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Love Waterfall - the ideal destination for couples in love

Sapa is famous for many beautiful landscapes. And one of the certain places to visit when coming here is Love Waterfall in Sapa. In this article, let's read Topnlist about the experience of exploring Sapa Love Waterfall of a reader offline.

During the time the country is joining hands to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, surely everyone will feel confined and stifled when staying indoors? Myself and my family are no exception. Fortunately, the situation is also less stressful, domestic tourism activities have also been implemented normally. So we and our family planned a trip to Sapa. And of course, Love Waterfall of Sapa is a famous destination that you must try. Let's explore this place now.

Review waterfall love sapa

Location of Love Waterfall in Sapa

This Love Waterfall is located near the top of O Quy Ho pass and about 12km from Sapa town. I am particularly interested in places with wild beauty, so of course, I cannot miss this place.

To reach the foot of Love Waterfall, from the entrance you have to walk about 200m, then continue about 100m through Golden Stream again. When I saw it with my own eyes, I felt the poetic scenery and majestic beauty of this place.

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The beauty of Sapa Love Waterfall

Love Sapa Waterfall makes me impressed by the gentle, romantic and fresh beauty. Seen from the bottom up, the water flows from the top to form beautiful white water pillars. And underneath the waterfall is an overly beautiful lake. This scene makes me feel like I'm on the scene. Water is available, trees are available, and of course indispensable chirping of birds.

Review waterfall love sapa

At the bottom of the waterfall, my whole family and many tourists come together to watch, take pictures and of course do not forget to bathe the waterfall. I have to say that the view here takes great pictures. Not only young people like me, my parents are also addicted.

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Feeling immersed in the fresh, cool water of Love Waterfall in Sapa is really hard to describe. It helps me feel comfortable, relaxed, and forget all stress. After bathing, my body was full of life.

My trip to Sapa Love Waterfall

After having an interesting and memorable trip to Love Waterfall, I also gained some experience in the process of coming here. By the way, I also share it so you can be more proactive about your schedule, costs, transportation, ... offline!

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  • When exploring Sapa Love Waterfall, you should go in the morning or lunch time. Because going in the evening or at night without the light is very dangerous for both when going and returning.
  • Should visit the falls on favorable weather days. If it's raining, it's not good to go
  • To love Sapa Waterfall, you have to walk through the forest road, so you should wear costumes, shoes so that the most comfortable. Wearing tight clothes, skirts or high heels will be difficult to walk.
  • Don't forget to add hats, shirts, sunscreen, drinks, food, too.

General experience when coming to Love Waterfall Sapa

In general, I see Love Waterfall in Sapa is a destination worth experiencing. It is especially suitable for those who like adventure, love the wild beauty. Besides, these types of tourism also help to promote health and release the spirit extremely effectively.

Review waterfall love sapa

In addition, for devotees who check in like me, this place is really an ideal "virtual living" place.

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Above are my feelings when I first came to Sapa Love Waterfall, poetic and majestic. If I have the opportunity to come to Sapa again, I definitely will not hesitate to choose Love Waterfall Sapa as the destination.

  • Love Sapa Waterfall Address: Tram Ton - Nui Xe, San Sa Ho Commune, about 15km from the tourist town of Sapa

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