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Review Son Tra Night Market, Da Nang

Son Tra Night Market is a great choice for those who love to explore the beauty of Danang at night.

Son Tra night market is a destination that any domestic and foreign tourists have the opportunity to visit Danang want to visit once. Come to Son Tra night market You will be comfortable enjoying delicious food, spoiled shopping for jewelry, fashion, souvenirs, fine art, ... Extremely unique with affordable prices.

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Experience impressive space, Good service quality and especially welcome with the warm, friendly Danang people are hospitable who doesn't want it? If you have never visited this interesting place, read the review of a friend who has been to Son Tra night market, Da Nang sent to Topnlist down below.

General Information About Son Tra Night Market, Da Nang

I have a habit of learning everything related to the place before coming, so Son Tra night market Is no exception. According to my research, this night market is Established on September 2, 2018, located at center of the city with an investment of up to 4.2 billion.

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Location, Address Son Son Night Market

Night market This is on the route Mai Hac De - Ly Nam De street, An Hai Tay ward, Son Tra district. And has extremely favorable geographical position, near many famous sightseeing places.

Nearby Places Son Tra Night Market

Sight seeing Range
Love bridge 300 m
Dragon Bridge 300 m
Danang marina 450m
My Khe beach 2 km
….. ……

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Originally thought of playing here, shopping for fun. But when it comes to it, it must be said that orgasm! I have just been visiting, watching, combining fun and shopping. Let me review each specific detail always.

Buy What? What To Eat At Son Tra Night Market

This place is coming more than 150 booths with areas: general area, clothing area, footwear area, specialty area, accessories area, souvenir area, food court. At first, I just stared at the food court (because I couldn't help but look so fascinated). Discovering gradually found all like.

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But here many interesting dishes, the most favorite is seafood. All seafood is fresh and delicious, but the price is also very soft, I am full of food. Oh, seafood is processed in many ways (grilled, steamed, stir-fried, ...) so you can just ask for your preference.

In addition to seafood night market There are also many snacks that are guaranteed to make you tired of: ice cream, tea, rice paper, Dalat rice paper, Kumquat tea, fried milk tea, fried corn, fruit smoothie, skewers, dirt cake, quang noodles, ... All have very cheap prices so you can enjoy all without fear of pocket money.

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In night market These food stalls are often located alternating with local specialty stalls and entertainment services, so you can enjoy eating, shopping, and having fun again.

Da Nang to travel You need to buy some gifts as well? I also walked around a few times and found there are all kinds of clothes, shoes, jewelry, hats, hats, bags, toys, souvenirs made from seashells, snails, ... look very interested . You guys are spoiled for choice, nice things but very cheap: a few dozen, a few hundred also.

It is also very impressive that if you visit on special days you can also enjoy unique performances such as circus, guitar, singing, ... from the talented street artists. Unfortunately, the day I arrived, I could not meet, so I have to visit Da Nang again.

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I find this night market also has an additional play area for children with many fun and safe games such as: ball house, buoy house, sand scoop, slide, fishing ... Make sure parents are satisfied, the The baby will also enjoy it.

Besides the interesting food and shopping space, when coming to Son Tra night market, you also have the opportunity to admire the beautiful, poetic scenery of the city at night, or the peaceful and quiet Han River scenery. drifting. The day I went was the weekend, I saw the view of the dragon bridge spraying water extremely impressive fire.

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Therefore, coming to the coastal city of Da Nang, do not forget to visit Son Tra night market to experience this unique cultural and culinary Central region. Make sure you have the most unforgettable trip.

Contact information:

  • Open 18:00 - 24:00 every day
  • Son Tra night market, at the foot of Cau Rong, Mai Hac De, Q. Son Tra, Da Nang

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