and then submerge. Drop the bread and fry it really crispy. Then, blot into an oil-proof paper to prevent the bread from getting sick.

The cake should be enjoyed while it is still hot to keep the crunch. Can be eaten with chutney, ketchup or mayonnaise mixed to add flavor to the cake. If the bread is still fried, it should still be stored in the refrigerator and then eat in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes or fry it again to keep the crispness.

4. Cupcake Cake

With Cupcake, you don't have to be a connoisseur to make cakes. You can change many different flavors just by adding ingredients to the original mixing stage. The longer the cake is kept also the advantage of this type of cake.

Top 05 Delicious and Easy to Make Cookies at Home - - Cookies | Cupcake | Dorayaki Donuts 7

Ingredients for making Cupcake:

• 3 chicken eggs

• 110g flour

• 50g of butter

• salt

• 2 spoons of fresh milk

• 1 teaspoon of baking powder

• 60g of granulated sugar

• 1 teaspoon of vanilla

• cupcake paper mold


+ Step 1: Break the eggs into a large bowl, add sugar and stir the sugar with a whisk whisk. Try dipping a finger into the egg bowl to feel warmth, remove the egg bowl and beat the eggs with a whisk.

+ Step 2: Mix flour, baking powder and salt, then sift flour. Butter into bowl and heat water to melt and allow to cool. At this time, turn on the oven to 170 degrees first.

+ Step 3: Add the fine sifted flour and mix gently with the eggs until blended. Next, add melted butter, fresh milk, vanilla extract and mix well.

+ Step 4: You lined the cupcake paper into the cake mold then scoop each spoon into the paper mold, the dough for about 8/10 molds, when the bread will bloom high is medium.

+ Step 5: Put the cake tray in the oven for about 15-17 minutes depending on whether you use a large or small mold, but the baking time will be a few minutes. You can try the cooked cake or not by taking a toothpick in the middle of the cake, pulling out the toothpick to see that it is dry and cooked, then taking it out to let the bread on the iron rack cool down to be able to enjoy.

With a simple method, you will have a delicious cupcake for the whole family. You can make cupcakes with green tea flavor, chocolate, ... to increase variety.

5. Cookies

Cookies, also known as cookies, are familiar cakes of everyone. If your family used to buy biscuits on the market before, you can now make your own at home without an oven with the simple method below.

Top 05 Delicious and Easy to Make Cookies at Home - - Cookies | Cupcake | Dorayaki 9

Ingredients for making biscuits:

• 100g of sugar

• 250ml of condensed milk

• 60g of butter

• Vanilla powder

• flour

• Chicken egg whites

• Chocolate or almonds

• Apple juice


+ Step 1: Put the butter in a bowl and steam the water to make it melt. Then beat until the butter is smooth.

+ Step 2: Add sugar, condensed milk and egg whites into a large bowl, whisk well together to obtain a thick paste.

+ Step 3: Sift the flour, then add the butter. Slowly add the flour mixture to the mixture and mix gently.

+ Step 4: Add muối teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon vanilla powder to make the cake more aromatic and flavorful.

+ Step 5: Pour the resulting mixture into a large ice cream bag and proceed to catch the cake in your preferred shape. Then add the kernel you like onto the cake you just made.

+ Step 6: If you have an oven, cook it out. If not, you can use a non-stick pan, fill with oil and put the bread into the fry. Then use a blotting paper to absorb excess oil. This way you can also get delicious cookies.

It's easy to have delicious biscuits for the whole family.

Above Topnlist Introduced to you the simple recipes you can make at home. Wishing you success and don't forget to share your achievements Topnlist Please.

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