Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Required

What is Pilates? What are the benefits of Pilates to health? 9 Basic Pilates For Beginner - The Equipment Needed When Pilates At Home

What is Pilates? Surely many of you are wondering and curious because you see so many people practicing? And obviously when you ask people doing Pilates, you get a lot of attractive "rumors": The benefits of Pilates not only for healthy people but also for weight loss? Increase the power of the whole body? Create beautiful shapes? .... You are very curious about that ...?

For Vietnamese people Pilates It is quite a new discipline. Although Pilates' history of introduction and survival is nothing new (You can refer to the history of the formation and development of Pilates here). And just as the "rumor", in fact there are many unexpected benefits when you practice Pilates properly, technically, diligently.

With this comprehensive article about Pilates, you will understand the following specific contents:

  • What is Pilates - Concept, definition
  • The real benefit and benefits of pilates
  • Where and how much pilates should be practiced
  • Understand 2 types of pilates exercises
  • Pilates exercises for beginners
  • The most basic equipment you need to practice Pilates at home

1. What is Pilates?

Pilates is a sport of card sport. The father of this discipline was Joseph Pilates and Pilates was also taken from his name. He experienced many ups and downs, events in life, had to experience life in Germany, England and then stopped in the US. Pilates was practiced as a method of exercise, body training, and emotional regulation in the 1920s.

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 53

Some of Pilates movements and exercises (Image source: Internet)

Compared to the subjects such as swimming, yoga, ... or other training methods, we do not know the exact origin and start time, but only estimates and hypotheses. As for Pilates, there is a clear origin of time and creator.

Pilates exercises are designed as an exercise with the purpose to help increase the activity of muscles on the body, as well as improve all postures, flexibility of the joints in the best way. . That's why pilates are the most effective, natural and comprehensive weight loss method currently known.

Pilates practice may or may not require too cumbersome equipment, but pilates as well as any exercises of other subjects require precision and concentration in each exercise. Maybe pilates for example will increase your heart rate but it is not cardio cardio exercise.

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 55

Pilates promotes overall health (Image source: Internet)

Pilates is practiced quite widely and widely in Western countries, especially the US. And there are many people in Pilates in Vietnam, but many do not know what Pilates is, how Pilates works, so follow the second part of the article below.

2. Benefits and Effects of Pilates

Different but not different - Like all practices of all other disciplines, the practice of Pilates also aims to bring certain benefits and effects to the body. But the difference is that many of the effects Pilates brings will not be available in other training methods. So what exactly is that? Let's find out more ...

Pilates reduces belly fat and improves physique

Whether you are fat or not, certainly if you practice Pilates regularly, correctly, your body will definitely change in a more positive way. Because Pilates is an important factor in balancing muscles, increasing vitality, elongation and stretching. So Pilates supports your posture, helping you to walk, stand and move more flexibly and gracefully.

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 57

Lose belly fat fast with Pilates exercise (Image Source: Internet)

So at this effect, you really want to lose weight naturally and effectively? It is obvious that choosing Pilates is a wise and intelligent choice. Pilates, together with physical activities such as Aerobic, learning to dance Zumba, etc., becomes an effective tool to help you lose weight and strengthen your body.

Do Pilates to relieve back pain

"After doing Pilates, people with chronic back pain are more relieved to see the musculoskeletal doctors." according to the research of Journal of Orthopedics and Sports.

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 59

Pilates helps relieve chronic back pain after training (Image source: Internet)

According to studies of some musculoskeletal experts, pilates training with a number of correct exercises will help stabilize the lower back (pelvis), help increase mobility and reduce stress. for region.

According to Tracy Zindell, founder of Flex Pilates Chicago: "Pilates exercise is what makes it so."

Pilates whole body exercise

Other forms of exercise, when exercising, only one area or a specific area of the body to exercise. But for Pilates to practice, the exercises will not be overly focused like other exercises, but focus on the formal area, thereby promoting all muscles to work as a whole.

