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Nutritional Value And Delicious Recipes From Chicken - In Pure Vietnamese Meal

+ Meat and eggs are a familiar food in every home's kitchen. Before going to the dishes, let's find out what these two foods have for your health!

Nutritional value from chicken and chicken eggs

Chicken: Chicken is a source of high quality animal protein. In addition to protein, chicken is low in fat. In chicken fat, the Omega 3 content is high and contains no (substances that increase LDL and reduce HDL). Chicken contains many vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2, PP and minerals of calcium, phosphorus and iron. Therefore it has the effect of supporting the body to fight against cancer and nutritious.

Nutritional Value And Delicious Recipes From Chicken - In Vietnamese Meal - - - Vietnamese Delicious Food | Chicken 1

Egg: An especially safe and highly nutritious food in an egg with more than 60 nutrients and full of protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, enzymes. Chicken Eggs also have an important role for the development of the body both in weight and height, especially to help develop children's nerves, improve memory and fight against confusion and old age. It regulates the amount of cholesterol in the body and removes the collected components from the body, reduces blood fat, restores damaged liver cells. Although cholesterol in eggs is high, it is a good type of cholesterol, it has lecithin that regulates and promotes the role of cholesterol, prevents atherosclerosis and eliminates bad cholesterol from the body, reduces cholesterol synthesis in liver cells.

Nutritional Value And Delicious Recipes From Chicken - In Vietnamese Meal - - - Vietnamese Delicious Food | Chicken 3

The dishes are made from chicken and chicken eggs extremely diverse with many different ways of processing, tasting. Let's Topnlist learn some delicious dishes, suitable for the family's Vietnamese meal!

Chicken milling

Shredded chicken milling with laksa leaves, adding onions, lemons, pepper, salt and chili ... makes a very familiar dish for most people. Fried chicken features a strong spicy flavor of onion and pepper, chilli and laksa leaves. A delicacy not to be missed in the special event days of the Central people.

Nutritional Value And Delicious Recipes From Chicken - In Vietnamese Meal - - - Vietnamese Delicious Food | Chicken 5

 Material: Chicken 1 chicken, 1 onion, 1 laksa leaves, 1 lemon, 1 chili, 1 ginger, 1 root with spices: pepper, salt, MSG.


+ Step 1: Clean the Chicken (cut off the float, fat, neck skin) rub the salt clean and rinse with water. Put in a pot with enough water, smash the ginger into it (deodorized ginger). Once the chicken has cooked to cool to ease to tear.

+ Step 2: Preliminary processing of spices - Thinly sliced onions wash through water, laksa leaves, sliced red chili, lemon, salt, MSG.

+ Step 3: Finally, cut chicken pieces into pieces, add laksa leaves, onion, chili and 1/2 teaspoon pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of pepper, a little spaghetti, then squeeze lemon and stir well. Make sure you taste it again to taste it, put it on a plate and enjoy.

Chicken steamed with lemon leaves

Steamed chicken with lemon leaves is a simple but very delicious dish. Chicken retains its fresh, natural sweetness and the aroma of lemon leaves.

Nutritional Value And Delicious Recipes From Chicken - In Vietnamese Meal - - - Vietnamese Delicious Food | Chicken 7

Material: Chicken 1 chicken, 10 lime leaves (not too young nor too old) and spices: salt, chilli, pepper, lime leaves, onions, ginger and turmeric.


+ Step 1: Clean chicken with ginger and salt rubbing to deodorize, wash. Get sharp pointed toothpick on his body Chicken

+ Step 2: Marinate the chicken with a mixture of salt, pepper, MSG, some cooking oil and turmeric powder by rubbing it outside and inside the chicken, then add it to the steaming tray, the lemon leaves only sprinkle on the chicken, cover the glass.

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Chop Chicken for a plate, decorate some slices of chili, cilantro and sprinkle with lemon leaves. 

Note when steaming chicken: Add enough water and simmer for 30 to 40 minutes

Chicken braised with eggs

Often folk warehouse Chicken with Quail eggs. But today let's try the Braised Chicken Eggs - a healthy food for all ages. Ingredients of chicken meat and chicken Eggs very high nutritional content.

Nutritional Value And Delicious Recipes From Chicken - In Vietnamese Meal - - - Vietnamese Delicious Food | Chicken 9Material: Chicken: 1 chicken, or 1/2 chicken, Egg, with spices: salt sauce, pepper, chili, main noodles ... ( Chicken and chicken eggs depending on the number of people to eat - reduce accordingly)


+ Step 1: Chick chicken clean just bite pieces, peeled hard-boiled eggs through the outer layer to hunt again.

+ Step 2: Put all in the pot with the seasoning: about 1/2 cup of colored water, a little chopped ginger, chopped onions, a little soy sauce for a strong smell, with fish sauce, salt, just enough main noodles, pepper, chili Stir to mix for 5 minutes.

+ Step 3: Then simmer with simmer for about 10 minutes, add ½ cup of water to 30 minutes, it has great Braised Chicken Egg. Can taste to taste again.

Fried chicken sauce

A delicious mouth salty dish suitable as a bait, or a savory dish in family meals. Fried chicken sauce It has a salty taste of fish sauce, blended with minced garlic and ginger, pepper, chili sticking to the chicken pieces of yellow chicken in the eye.

Nutritional Value And Delicious Recipes From Chicken - In Vietnamese Meal - - - Vietnamese Delicious Food | Chicken 11

Material: Chicken (wings or thigh), with spices: garlic, ginger, chili, fish sauce, salt, pepper oil, main noodles.


+ Step 1: Clean Chickens to taste Marinated with fish sauce, pepper, MSG, 1 spoon of cooking oil, little ginger, all mixed together, marinate for about 15 minutes.

+ Step 2: Pour the chicken wings into deep frying and cook with high heat, until the skin is crispy and turn yellow, remove it. Use oil absorbent paper to reduce fat.

+ Step 3: Stir-fried minced garlic, equal sauce and sugar (1 sauce / 1 sugar), then add all the chicken to the island, mix with heat, sprinkle pepper, chili and main noodles together again. and then output a disc.

Wish you always have delicious and nutritious food every day with your beloved family. Let's share your favorite chicken dish.

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