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Currently taobao order demand is becoming a hot trend that many people prefer. In addition to those who know how to choose, search and buy quality, cheap taobao goods, some people still have difficulty in ordering. If you do not know how to buy taobao, read the review of a cute fan to send to Topnlist below for more info.

I also love buying taobao products and dealing in taobao products, so I understand the problem quite well. So today I will review for everyone about the taobao ordering service that I use often.

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I didn't know anything about ordering services or buying taobao before. Back then I only needed to find or go to reputable shops to buy goods. One day, I went to coffee with my best friend who had been working in China for a long time to return to my home country. I only found out about Guangzhou products, the prices are so cheap, but I just thought of that brand.

I just saw that I was fascinated, so I asked her how to buy it, so she shared a whole heart of enthusiasm. And of course you love also show yourself how to buy, choose prestigious units and so on. Because I used to love shopping, this occasion was so standard, so my hunt for taobao started.

In the first place, I did not have many difficulties when buying or choosing goods because I was given to you by the unit of this lightning company. I just need to search for products, or if I don't know how to contact the customer service of the Chinese import service provider, they will help me find the product you want. . And of course the product will be bought at the best price, bought in reputable shops.

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When using the taobao ordering service at, I realize that the delivery here is extremely fast. If your package is urgent, it will take 2 days to arrive. Shipping cost is cheaper than other units.

So far, I have ordered here never had the problem of losing or buying a shoddy product. But if the goods are lost, they will be compensated 100%, I know that but have never met.


In addition, this unit also helps me find the original price, promotional goods, wholesale import products, .. without intermediaries, so the quality or price are very guaranteed. In addition, this unit also has tracking and order management software on computers and smartphones. So you can grasp the status of goods during the route through the online system, so feel secure.

I also have to learn more, and see that this dathangtaobao site is also capable of negotiating and making good complaints when working with all Chinese websites. So when something goes wrong, there will be staff there to help me solve it. Therefore, before now, just order, see the finished price type is that I just have to wait for the goods only, do not have to worry about that.

Unlike the place my younger brother put it, at that time he only started practicing Guangzhou goods business. I also have chosen the ordering service to help, but unfortunately it chooses the unit of poor quality (I will hide the name of the unit). Then her line was lost, had to wait for more than 2 months to be resolved, poor her always terrible.

Therefore, just saying it is important to find the order unit, you do not have to be subjective. Choosing a place that is not reputable is losing money like playing, and then miss the risk of losing the goods or being held by the customs but they do not handle it quickly for misery.

Through my sharing above, hope to help newcomers in Guangzhou sales to know more prestigious ordering addresses, ensure all rights for yourself.

Contact information:

  • Headquarters: 305/13 Tran Phu, Ward 8, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Ho Chi Minh Warehouse: 237/19 Trinh Dinh Trong, Phu Trung Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hanoi Warehouse: 7-TT10 Van Phu Urban Area, Phu La, Ha Dong, Hanoi
  • Hotline: Mr. Huy - 0909.099.163 | Ms. Binh - 0909.099.301
  • Wesite:
  • Fanpage:

(This party on many goods, so you should note before going to the warehouse, or thanks to the receiving unit such as (Grap, Giaohangtietkiem, ...), remember to call the customer code or order before this party to prepare the goods For you in advance, do not hesitate to wait.)

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