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 61

Pilates Helps body movement (Image Source: Internet)

If you want to do full body exercise, never miss the Pilates method. And also because Pilates exercises for the whole body, it is very popular in exercise rehabilitation, body recovery in hospitals, physiotherapy department, rehabilitation.

Along with the opinions of many professional athletes, Pilates is a better core platform than any other training method.

Yoga Pilates helps improve posture

For any body to want to look more beautiful, it is necessary to have a connection. That's why Yoga Pilates will help create the connection in your body, thereby changing your posture in a comprehensive and beautiful way.

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 63

Doing Yoga Pilates helps you look better (Image Source: Internet)

According to experts, practicing Pilates with Yoga exercises can help the body improve its posture and physique in the best way. Therefore, there are many people who are currently pursuing Pilates to have a nice, balanced body.

Pilates boosts energy

With the benefit of Pilates training to increase energy, it can be said that this factor does not lie in all other exercises that can bring. It may not be true because the more you exercise, the more you boost your energy, right? With Pilates, the more you practice, the more energy you want and the more you want to do.

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 65

Pilates strengthens, energizes the body (Image Source: Internet)

The core to this is the practice of Pilates that helps stimulate the spine and muscles in the best way. This helps them become stronger, more flexible and firmer, giving you a more energetic source.

3. Where and for how long should Pilates be practiced?

Are you learning about Pilates and currently planning to study? And for sure your question here is: Where should Pilates be studied? Do Pilates at home or go to the gym? Who should practice Pilates and who should not do Pilates?

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 67

Pilates should practice how long and where (Image Source: Internet)

Not only you but even you (the person sharing the article) would like to try Pilates because by learning with the uses, the Pilates effect is very true to your needs. And more practical Pilates is easy for those who want a solid foundation and good movement, flexibility should choose.

  • Yoga Pilates gives your body more flexibility, but Pilates can also help you become more solid in your movements and movements.
  • Weightlifting (GYM) Helps your muscles thicker, stronger and stronger, but Pilates can protect your lower back effectively, preventing disc herniation.
  • Run helps you burn huge calories, but with Pilates in addition to burning large calories you also protect the standard posture.
  • When practicing HIIT you'll significantly increase muscle mass after each exercise, but Pilates gives you more flexibility to avoid any unwanted injuries.

Pilates has the perfect ability to build the core strength of the body at the same time is the rope connecting the body extremely strong. You can practice any other subjects, activities but in your calendar should have a certain position, indispensable for Pilates is best.

Where should Pilates be?

Pilates can be very simple, you can practice at home or go to the gym with the specific instructions of the teacher. But the best place to practice Pilates is still the gym's address, which is full of useful old things to support the training process.

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 69

Should Pilates be at home or in the gym? (Photo Source: Internet)

And it is still best to recommend if you are a beginner should practice Pilates at the gym with direct instructors to avoid the situation, incidents of mistakes during the unwanted training.

How long is Pilates?

When practicing Pilates, it usually takes 45 minutes for each exercise. So your questions will be more specific than business How long does it take to feel and benefit from Pilates?

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 71

How long should Pilates be practiced for results?

Certainly, for every 45-minute Pilates exercise, you won't feel it and feel the change. Because Pilates or any other discipline requires a process of accumulating time. That's why if you do Pilates for at least a week with a combination of long, short, combined exercises, you'll start to see the benefits of Pilates.

But according to experts and practice teachers, you should start training for at least 3 to 4 weeks in a suitable, regular way to think about and consider the benefits of Pilates. Come on, at what level.

4. Mat and Reformer: Differences of 2 Pilates exercises

Pilates has two forms of exercise:

  • Mat Pilates: Tap on the carpet
  • Reformer Pilates: Practice with equipment

With many concepts about Mat pilates it's just for beginners, but no Mat pilates Still for professionals and those who want to challenge and improve the difficulty. And with Mat pilates, carpet exercises will be more effective because you are moving, connecting, using your whole body, feeling the changes and activities of the body.

