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Top 05 Address Vegetarian Restaurant Best District 1 HCMC

The list of the best vegetarian restaurants in District 1 is the topic to share in the following article. In addition to the daily meat fish dishes, many people still choose for themselves a simple style of eating on the holidays or full moon. If you are in district 1 or recent areas, check out the delicious vegetarian restaurants here.

1. Ms. Cu vegetarian vegetarian shop

Top 05 Address Ngon Nhat Vegetarian Restaurant District 1 HCMC - - Vegetarian | BM'S Vegetarian - Four Seasons Restaurant | Ba La Vegetarian Restaurant 11

Some of the dishes at Chay Restaurant Ms. Cu, District 1, HCMC

Widely known as the vegetarian restaurant with the longest history in District 1 with a variety of menu of processed foods, delicious vegetarian food such as salty food with both dry and water. The shop is not very large, but it is always crowded, especially on days vegetarian. The food here is highly appreciated for its deliciousness such as rice, rice vermicelli, vegetarian beef stock, wonton, spring rolls, fried dumpling ... and the price is very popular. The restaurant changes dishes often so every day eating does not get bored, the shop sells throughout the month so there is no need to wait until the vegetarian day and still eat. The fried dumpling is highly appreciated by many people for its crispy friedness and the wedge that both taste and taste well with sweet sweet dipping sauce. Come to Ms Cu vegetarian restaurant to discover delicious vegetarian dishes here.

Address: 4/7 Tran Dinh Xu - Co Giang Ward - District 1.

2. Hoa Dang Vegetarian Restaurant - Loving Hut

Top 05 Address Ngon Nhat Vegetarian Restaurant District 1 HCMC - - Vegetarian | BM'S Vegetarian - Four Seasons Restaurant | Ba La vegetarian restaurant 13

A corner of Hoa Dang Vegetarian Restaurant, District 1, HCMC

With a beautiful and luxurious space, located on a rather quiet small street, it is very suitable for family meals, meeting with friends. The price here is a bit high but the food is very good in return. With a diverse menu of vegetarian dishes processed as salty food has attracted a lot of customers to come here. Prominent is the Southern dishes prepared like aromatic fish with seaweed aroma creating a very real feeling, delicious spices with southern characteristics. There are also many dishes such as mushroom stir-fried rice, lotus rice, spring rolls, five-color soup, spaghetti ... very delicious. The staff here is very friendly, polite and thoughtful.

Address: 38 Huynh Khuong Ninh - District 1

3. Ba La vegetarian restaurant

Top 05 Address Ngon Nhat Vegetarian Restaurant District 1 HCMC - - Vegetarian Food | BM'S Vegetarian - Four Seasons Restaurant | Ba La Vegetarian Restaurant 15

The dishes at the three leaf vegetarian restaurant, cao bá nhạ, district 1, TPHCM

With a simple but very nice space, it feels very comfortable lying on the road right in front of the shop so the restaurant is very crowded. With a diverse menu of vegetarian dishes with all styles, Ba La vegetarian restaurant is not only a familiar restaurant address of District 1 with Vietnamese customers but also a favorite meeting place for many foreign tourists. when coming to Saigon. Here comes the super-delicious spring rolls, fried in the mouth, crunchy and not soaked in oil, the fruity taste of the ingredients blends very nicely with the mouth, the crispy fried needle mushroom dish of this restaurant is very delicious and is popular with many people. Choose every time you come here.

Address: Floor 1, 32A Cao Bá Nhạ, P. Nguyễn Cư Trinh, District 1, TP. HCM

4. The Organic Vegetarian Restaurant

Top 05 Address Ngon Nhat Vegetarian Restaurant District 1 HCMC - - Vegetarian | BM'S Vegetarian - Four Seasons Restaurant | Ba La Vegetarian Restaurant 17

A corner of The Organic vegetarian restaurant

Famous vegetarian restaurant with luxurious French style, enthusiastic service staff with a variety of vegetarian dishes are presented very nicely attracted a lot of customers when coming here. The restaurant looks luxurious but the prices of the dishes are very suitable. Come to The Organic you should try the mushroom cream spaghetti sauce, this dish is highly appreciated by diners here. The noodles here are softly processed, adding a layer of creamy sauce with mushrooms to eat very strange feeling. More frugal than you can choose for yourself the fried noodles and drinking a glass of hot lemon without sugar will definitely help the body to purify and refresh a lot. If you want a meal with family and friends, do not miss The Organic.

Address: 54 Ly Van Phuc, Tan Dinh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh

5. Vegetarian BM'S - Vegetarian Restaurant Four Seasons

Top 05 Address Ngon Nhat Vegetarian Restaurant District 1 HCMC - - Vegetarian | BM'S Vegetarian - Four Seasons Restaurant | Ba La Vegetarian Restaurant 19

A corner of Four Seasons vegetarian restaurant - District 1

Although not many people know about this vegetarian restaurant, everyone who comes here misses the taste of the food here. The shop has a small but beautifully decorated space, filled with the atmosphere of spring, summer and autumn as the name of the restaurant wants to have a season that feels so light. The four-season vegetarian restaurant is well-cared for with deliciously family-style dishes. The dish many people appreciate is lotus leaf rice, cold tofu. Lotus leaf rice is very strange to eat, crispy dry fried rice of burnt rice with carrots, lotus seeds, beans and mushrooms decorated in lotus leaves look very eye-catching and seasoned very well. The tofu is so delicious here, it's smooth and melts so fast that you just need to put it in your mouth before you can shut it and melt away. Even if you are not a regular vegetarian, if you have the opportunity, please enjoy the flavor of your home town at BM'S.

Address: 254 Cô Bắc, P. Cô Giang, District 1, TP. HCM

If you are a vegetarian or passionate about vegetarian cuisine, you can note the above list TopnList yet. Let's refer or come to the address of the vegetarian restaurant on enjoying with friends, family and relatives. A comprehensive health with frugal, nutritious vegetarian dishes.


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