Top 4 Food Groups Help Grow Height For Children Parents Should Know

Expecting children to grow tall and develop healthy is the common wish of all families when they have children. Therefore, right from the time of pregnancy, mothers know how to take care of themselves to provide their children with adequate and best nutrition. By the time the baby was born, mothers could not help worrying, finding out all the food - quality, nutritious food to provide in their daily diets.

Top 4 Food Groups to Help Grow Height for Babies Parents Should Know - food group helps to grow height - Calcium | Protein | Increase Height 1

With the mind of sharing knowledge in providing a full range of nutrients for well-developed children of all ages, the article Topnlist Please list out Top 4 food groups to help grow the height that mothers should know following offline!

List of 04 Food Groups to Help Heighten Development for Parents Parents Must Not Be Ignored

1. Group of protein rich foods helps to increase height and weight

Protein is the basic substance that makes up all the organizations and cells, accounting for 18% body weight. Without prolonged protein, cells will be damaged, the body does not grow. Protein contains amino acids necessary for the body, so if the lack of protein supply in a long time, the body will be severely malnourished, especially for children.

Food group helps to grow height

Protein belongs to the food group that helps to grow taller

Children must gain good weight to develop optimal height. In the period from 6 to 11 years, children need approx 1,600 - 2,200 calories per day, nearly equal to adults. For children from 6 months onwards, if they are no longer drinking breast milk, they must choose protein-rich foods, dairy products have the same nutritional composition as breast milk for easy digestion.

Lack of protein, young body will be retarded, lack of energy, cause anemia, easily pathogenic, can lead to death. However, if excess protein, children are prone to constipation, eating indigestion.

Foods high in protein should be added to your child's menu such as: Meat (chicken, pig, duck), fish, eggs, milk, beans, peanuts, sesame ... Protein in food must be used appropriately, it is necessary to combine plant protein with animals, the foods in the diet should be rich and diverse to help children eat more delicious, and provide adequate energy for the kids every day.

Help your baby always avoid the dangers from the outside. Do not forget to add foods that increase this resistance: Top 09 Foods that Help Improve the Baby's Resistance

2. Calcium-rich foods help keep bones long and dense

99% of calcium in the body is in the bones, teeth, nails and only about 1% of calcium exists in the blood and other organs. This mineral is essential for the body, plays an essential role for development of bones and teeth, helps maintain muscle activity, blood clotting, regulates the release of nerve signals and some hormones. If children are provided with enough calcium, the bones will be stronger and longer, helping to increase height and prevent osteoporosis later.

Top 4 Food Groups to Help Grow Height for Babies Parents Should Know - food group helps to grow height - Calcium | Protein | Increase Height 4

Calcium belongs to the food group that helps to grow height

Besides, the daily requirement of calcium in children also varies significantly and increases with each age: 

  • Less than 6 months: 300mg / day
  • 6 - 11 months: 400mg / day
  • 1-2 years: 500mg / day
  • 3-5 years: 600mg / day
  • 6-7 years: 650mg / day
  • 8 - 9 years old: 700mg / day
  • 10-19 years: 1,000mg / day

In addition, pregnant and lactating women have the highest corresponding calcium requirements 1,200 mg and 1,300 mg daily.

Lack of calcium will make children anorexia, growth retardation, teething, fussy, insomnia, or startle, sweating, hair loss ... If this situation continues, children will fall into rickets, weakness, deformation of bones and teeth, low height, reduced resistance, irritability, physical and mental retardation.

To get enough calcium for children every day, families should supplement their children with high-calcium foods such as milk and dairy products (cheese, yogurt ...), beans, shrimp, crabs, Oysters, clams, oysters, mussels and small fish to eat bones, dark green vegetables (cauliflower, spinach ...), cereals, ... In addition, you can also let your child use more foods function to increase the absorption of calcium into the bone, develop effective height such as: Mequib, vipteen, nubest tall, ... Should consult with a doctor or nutritionist before giving children these foods.