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 73

Mat pilates - Exercises on the mat

Reformer Pilates is the method of exercise when you use the training tools. For example, if you are exercising with a tool with a spring attached, a long cord and a movable handle. (As shown below)

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 75

Reformer pilates

As advised by teachers as well as experts, beginners should begin with Mat pilates and then gradually raise the volume Reformer. And in the process of accumulating skills as well as time, the combination of alternating 2 forms above will help achieve higher results.

09 Pilates Exercises for beginners

Pilates is the easiest approach and practice, you can practice at home. Because you only need a mat and a flat surface to start practicing Pilates. And if you practice Pilates or any other form of training, you should improve the quality rather than the quantity, then your training will be more effective.

"After 10 practice sessions, you will feel the difference, after 20 training sessions, you will see the difference, and after 30 practice sessions, you will have a completely new body." - inventor Joseph Pilates.

Half Roll Back - Half roll Back

The Half Roll Back is one of the simplest exercises and is also an extremely popular exercise for Pilates novices as well as an effective belly fat reduction exercise.Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 77

Half Roll Back - Exercises to reduce belly fat half-rolled

Perform Half Roll Back:

  • Sit down, bend your knees, and place your feet on the carpet
  • The hands intertwine and gradually bring the back down until the lower half touches the mat
  • Pull in your abdominal muscles deeper and return to the original position

Pilates 100

Pilates 100 is the movement Pilates Pretty common effect of stretching and stretching your legs. Pilates 100 This is because when you do this exercise, you count 100 breaths and complete the exercise.

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 79

Pilates 100

Perform Pilates 100:

  • Start lying on your back, just letting the back touch the carpet
  • Bring your knees up and towards your chest, head, neck and shoulders up and away from the mat
  • The arms are outstretched on the sides, 2 legs stretched up
  • Raise arms up and down, with breathing control (exhale and exhale regularly)
  • To keep your shoulders and neck relaxed, focus the force on your abs.

Pilates body roll

This Pilates body roll will help you use and work the force of your whole body, thereby helping you to reduce muscle evenly throughout your body. It's not the same as Half Roll Back - The half-body roll is mostly concentrated and the abdomen.

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 81

Pilates body roll

Perform Pilates full body roll:

  • Start lying on the carpet, arms and legs straightened
  • Lift your arms up, use your body to push them up, and gradually roll your upper body to prevent touching the floor
  • Fold upper torso, holding belly and reaching toes
  • Note that the heel must touch the mat during the entire movement

Pilates - Swimming

Swimming in Pilates is quite easy but to do it you need to focus. This action helps the body's balance to be better and increases the flexibility of the arms and legs comprehensively.

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 83

Perform the swim:

  • Lie on your stomach with legs and arms extended
  • Lift arms and legs off the mat, facing opposite the rug, so that the nose is above the carpet
  • Shake your arms and legs, moving from hips and shoulders (not knees and elbows)
  • This action is similar to when you swim. Breathe regularly

Criss-Cross Pilates - Criss-Cross

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 85

Criss-Cross Pilates -

  • Lie on your back with your legs apart from the carpet
  • Imagine that you are riding a bicycle. Your foot will be on the pedal
  • Hands on the back of head, neck and shoulders are bent while the legs perform “pedaling”
  • The knee of the leg will be extended towards you, and the other leg will be extended. It's like a cross motion - the legs are not always equal

Pilates Bird Dog Pose

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 87

Perform Pilates Bird Dog Pose:

  • Kneel on the mat with 2 knees, 2 toes and 2 hands against
  • Beginning to extend a long arm, the opposite leg at the same time straighten back
  • Do the same thing with the other leg

Leg Circle - Pilates turns his leg

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 89

Perform Leg Circle - Pilates swing legs:

