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Top Address Sewing Uniforms, Print Embroidery T-Shirt In Dak Nong

Uniforms and t-shirts are considered one of the most important outfits indispensable for organizations, businesses, schools or agencies. It not only brings modern beauty, but also shows the cohesion of all members together. The following article Topnlist will introduce you to the list of a place for sewing uniforms, printing and embroidery of quality T-shirts Dak Nong. Along track posts offline!

Sewing Uniforms, Printing and Embroidery In Dak Nong

1. Dony garment processing workshop: Over 30 years of experience specializing in sewing, printing, embroidery uniform clothes, T-shirts, workwear

Dony Garment Workshop has over 27 years of experience in the garment industry and more than 6 years specializing in uniforms. In addition, Dony is now the main uniform supplier for major organizations across the country such as: California Gym System, Vietnam American International School System, Large Market Electronics, ...

Top Address for Uniform Sewing, T-shirt Printing and Embroidery In Dak Nong - - Dony International Joint Stock Company | Dak Nong | Thien An uniforms 9Process of sewing uniforms, printing T-shirts at Dony

What's more, Dony by Dony offers super convenient remote ordering and delivery services. So whether you are in any province in Vietnam, you can own the most beautiful, quality Dony uniforms.

The reason why Dony's uniform models receive the love and trust of many customers in Ho Chi Minh as well as other provinces in Vietnam, including Dak Nong, is because:

  • Dony's products are priced from the factory to 20% cost savings for businesses.
  • Dony has the ability to mix a variety of fabrics together, so it can meet all the most demanding requirements from customers.
  • Dony's products are designed from fabrics with high quality materials, no wrinkles, no breakage, extremely good absorption, ... creating a sense of comfort and comfort for the wearer.
  • All fabrics before use for sewing to customers are sewn by Dony to make the uniform for the Board of Directors and Dony staff to wear to check fabric quality. Once Dony has identified a safe and quality fabric, Dony will introduce it to customers.
  • The embroidery thread and ink used in the product are safe and quality assurance materials, absolutely do not color or fade when used.
  • From measurement, design to sewing, embroidery is done 100% completely at Dony's workshop and without any intermediaries.

Top Address for Uniform Sewing, T-shirt Printing and Embroidery In Dak Nong - - Dony International Joint Stock Company | Dak Nong | Thien An uniforms 11The quotation of sewing uniforms, printing T-shirts and embroidery at Dony

In particular, Dony commits to refund 100% within 24 hours if there is an incorrect sample, wrong color or one day late. Therefore, this is definitely the address that you should not ignore when you want to own the best quality uniforms with the most competitive prices.

Contact information:

  • Sample workshop & Office: 142/4 Bau Cat 2, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, HCM
  • Sewing workshop: 355/23 Tân Hóa canal, Tân Phú, HCM
  • Embroidery workshop: 8 New Steel, Tan Binh, HCM
  • Phone: 1900.9449 - 0985.310.123
  • Website: -
  • Email:

2. Thien An uniforms

Being in the list of places to make beautiful uniforms in Dak Nong, it is impossible to ignore the name Thien An uniforms OK. This is the address specializing in supplying wholesale and samples of school uniforms, hospitals, hotels, ... in the province of Dak Nong. Having many years of experience in the field of sewing uniforms in Cao Bang, Thien An Uniforms confidently can meet all the needs of customers.

Top Address for Uniform Sewing, T-shirt Printing and Embroidery In Dak Nong - - Dony International Joint Stock Company | Dak Nong | Thien An uniforms 13Thien An uniforms

Coming to Thien An Uniforms, you not only find uniforms with beautiful designs, but also durable and good quality. In particular, Thien An does not process through intermediaries, so the products will have more suitable prices than other addresses.

Contact information:

  • Address: Bon Bu Bo, Dak Nong
  • Phone: 0966.566.238


Criteria for selecting a address to provide quality uniform sewing and t-shirt embroidery

In the market, there are many addresses providing uniform sewing services, but how can we choose a sewing unit that meets the needs, purposes and quality? To be able to evaluate a reputable sewing address or not, you need to rely on the following factors:

  • Contacts are clear

This is the first factor you can rely on to evaluate that unit is reputable and quality or not. When that unit has a clear office address as well as a sewing factory address, it also helps you to have enough confidence to choose.

  • On-time delivery

Failure to make a promise or not to deliver on time will reduce the company's reputation. Therefore, if the company quality they will try to deliver on time.

  • There is a high sense of responsibility

There will not be a reputable sewing facility that is not responsible for its customers. They will be willing to take responsibility if there is an error during production.

  • Enthusiastic in consulting samples for customers

A reputable garment company will always advise customers enthusiastically about the material, size, color and price. If the case you met the consultant in a superficial, no responsibility, you should not choose. Because surely this is not a reputable sewing unit.

Top Address for Uniform Sewing, T-shirt Printing and Embroidery In Dak Nong - - Dony International Joint Stock Company | Dak Nong | Thien An uniforms 15Quality certification

Above, Topnlist has introduced to you the reputable addresses of sewing uniforms and t-shirts printing in Dak Nong province. Along with that are the factors for you to evaluate a reputable garment unit, quality or not. Topnlist hopes that this will be useful information for you to choose the most prestigious and suitable place.

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  1. Seeing Dony's transparent pricing, is it okay to order online? Has anyone booked Dony online yet?

    1. I ordered it, the public price is very clear, the quality of the uniform is beautiful, the delivery is on time

    1. Ao dai, you should go to some Ao Dai shops to make beautiful forms. Surely, the uniform factory is not specialized. vs need to get the size of each person again. Please refer to Anh Hong Ao Dai shop.

  2. The dony party makes a pretty uniform. Fast delivery of beautiful fabrics but also quite luxurious form form.

    1. At least how many pieces per order will they sew you? I intend to only have 20 uniform T-shirts but I have not seen it yet, so where should I put it

      1. If your number is less than 30, you can't order Dony, but usually the big factories are too few, they won't accept it, look for small addresses in the province.

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