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Top 05 Receipt Printers Used At Retail Stores

Choosing to buy a good receipt printer will help improve the professionalism of the store, avoiding congestion at the checkout counter. However, on the market today, there are more and more receipt printers with many different designs and brands, making buyers wonder whether to choose a good new one.

For this reason, we - those who are working in barcode industry would like to introduce you top 5 receipt printers that are heavily used in retail stores consumer feedback, appreciated in the past year. Please refer below.

Receipt printer Epson TM-T82II

The Epson TM-T82II receipt printer is a thermal receipt printer that meets the necessary features to meet all the printing needs of users.

Top 05 Máy In Hóa Đơn Sử Dụng Ở Cửa Hàng Bán Lẻ - Máy In Hóa Đơn - Công Ty Thế Giới Mã Vạch | Mã Số Mã Vạch 11

It owns a print head of 203 dpi and an impressive print speed of up to 200 mm / s, which helps to print invoices quickly and in large quantities, thereby optimizing payment at the counter. max.

The Epson TM-T82II also features a convenient design that allows users to place it at the counter or hang it on the wall to save space for retail stores or eateries with small spaces. The installation and replacement of printing paper is also made easy, minimizing the congestion situation at the checkout counter when the store is in rush hour.

Xprinter Q260 receipt printer

The Xprinter Q260 receipt printer is a great partner of the cashier at the checkout. With a print speed of up to 260 mm / s, it ensures fast printing performance with large numbers of accurate invoices at busy store hours.

Top 05 Máy In Hóa Đơn Sử Dụng Ở Cửa Hàng Bán Lẻ - Máy In Hóa Đơn - Công Ty Thế Giới Mã Vạch | Mã Số Mã Vạch 13

Xprinter Q260 looks quite small and neat so it does not occupy much space, the ability to work with high mechanical strength helps shop owners save a lot of costs for maintenance and repair. Especially when working the machine does not make much noise as well as the ability to save a lot of electricity very well.

The Xprinter Q260 receipt printer is equipped with 3 USB communication ports, RS-232 allows users to print invoices by connecting wires with other devices such as computers and POS machines.

In addition, Ethernet port (LAN port) supports bill printing from tablets, smartphones via LAN. The convenience and flexibility in the design of connecting ports help large retail stores, cafes, and restaurants to thoroughly solve congestion during the payment process.

Receipt printer Epson TM-T81

Epson is a very hard-working supplier of innovative retail solutions, the receipt printer line after being increasingly improved performance and optimal price for consumers to use. Organic machine with the best price.

Top 05 Máy In Hóa Đơn Sử Dụng Ở Cửa Hàng Bán Lẻ - Máy In Hóa Đơn - Công Ty Thế Giới Mã Vạch | Mã Số Mã Vạch 15

Epson TM-T91 is one of the impressive receipt printers with high reliability, stable operation, 150 mm / s printing speed, customized unnecessary amplitude settings. The cutter life is 1.5 million times, allowing users to use carefree but still save bill printing paper.

Receipt printer Epson TM-T82

The Epson TM-T82 receipt printer has a compact design, high performance, is equipped with an automatic cutter, LEDs showing the status of operation, the feature of saving paper and bill printing speed. 150 mm / s suitable for use in retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, ... 

Top 05 Máy In Hóa Đơn Sử Dụng Ở Cửa Hàng Bán Lẻ - Máy In Hóa Đơn - Công Ty Thế Giới Mã Vạch | Mã Số Mã Vạch 17

The printhead life of TM-T82 is up to 60 million lines, the cutter life of 1.5 million times helps business owners save maintenance and repair costs in the first 5 years after purchasing the machine. Power-saving capability of TM-T82 is better than all receipt printers (only takes 1W for standby time). With all these advantages, Epson TM-T82 is definitely a receipt printer you cannot ignore.

Receipt printer Birch PRP-188

The Birch PRP-188 receipt printer is designed with a water-proof, dust-proof outer cover and minimal noise reduction suitable for harsh environments. The design of the device allows for easy paper replacement, without any difficulties for employees.

Top 05 Máy In Hóa Đơn Sử Dụng Ở Cửa Hàng Bán Lẻ - Máy In Hóa Đơn - Công Ty Thế Giới Mã Vạch | Mã Số Mã Vạch 19

The print speed of Birch PRP-188 up to 250 mm / s and 80 paper size allows printing of many invoices but still prolongs the time to change paper. Ports for connecting USB, RS232; LPT; TCP / IP allows it to connect to many different devices easily.

With the above features, Birch PRP-188 is a receipt printer that is suitable for retail stores, cafes, restaurants but most suitable for ordering in the kitchen thanks to the waterproof design.

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If you still have any questions or need support information about barcode printers and related devices do not hesitate to contact us through the following information offline.

List Of Receipt Printers Used In Retail Stores
Receipt printer Epson TM-T82II Receipt printer Epson TM-T81
Receipt printer Epson TM-T82 Xprinter Q260 receipt printer
Receipt printer Birch PRP-188
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