  • Lie on your back with 2 arms on your sides, palms facing down
  • Bend your left foot and place your left foot on the carpet. Extend the right leg up so that it forms perpendicular to the floor
  • Rotate your right leg to make the largest circle possible while keeping your lower back on the floor
  • Reverse the circle and then return to the original position, doing the same with the other leg

Rolling Like a Ball

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 91

Perform Rolling Like a Ball:

  • Prepare in a supine position.
  • Bend knees together, lock your feet by touching your feet together. Use both hands to grip the back of the thigh.
  • Maintain the same posture and use your strength to bounce back. Whole from butt to head and spine to floor.
  • Done about 5 times.

Single-Leg Teaser

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 93

Perform Single-Leg Teaser:

  • The prepared position is similar to the Single-Leg Circles.
  • Lift your left foot up, creating an angle of 45 degrees to the floor. At the same time lift the entire upper body off the floor. 2 outstretched arms put parallel.
  • Hold for about 3 seconds then lower yourself back to the starting position.
  • Repeat the same thing with the other leg, about 5 times each.

In conclusion, Pilates is a form of exercise that helps focus on creating the strength, flexibility of the body through exercise, body connection. Pilates are also exercises that specialize in burning excess calories, releasing negative energy, adding positive energy to the body, Pilates reduces body fat.

5 Pilates Training Equipment Should Be Available At Home

Pilates can be said to be a form of exercise and low-intensity exercise movements to gradually improve, strengthen the strength of the muscles, improve posture and flexibility of the whole body. Pilates is not only limited to the 9 movements we have just introduced, it is also very diverse. Pilates exercises support to increase strength, stamina, reduce fat, slim body, improve energy and spirit.

To practice Pilates more effectively, besides training with your body weight, you need to prepare some of the basic equipment below and with the equipment introduced below will not be too expensive but almost are in everyone's buying power.

Carpet practice

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 95

Pilates mat

Pilates has a lot of movements that require you to lie on the floor, so having a practice mat is great because otherwise the skin in direct contact with the floor may be scratched, itchy, scratched. , ...

Pilates practice mat is made of materials such as natural rubber, foam, ... thus creating softness and avoiding the "injuries" mentioned above when in direct contact with the floor. It also gives you more confidence to do Pilates.

  • Reference price: From VND 100 thousand

Rubber band

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 97

Rubber band

According to the principle of muscle growth as well as strengthening, they need the resistance to grow. In Pilates, there are many movements where the weight of the body is not insufficient, so it is necessary to have rubber bands. The rubber band has elastic, stretch and elastic features to help the training process more movements, helping to increase the firmness and strength of the basic groups: Biceps, thighs, hips foot,….

  • Reference price: From VND 110 thousand

Hand weights

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 99

Hand weights

There are exercises in some muscle groups without small dumbbells that will not work out or are difficult to deploy but effectively affect that muscle group only with body weight. For example, if you do a tummy or arm muscles, then use it in combination with light weights, the exercise will be more perfect, your muscle groups will be healthier with the process.

  • Reference price: Depending on the type of material and the number of signs you want to buy varies. You can refer specifically on e-commerce sites.

Rubber ball

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 101

Rubber ball - Pilates exercise tool

The process of Pilates training is an indispensable exercise. Because of the ability to balance can be said as a relatively important factor in no less than the strength and flexibility of the body. Because when improving the balance, when moving, activities avoid the case of wobbling, buckled easily, creating a stronger gait, more firmly.

In some movements, the rubber ball can also be used to replace the barbell, such as clamping the ball into the lower abdomen.

  • Reference price: 150 thousand dong or more

Tube roller

Pilates: Concepts - Benefits - 9 Basic Pilates Exercises - Pilates Tools Needed - - 103

The tube roller helps to support movement exercises for muscles increasing flexibility. In addition, some types of balance tube can support stretching and relaxation exercises, which are essential after each exercise.

  • Reference price: 270 thousand VND or more (depending on material and style)

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