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3. The high-fat food group provides energy, increases the absorption of vitamin D

Vitamin D functions to regulate calcium and phosphorus in the intestine, while enhancing protein synthesis, helping the body to absorb these nutrients to the maximum.. In addition to the height growth effect, this micronutrients also help strengthen the immune system for stunted malnourished children.

Top 4 Food Groups to Help Grow Height for Babies Parents Should Know - food group helps to grow height - Calcium | Protein | Increase Height 6

Food group that helps develop the indispensable height of Vitamin D

If children do not get enough vitamin D, the bone and cartilage will not be fully calcified, cartilage will grow abnormally, deforming bones, leading to rickets, growth retardation, bowing legs, in addition to causing osteoporosis in adults. However, vitamin D deficiency is preventable.

80% of vitamin D is created under the skin through sunlight exposure and about 20% needs to be provided through diet.. So, beside fortify children with vitamin D with foods like: Butter, milk, cheese, certain types of cod liver oil, salmon, extracts, sardines, oysters, shrimp, mushrooms, farmed chicken eggs,... Then moms do not forget to let the sunbathing or physical activity for 15-20 minutes before 9am to help the body synthesize the necessary amount of vitamin D.

In addition, the functional food group also needs parents to care about in order to improve the best height for children: Top 3 Functional Foods Helps Increase Height For Children

4. Food group contains vitamin K2 Helps pull calcium into bones

Compared with familiar vitamins such as: Vitamin A, B, C, D, vitamin K2 is rarely mentioned and mentioned by mothers, so the proportion of children who lack this essential nutrient often accounts for a high proportion. only in Vietnam but worldwide.

Food group helps to grow height

Food group helps develop the indispensable height of Vitamin K2

According to studies, Vitamin K2, also known as menaquinone, is an oil-soluble vitamin, both children and adults need this "magic" nutrient. Vitamin K2 brings many effects to the body, namely: 

  • Prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Improve dental health
  • Strengthen the immune system, help healing
  • Helps blood to clot quickly, limiting blood loss when injured
  • Preventing kidney stones
  • Against the letter, ...

Inside, The most prominent function of Vitamin K2 is the binding of calcium to bones, helping to build and develop effective skeletal frameworks in children. In addition, Vitamin K2 also protects blood vessel walls from calcification, against the deposition of calcium into the vascular walls commonly encountered in adults.

After vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium in the intestine, vitamin K2 will pull calcium straight into the bone. Vitamin D stimulates the body to make osteocalcin protein to transport calcium, while Vitamin K2 activates osteocalcin, commanding to attach calcium to the correct bone matrix, making bones stronger.

When the body lacks Vitamin K2, osteocalcin protein, even though it has been created, is still unable to attach and carry calcium into the skeletons, which is the cause of rickets, osteoporosis in children, making children slow develop both in height and intellect.

Vitamin K2 not only supports increasing height, but also prevents the risk of diseases caused by excess calcium. So, to help children get the necessary amount of vitamin K2 every day, mothers need to supplement their diets with foods rich in vitamin K2, such as: Fermented foods, fermented soybeans, Pickled cabbage and some cheeses can both be good sources of vitamin K2. Other good sources of vitamin K2 include chicken livers and chicken eggs. However, the amount of vitamin K2 found in fermented natto or soybeans is still the highest among all foods.

In addition, there are many functional foods on the market that help supplement the amount of vitamin K2 needed each day. This is also a good source of food for children that families should consider choosing to provide for their children.

In addition to the Top 4 food groups to help develop height for children that mothers should know that Topnlist just introduced above, families also do not forget to provide children with enough other essential minerals such as: Iron, Zinc, iodine, important vitamins such as: Vitamin A, B vitamins , Vitamin C, Folic Acid, ... Remember to ensure food safety and hygiene, combine your child's physical activity every day to help children improve their fitness, help strengthen bones and joints, thereby developing maximum height. pros.

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