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Top 05 Notes For You When You Must Refuel For Pet

To maintain the ability to operate continuously for "pet driver", the first thing you must refuel before starting the journey. This job seems to be simple for most people like just going to the gas station and just let the gas station staff do it themselves then pay the cost. 

However, it is because of this subjectivity that can cause mistakes that cause engine damage and take you a lot of time. For those reasons Topnlist want to share to you top 05 notes for drivers when refueling cars. Please refer to the article below!

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1. Choose the right fuel the car is using

This is indispensable and extremely important that you need to know, identify in order to avoid possible confusion, you must know what kind of fuel the vehicle is using? Gasoline or oil? At this time, you have just selected the right type of fuel suitable for your pet driver. Incident refueling also happens a lot, if you do not promptly detect to prevent and handle, then at launch, it will directly affect the car engine. This causes the engine to be damaged, you have to spend time refining the fuel tank and repairing the engine.

Top 05 Notes For You When You Must Refuel For Vehicles - - Cars 1

One thing to keep in mind is that when you rent a car or borrow someone else's car, you must know that the car is using gasoline or gasoline. In addition, when entering petrol stations, you should also observe whether employees have pumped the right type of fuel that they are needed to be able to handle it promptly.

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2. Determine the position of the fuel tank cap

This is almost an easy thing for everyone to pay close attention to. But it can also cause you to lose time by not properly positioning the lid and opening the proper lid to avoid damage. So, to avoid spending a lot of time on this, you need to determine where the bottle cap is located? Left or right? Located in the middle of the car body or behind the car? At this point, you are completely active in stopping the car in the right position where the salesperson can easily refuel for you without any difficulty.

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Besides, you should also pay attention to how to open the fuel cap, because this type is often designed with different lid opening mechanism for each vehicle type and vehicle type. This is also very important and does not take you much time.

3. Engine should be turned off before pumping fuel

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TMany people don't care much about this problem, so they leave the engine running while refueling. This is also the cause of the very high risk of fire and explosion. Because when fuel is added, gasoline vapor escaping into the air with the engine still operating will continue to generate huge heat, which can lead to fire. That's why a lot of car manufacturers are always recommending the problem of turning off the engine when refueling.

4. Do not use the device when refueling

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This is mostly a subjective situation in Vietnam and sees it as a common occurrence. Often you will see at all gas stations have signs prohibit fire and prohibit the use of mobile phones. Speaking of banning fire, this is almost absolute, but the use of phones will have many people wondering and wanting to know the cause. Because when using a phone, if the phone signal is strong, there are always radiation giving off sparks. For that reason, when exposed to gasoline vapors mixed with air, it is easy to cause a fire.

In addition, the faulty batteries, poor battery quality of the phone is also an issue. At that time, these batteries often had tiny sparks emitted to the outside, when in contact with gasoline also caused a fire.

5. Do not spill fuel tanks

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This is what many people think is normal but it is also a big problem that you do not know. When you spill the tank, the excess oil in the pipeline will spill outside, causing unhygienic conditions and even causing fire, which is extremely dangerous. Besides, it also affects the paint of the car, the yellow spots appear in the fuel cap caused by this cause, causing your car to lose its aesthetics.

Article on Topnlist shared to you all about the experience when fueling the driver. So when you have given yourself the above experience, you know how to protect your hard-drive driver as well as safety for others. Protect your car in the best way for safe journeys.

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